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  1. new here

    Welcome!  I am new too!  I am currently working on my first house, The Orchid.  I am making it into Santa and Mrs. claus's residence!  I was hoping to have it done by Christmas 2017...maybe it will have to be 2018!   Like you I have in mind to make my next house Without a kit.  I have a blue print of one.  I want to add an extra floor as well.   Happy building!  Maggie
  2. Window Casings

    Hi!  I am new to this forum.  I have been a member for a long time.  Drooling over everyone's houses and tiny items they have posted.  I am retired now and can dedicate time to this fascinating hobby.   I was given a dollhouse from Greenleaf last Christmas by my grandchildren and am now getting to it. However, I need help...when I sanded my window casings for the Orchid Dollhouse, the backs peeled off.  How would I go about fixing this problem?   I was lightly sanding the edges when this happened. Thank you for having me here.  Maggie