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  1. Don't you love the Bellingham!!  I have two of them, both done in a different style.  In fact they are the only two 1:12 houses I will keep forever. I wish Real Good Toys would've made it bigger, with higher ceilings and also bigger rooms.  But there's so much built-in charm.  I love seeing what you're doing with yours.  Keep photos coming!


    photo 1.JPG

    photo 26.JPG

    1. jbnmini

      Oh I just love your Bellingham! That front porch is devine!  :D  And my hubby the fisherman would certainly love that livingroom with the rods by the front door! LOL


  2. 595975e587f31-DSCF0016(1).jpg

    I was just thinking - if this is your first dollhouse kit that you're building you might want to pay attention to the suggestions the other 'pros' on Greenleaf can give you.  When I was brand new, building my very first dollhouse from a kit about 4 years ago, I happened on the Greenleaf site when I got stumped with adding lighting.  And a few different members had great suggestions for me.  But one of the most important is NOT to use hot glue.  I would've loved to be able to use it but I'm glad I listened to their warnings.  From what I've heard the ONLY thing that hot glue works fine on is the shingles.  Have blue painter's tape handy - you're going to need lots of it.  I can remember my 'construction zone' (the formal dining room) with blue painters tape hanging from the blinds so I could grab pieces of it easily.  
  3. 595975e587f31-DSCF0016(1).jpg

    By the way - have you checked out Elf Miniatures?  They have some incredible 1:16-scale pieces.  I copied their modern kitchen unit for my Brinca Dada 'Emerson' house.  But I think most of Elf's things are for more modern houses...
  4. 595975e587f31-DSCF0016(1).jpg

      Hi and welcome to this mini insanity!  You're going to have SO much fun!  I built the furniture to go in this and it was 1:12 scale.  But as you'll see the house doesn't have a lot of room in it and I think its a great idea to see if your 1:16-scale pieces would work.  I don't have that house anymore but let me go shove a few pieces of my own 1:16-scale pieces into one of my 1:12 houses to see..  Well the windows would wind up being a little bit too high but you can camouflage that with draperies.  BUT.. the doors!  I'm thinking that they're so tall that it might look funny.  But hey - if you haven't invested in the 1:12-scale furniture already, I'd give using the 1:16-scale a try.  I LOVE the 1:16 scale. And its hard to find pieces in that scale that aren't plastic..  So to answer your question I did go with 1:12 scale.  I hope this will be a grand adventure for you.  Please contact me if you need help.  Wish you lived 'around the corner'...  Pat
  5. Hi from Napa CA!

    Hi there Amylynn,  So have you started on your big Duracraft FH500 yet?  That kit is probably REALLY like 'starting from scratch'.  Lots of Duracraft (if not ALL of them) have you even glue together the slats for walls.  Its so nice to hear that you seem to be really enjoying getting into the hobby and so far the work you did on the smaller dollhouse looks wonderful.  And I agree with Mid-life Madness - those built-in cabinets was a super idea.  They turned out so nice!  I have a Real Good Toys 'Bellingham' (two of them actually - I kinda fell in love with that model) that looks very similar to your Duracraft farmhouse. Please post photos as you move along with construction.  I remember when I was busy building (in my formal dining room which turned into my 'construction zone') there would be big strips of blue painter's tape stuck to the blinds where I could grab them quickly.  And all sorts of bottles and jugs within arm's length to use as wedges.  Funny you mentioned the challenge of learning how to 'wire' your fixer-upper.  Wiring is the first challenge I faced with my first dollhouse too and that's how I wound up finding this wonderful group on Greenleaf.  I would highly recommend that you find one of those head-mounted flashlights and invest in one of those 'Brad Insertion Tools'.  I didn't even know about that tool on my first go-around with wiring.  I don't know how many tiny brass brads wound up on my carpet that time!  I found that I could not only hold those tiny brads in place but I could actually use my hammer to pound them down into the wood far enough so they'd take hold.  Then slide that tool out to give the brad another good rap or two.  Greenleaf shows you what that tool looks like on their wiring instruction page.  I also found that a bulletin board push-pin is handy to keep on hand for those places where the punch is a bit too long.  Are you planning on using the tape wire or round wire?  I haven't used the round wire method and I wonder if its easier?      Well its good to hear you're enjoying your journey.  Best wishes to you, Pat from Carson City.
  6. looking for 1:48-scale tree trunk rabbit house

    Thank you Holly.  Yes - that wadded-up paper underneath the paper mache is a great idea.  YEARS ago I did some pinatas using paper mache and so maybe it'll be fun.  
  7. Adobe dollhouse in Nevada

    That'd be fine.  Carson City is just about a 20-minute drive from Reno and we live in the northernmost part of Carson City (closest to Reno).  Just in case someone else is interested in it, will you let me know as soon as you find out if he will be coming?  
  8. Adobe dollhouse in Nevada

    If it was in quarter scale then I'd be loving it.  But its just too big.  This'd probably be the time to take some measurements and scale'em down enh?  
  9. I received a partially-constructed dollhouse along with some other things from a craigslist ad.  If anyone wants it they're welcome to it but they'd have to come pick it up.  I live in Carson City, Nevada so I realize the chances are slim but thought I'd offer it here first.  It appears to be this one plus there is an extra unattached room too.
  10. looking for 1:48-scale tree trunk rabbit house

    What great suggestions.  This is going to be a lot more challenging since there doesn't seem to be any 'kit' out there that will make a nice big tree stump dollhouse.  Those cottages sure have the 'feel' I'm looking for just not big enough.  I'd like to wind up with more rooms.  So the search goes on.  I'm figuring that Holly's idea of the oatmeal box will be a direction I go in.  Spreading it open and adding paper mache?  I want it to look sweet but gnarly too.
  11. I'm trying to find a quarter-scale tree trunk house that would be suitable for my tiny Peter Rabbit furniture.  Does anyone know of a kit for that?
  12. Hi Kathy.  Sorry if that craigslist ad never responded to you.  I happen to have a bunch of 1:12-scale stairs, windows and shutters (and some wood chimneys) that I got with other things from a local craigslist ad and I wondered if you would like them.  I'm not trying to make money on them and would be happy to ship this to you for just the cost of shipping.  I got one of those 'large flat rate' boxes from the post office and all of this will fit into it for a cost of $18.90.  I'd like to see someone use them.  If you don't want them I'll put them in the Ebay/Craigslist area here on Greenleaf but I thought of you first.  Pat




    1. KathieB

      Thanks, Pat. Very thoughtful of you. I don't have any projects in the pipeline where this great stuff would be useful.  Instead of the eBay/Craigslist forum, why not put them on the Community Trading Post.  Thanks for thinking of me. :) 

  13. Resin dollhouse trims

    Hello Kathy.  Did you ever hear back from the craigslist post?  I don't think many craigslisters are agreeable to shipping but I figure it was worth a try.  
  14. Resin dollhouse trims

    Kathi - this is SO funny because you are the first person that came to my mind when I saw this listing.  Let me see if I can figure out how to attach that.  Its gonna take me a while... ha, ha.  Be right back.      Yee Haw - see if this comes through.  
  15. Resin dollhouse trims

    Sorry I forgot to add I found them listed under 'dollhouse' in my search.