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  1. The window is done, and is in the door :)

    Beautiful stained glass!  
  2. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    You're welcome, Miss Cyndy.  What colors are you going to paint it?
  3. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    You have the Dura Craft Ashley dollhouse.  It is a cute little house!
  4. Time Out

    Thank you for letting us know, Mike. I'll remember you in my prayers and I look forward to your return.  Take care, my friend.
  5. Making books

    Your books look great!  And thanks for blogging about em
  6. carpet in bath.jpg

    Memories of our 1970s house. Our shag carpet was avocado green
  7. Kitchen Cabinets

  8. Bash an Orchid and Arthur

    Screenshot from Greenleaf's website  
  9. Bash an Orchid and Arthur The thread above discusses the similarities and differences of the Orchid and the Arthur, and below is a screenshot of one of the comments on that thread.   
  10. Owl pillows

    So cute!
  11. MDF--- particle board

    This VH-600 kit listed on eBay has MDF MANSIONS IN MINIATURE Dura-Craft VICTORIAN HEIRLOOM DOLLHOUSE KIT VH600 Wood    
  12. MDF--- particle board

    Below are links to some Greenleaf Forum members' photos of the Dura Craft VH-600
  13. MDF--- particle board

    Wear a mask while sanding.  I've read that it isn't good to enhale MDF (particle board) dust.
  14. 100-2230.JPG

     Your pillars look great! 
  15. MerrimackSettee.jpg

    Thank you!  I'm eager to get started and will let you know how it goes.