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  1. Pair of Marcia Backstrom Dolls for sale

    Those are reproductions, these are originals. She's not living anymore to make dolls, so they are very rare now. see here: prices of original dolls
  2. Here's the listing! I'm selling a pair of Marcia Backstrom dolls. This listing is for TWO (2) dolls. Both dolls are in good used condition. Male doll has visible Marcia Backstrom initials on his back (see image). Male doll is also not clothed (you can easily make him an outfit!). Female doll has her hair pinned and is clothed. These dolls are 1/12th dollhouse scale. The doll hands will be protected with foam. I received these dolls as a gift a long time ago but I'm downsizing and selling them. I would for them to go to a loving home! I am considering all submitted offers!!
  3. Given up on tape wire

    Thanks for these tips but I already ripped out my lights lol I'm more focused on finishing my dollhouse at this point which has progressed a lot since I took out the wiring 
  4. Given up on tape wire

    I'm only going to have 1 light per room and maybe 2 max as floor/table lamps so it's not an issue for me :)
  5. Given up on tape wire

    I've found some quite cheap ones at Minimum World. I think I might buy a bunch of these to make my own lights  Hope is not lost for me !!
  6. Given up on tape wire

    I had installed tape wire electrical in my dollhouse last year and it worked fine until this summer when I moved and I guess something knocked out of place...I tried to fix it but I already wallpapered and I didn't want to rip everything out. Really sad because I spent time on the wiring but in the end I think it's best for me to just invest in battery powered lights. Oh well  I've removed all the wired lights in the house and will reuse them in other projects, though! 
  7. Greenleaf! You need to market these!

    Omg *_* I need.
  8. IMG_7051.JPG

  9. IMG-7050.JPG

    From the album Misc. Minis and side projects

    my entry to the Paperminis.com contest :)   follow me on instagram: pandaminiatures
  10. IMG_2256.JPG

    Love the wallpaper!
  11. "Miniature" proposal

    Love that idea! I was thinking a bouquet inside :)
  12. Instagram

    @pandaminiatures :)
  13. Wish app

    you can get these chinese dollhouse kits from banggood.com for a lot less...
  14. "Miniature" proposal

    I definitely will!! :)
  15. "Miniature" proposal

    I've decided to just do a trunk with a removable tray. I am going to put mementos inside on the tray and on the inside of the trunk top I'm going to put pictures from our relationship  Thanks for the suggestions!! <3