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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Just started a new album for my mini needlework. I only have so many stitched so far, but will try to update periodically. Currently I'm stitching a Native American design, in lovely earth tones with a few pops of green and a dark blue border. Keeping myself cold and comfy while I stitch. Oh, and I have a birthday at the end of the week. My parents and I are going out to dinner on Friday. Turning 34, and I don't feel it!
  2. Lisa

    From the album Needlework

    This is the lisa carpet by Felicity Price, who has stopped selling kits. It came in three colorways that I know of, which I have two; this one is the blue one. The other is a coral orange that I haven't stitched yet.
  3. Spring

    From the album Needlework

    This is the spring carpet by Felicity Price, who has stopped selling kits. It came in two colorways that I know of, both lovely, but this one is the yellow one. Art Nouveau and Victoriana make my heart sing!
  4. Barbara

    From the album Needlework

    This is a different colorway for Janet Granger's Barbara carpet. I wanted something in blue, yellow and cream. The trellis pattern is there, but it's very subtle, as the two shades of blue when put next to each other are only slightly different: one shade is just a hint darker.
  5. What's everyone working on?

    Just posted some of my backlog of stained glass photos this morning. I'm on break from it at the moment, as it's too hot to work in my garage space. So, I've been doing lots of needlework, and pattern-making instead. Keeping busy with planning other projects too. So you can understand why it's been some time since I was last on here!
  6. Medallion

    The green looks very dark here, and it is, but in very strong light, it has more of an emerald tone.
  7. Medallion

    From the album Glass Art

    This was commissioned for my mother's cousin Tim, who's a musician. I thought I'd try a traditional medallion set in the round. Ruby red, hunter green, cobalt blue, pale amber and clear rough-rolled for the glass. The small rounds are glass "jewels" more commonly seen in Tiffany dragonfly lamps.
  8. Vortex

    From the album Glass Art

    This was commissioned for my mother's cousin Cheryl, who lives in NYC, and works as a jewelry designer. She likes abstracts, so I thought I'd do a tonal one in shades of purple, with some clear accents sprinkled in. I really used quite a few different glasses for this one, including Spectrum purple haze, a Wissmach english muffle in a light purple, a Youghiogheny stipple, as well as a mottle in more of a blue tone and one in a reddish tone, as well as some other Wissmach and Kokomo glasses in opaque and transparent purple shades. I also used a heavy clear granite, as well as some clear krinkle I think, and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting.
  9. White Lilies

    I forgot to mention that this was one pattern I actually had to simplify! I wound up taking out some of the leaves, and making fewer pieces for the stem.
  10. White Lilies

    From the album Glass Art

    This was commissioned for my church's auction, which will be in the fall. I used medium blue waterglass for the border, and Wissmach green for the leaves and stem. Spectrum autumn flame for the centers of the flowers, a clear swirl for the background, and two glasses for the flowers: a Youghiogheny white mottle, and a more streaky olive on a dark cream for contrast. Both I and my mom think this turned out particularly well!
  11. Tropical Isle

    From the album Glass Art

    This was made as a gift for one of my cousins who got married this past July 1st weekend. Had a lovely time in Ohio, although it was a long car trip from NC! Since he and his new wife both love the beach, I thought this one would be perfect for them. I used Kokomo streaky blue/white for the sky, Spectrum Congo for the palm fronds, and Spectrum dark streaky amber for the sun. I used a streaky white/brown/gray combo for the palm trunk, a light amber with a granite texture for the sand, and two colors of waterglass for the ocean: sea green closer to shore, sky blue closer to the sun.
  12. Mirrored Iris

    From the album Glass Art

    This was commissioned by one of my dad's cousins who saw a picture of the Bonnie Blue Iris and she wanted one herself. When I found out the dimensions for the display window, I went ahead and flipped the pattern on one side, and merged the two halves to make a mirrored image pattern. The glass is basically the same tones as I used for the Bonnie Blue, although I went with a more intense Spectrum streaky blue for this one, Spectrum Congo for the greenery instead of Wissmach, and a large hammered textured clear for the background for more of a privacy screen.
  13. Floating Rose

    From the album Glass Art

    This was the first version I did, and I wound up liking it so much, I kept it for myself. I went on to do this pattern twice more, as commissioned gifts for my twin cousins. The border is pale purple waterglass, the background, a clear swirl as well as a pale blue waterglass. The rising sun is Spectrum Mimosa. I used an opaque sea green for the leaves, and the rose itself is a Youghiogheny off-color mottled scrap with tones of rosy pink and white.
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Mom and I tried to get in to see Tarzan at the movies yesterday. Unfortunately, the a/c unit for that theater screen was on the fritz. Seeing how they said it was 80+ degrees in there, we decided to just go home. I don't mind seeing jungle on the screen; I draw the line at feeling like I'm in one while watching! LOL
  15. What's for dinner?

    Cold cut sandwich last night; tonight maybe more of the same. Walmart has my favorites: low salt honey turkey and low salt roast beef. Last night was turkey and swiss; tonight, probably roast beef and cheddar. So hot here, I haven't felt like anything hot to eat.