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  1. MH01-56.jpg

    Where do you find the time?  Another stunning house.  Love the round bed and working tv.   The art work you put in your houses and shops is really impressive. Once again thank you for sharing.
  2. AG001-50.jpg

    What wonderful shops.   Very creative.  Everything is stunning.    I can't just comment on one thing because it's all pretty amazing.  Thank you for sharing.
  3. NH001-87.jpg

    This is house is stunning.   Love all the cool art work.  The comtemporary style is awesome.   Great Job and absolutely beautiful work!  Thank you for sharing.
  4. Shingle Recommendation for the Garfield

    Inge ~  I'll keep track and let you know the exact number of shingles I use.  I let out a huge sigh when I examined the shingles closely.  They are poorly cut and it looks like I'll have to lightly sand each shingle to remove the little burrs.  It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry.
  5. I love your shop it's so wonderfully charming.  The ribbon on the windows is great.  Your fireplace chimney is really cool.  Thank you for sharing and I look forward to following your progress.

    1. My Miniature Madness

      Thanks, Jodie! Your Garfield is ~W~O~N~D~E~R~F~U~L~! I have you in my blogroll so I can keep up with your posts! I like the blue, too!

  6. Working on My Orchid

    Peggy ~ What you have done so far looks great.  I really like your choice of wallpapers.   You'll figure out your window and it will great.  In the garfield bay window I found sanding and wood filler to be quite useful.  Can't wait to see how your bay window turns out.    Thanks for sharing
  7. I'm ready to start putting shingles on my dollhouse.  I have the individual wood ones.  My question is, should I stain each shingle first before placing it or can I put them all on and then stain?   Any recommendations on which would be best.  In addition, I noticed people are making patterns before gluing on shingles.  I'm not for sure how that system works.  Do you glue the shingles  to the paper first and then glue paper with shingles to the dollhouse?  Any clarification would be appreciated.  I've only placed 3 pieces of the roof in place so far but have the other sections ready to be glued on.   I wondered if I should make a pattern of them first. The 3 sections I have already attached I have just drawn lines on the wood itself in order to place shingles in a straight and even pattern.   I would appreciate anyone wisdom and advise. 
  8. Upstairs landing

    You have truley inspired me.   The garfield I'm currently working on is my first build.  I am having so much fun building it.  I'm still going to take the time and finish it the way I invisioned.  But my mind is already working on an idea of building my own from scratch.  I don't know if I have the talent for it but I want to give it ago.  When that time comes I hope I can bug you for advise.  Do you have any online tutorials?
  9. Upstairs landing

    I love it when you had new pictures.  Looks great as always.  Looking forward to seeing your next post.  This house your working on, is it your own design or a kit that you're modifying?  It all looks so original and that you are making most it from scratch is truly inspiring.  I wish I could see it in person.
  10. View from backdoor.jpg

    Peggy ~ I look forward to seeing your progress as well.  I hope you will post pictures of your orchid.  I'll keep posting as I go.  My moto is slow and steady.  I also have a website of my build if you're interested.  It's www.jdsdollhouse.com
  11. View from backdoor.jpg

    Peggy -  thank you for your nice comments.  This house is the garfield dollhouse.  Do you live in Colorado?  I've tried to find other builders in my location but since I'm so remote it's been a challenge.  Good luck with your orchid build.  This dollhouse is my first build as well.  I hope you have as much fun with yours as I am having with mine.  
  12. Bathroom3.jpg

     I purchased the shower fixture from this site https://www.marysminiatures.net/  The sink bowl and faucet from a UK site that I tried to relocate but just don't remember.  sorry.
  13. Guest bathroom

    As usual, absolutely stunning work.  I truley enjoy watching the progress on your house.  Love your handmade sink and vanity.  Thank you for sharing.
  14. MasterBedroomFloor.jpg

    I ordered all the wood flooring for my dollhouse at this site.  http://www.dollhouse-miniatures.co.uk/index.html The hallway floor I used left over pieces from the study floor and master bedroom floor.  They also sell stip wood that I used for the living room and attic.  I purchased 2 different colors then just cut them to the size I wanted.