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  1. Westville Dollhouse.jpg

    I've been scrolling through your pics and I just love everything about this build!! Really nice house and you did a great job on all of the special touches. Love it!  
  2. myst floor top.jpg

    Thank you so much!! This pattern really isn't that hard to do. I did some internet searches on how to do it in full scale, then just adapted it to the dollhouse. The hardest part is remembering to check it with a T-square now and then, and cutting all of the tiny bits for the corners and edges. The scariest part was cutting up all of those flooring sheets! 
  3. myst floor top.jpg

    Thank you! I found the flooring sheets on ebay. They're oak, and all of the planks were cut in long strips, running the length of the sheet.
  4. myst floor top.jpg

    From the album Yellow Daisy Townhouse aka:Mystery House

    The third and final floor. This is going to be the master bedroom, hallway, and tower room. I wanted this floor to be really special. The area was way too big for standard flooring, so I took the idea from the living room floor and ran with it.   
  5. myst LR floor stain.jpg

    Thanks so much!! I did the finish coat this morning, got really ambitious, and installed it. Whew! Hope I don't ever need to take it out again! The last, and biggest floor is about to be started. The top floor on this same side. It's the master bedroom, a small hallway, and the tower room. I have big plans for that flooring as well, so will be really excited to get ALL of the floors done and then start on the walls.  
  6. myst LR floor stain.jpg

    From the album Yellow Daisy Townhouse aka:Mystery House

    Living room floor. Stain is drying. Will put a finish coat on tomorrow. Hope I can get it in the room without breaking it...  
  7. Chandelier question

  8. Furniture overload

    Thanks for all of the opinions. I was tempted to repaint a few pieces, but will sell them as-is. I barely have time to work on my own furniture, so don't have the time for it anyway. Plan to list these on ebay in smallish lots at a low starting bid and see what I get. I have an abundance of baby room/nursery furniture and accessories that I know I'll never use. I did get a bit of trashy treasure recently...turns it it's pieces of a Bespaq curio cabinet. The main pieces are there, so a few bits of wood and a coat of paint and I'm going to have a neat piece, basically for free In that same box, hidden at the bottom, is a Millie August tiny idea what scale, maybe 1/48? Totally adorable and something I never would have bought on my own.   I'm going to sort the keepers by room. then sort out all of the accessories. Haven't decides what to do with all of the HOM kits, but will probably sort them into rooms, as well.
  9. Furniture overload

    So, I've been buying "lots" of furniture and accessories, it's way cheaper than buying by the piece, and I've gotten some great treasures that way. BUT, now I have a LOT of furniture and accessories. Going to sort it all out into the "keep" and "sell" piles.  For selling, some of these pieces need a little TLC or repairs, or would just look so much better with some sanding and paint. Would you fix them up prior to selling, or just sell everything as-is? For me (and many of you) I have no problem painting or customizing a shabby piece, but I know some people would prefer to buy it already finished. What would you do?  
  10. Help with porch floor color for farmhouse please

    Grey/gray/greige. LOVE a white farmhouse!!! Can't wait to see it!  
  11. inspiration for a porch scene

    ANNA! This is really wonderful!!! Love everything you're doing! Those plants look amazing, and the veggie platter looks spot on. Very cool idea for making taco shells, too. Will you have to bake all of the clay things?
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks so much for all of the kind words. It's been a rough week. DH and I don't exchange gifts for Valentines, but I did do some shopping. I have an Arthur kit and some other assorted minis on the way, as well as supplies coming from HBS. I'm gearing up for lots of work on the Yellow house. Karin that is just gorgeous!! Wow! Sam, it sounds like you're having a great trip! Enjoy all of the treasures!! 
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks everyone. I know we did the right thing for him, but still doesn't make it any less difficult. I'm glad he's not hurting anymore. Anna, I've seen those Bare Essentials pieces online, and was planning to buy some. I'm glad to see more unfinished pieces out there, but no idea what the quality is like. I have my eye on an upholstered piece, and I'm wondering how hard it will be to remove the factory fabric. Will let you know if I order it.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Feeling very sad today. One of our cats had cancer, and today was the day to say goodbye. Lots of other sad things going on, too. I did start a major cleaning of the craft room, which felt good, and badly needs to be done. It's also a reminder of what remains unfinished. I need to shop less and build more.  
  15. pierce dining room jpg

    This build just gets better and better. Love everything you're doing!