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  1. The link to the instructions doesn't work.  
  2. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    How wonderful!! Huge congratulations to you and your family!! What a lovely holiday gift!  
  3. Chandelier Christmas Ornaments

    I'm on the hunt for chandeliers. The Yellow house MUST have them, and they are all insanely expensive, including the non-electric ones. I've thought of making one, but the time and money and energy that I would spend tracking down supplies and figuring it out would probably not be worth it. There's a nice looking LED one, I think at HBS, but it's >$200, which is just insane and I refuse to pay that. Has anyone used the acrylic chandeliers from HBS? They have rave reviews, and I don't need it to light up, but they look really, REALLY fragile. A clear, sparkly chandelier would look really lovely in the tower room, though.  
  4. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    Just scored one for half price!! Whoop!!
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I got all ready to resume work on the yellow house, then remembered that I had stopped because I couldn't make any decisions. Some things need to be done before other things can proceed...and I STILL can't make a decision. Bah!
  6. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    I'm excited to see the results! This looks like an inexpensive alternative to wood, and the best part? No sanding!
  7. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    I'm still eyeing this house. Thanks Sable for all of the input.  
  8. What's everyone working on?

    I just want to start the day by saying how talented and creative everyone is! I've been buying up these humble kits (Sugarplum, Buttercup, etc.) and have been browsing the web to get ideas. Every single house that has made me say "WOW"  belongs to a member here! Ideas I never would have thought of, design choices that make the house sing, creative solutions to small spaces, color choices that are spot on perfect, all of it just really, really good work! So glad to belong to this group!   
  9. A Christmas Gift for Us . . .

    Matt!!! Huge congratulations on all of the exciting news! The house is just stunning! Very excited for you!!  
  10. Medallion Door for Samusa :)

    Brilliant!!! Love that door!
  11. Ceiling tile test

    WOW!! Gorgeous! And just a could sell those sheets to help pay for the cost of the machine.
  12. My First Doll House Kit

    YES!! Once I have even a vague plan for a house, it gets it's own folder, and any pages torn from magazines or catalogues go in there. I've started a folder just for random things I find that I like, but don't have any real plan for. Scraps and bits of pictures of architecture, color schemes, furniture placement, flooring, accessories, paint chips, whatever. If I was more tech savvy I would scan them and keep them on the computer, but I like my scraps of paper.   
  13. Making Minis Out of Old Objects

    When you meet him, tell him that if he runs out of room, he can pack up some of those things and send them to me in Texas. I would love to see more pictures of that massive house in the article.
  14. Santa's Compound

    WOW!!! Really wonderful work! I do love the colors on all of the scenes, and the details are amazing! I wonder where that reindeer came from?  
  15. My First Doll House Kit

    Pat, that's a great idea! Will have to do that on my current builds. And just yesterday I was putting a new kit on the stack in the garage and found a big ziplock bag of parts. It took me a minute to remember what they were for -a kit that was supposed to be "new" but windows and doors and some trim had been started, and for some reason I kept them out of the box. I need to put them in a box and label them.