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  1. Altered interior

  2. heritage sofa done.jpg

    Thanks so much! I loved the fabric, and it goes nicely with the wallpaper that's going in that room, but the wood made it too formal and fussy. These came in a lot that I bought to get something else, so they were an extra bonus. No prep, other than a wipe down. I did manage to get some tiny bits of paint on the fabric, though. Just waited until it was dry, then flicked it off with a craft knife. I cleaned off the lint and dust on the fabric with an old, dry toothbrush.
  3. Lake View BoatHouse032.jpg

    WOW! This is gorgeous!  
  4. 5b4a1dfa62b38-LakeViewBoatHouse028.jpg

    That staircase is fabulous!  
  5. Lake View BoatHouse036.jpg

  6. heritage sofa done.jpg

    From the album Dura Craft Heritage

    I had these in my stash, and they're perfect for this house. I didn't care for the dark shiny wood, though. Painted with chalk paint, distressed and antiqued.  
  7. heritage sofa.jpg

    From the album Dura Craft Heritage

    I had these in my stash, and they're perfect for this house. I didn't care for the dark shiny wood, though.  
  8. What's everyone working on?

    Hi Matt!!! Can't wait to see everything!  
  9. What's everyone working on?

    That stone work is fabulous! You carved all of those? I think either way will look fabulous. It's supposed to be in the 110 degree range the next few days, so no garage work on the Heritage at all for the next week or so. I do have some furniture and trim pieces that I can work on inside, though. I'm going to town early in the morning to see what Joanns has that I need, making a quick grocery run, then plan to spend the rest of the weekend inside with the air conditioner. I hate summer.   
  10. Thrift stores finds

    Love Gallery Glass! And it's pricey, for what it is (about $3/bottle) where I live. I used it to make the windows on my Orchid. I squeezed out a bit into a cup, then dabbed it on in small sections on the plastic, then used a toothpick to burst any tiny bubbles and get it into the nooks and crannies. I haven't used any of the colors, but would love to give it a try.  
  11. My Heritage really is haunted.

    Thank you all so much!! I'm going to need all of the encouragement that I can get for this one! This house is also a journey in letting go and letting things be not as "perfect" as they could be. Part of it is just the age and condition of the thing, part my time and ability to restore it, part the way the house was constructed, and's just what it is. I really don't care for the way most of these old DC houses are built, with the trim pieces being the actual framing of the house. I suppose it might make for a more sturdy finished product, but it also means there's no way to change it. If a piece was cut short, or installed a bit off level, it just has to stay that way. Forever. The floors are warped, walls are crooked, windows aren't level. But I'm just going to fix what I can and embrace the rest. It's going to be insanely hot for the next week, so no garage work for me. I'm going to start on some furniture and other bits that I can work on inside. Karin, your Sea Hag is a HUGE inspiration!! I'm not very good at aging and distressing, so I look at your photos often for ideas and inspiration. Some day I'll build an abandoned Halloween house. I have some old and decayed furniture, some dark and gloomy papers, and a handful of skeletons. Some day.  
  12. I am not new, but...

    Hello there!! Glad to have you back!!  
  13. My Heritage really is haunted.

    The house might have chosen me. I browse Craigslist, ebay, Facebook for houses, and most often, don't find anything. This showed up on my Facebook feed at the end of a very long and very difficult day. I messaged the seller that I wanted the house, could she message me directions to pick it up? Nothing...came home the next day after another very long, hard, difficult day, and she had sent her address. I messaged her, could I come and get it now, or maybe tomorrow morning. Again, nothing....finally decided to just get in the car and go get it. Hot and tired, I drove to the address, and circled the block at least 4-5 times, because I couldn't find the house. Turns out it was down an unmarked winding gravel road. So there I was, dirty and sweaty, cash in hand, just as the sun was setting, and a few minutes later, the house was in my truck. Looking at it in the rearview mirror on the way home, it just looked haunted. I didn't want to copy Brae, Got it home and unloaded it into the garage, then gave it a quick look the next morning. It was really, really awful, but no more horrible than the Yellow house was when I got it. It was a few days later before I could really do anything to it, so I started on the roof. Really looking it over, cleaning those shingles, making a list of needed repairs, the feel of the house just started to change. I have a small collection of things set aside for a haunted/abandoned house, but this house was not it. As I scrubbed away glitter and crayon and dust, the house just seemed more...light. A few days later I spent the morning adding wood to the foundation and reinforcing the original build. Again, making lists of needed repairs, and chipping away at the ravages of time and abuse. I spent a morning stripping away the paint someone had put over the original floors. The boards are warped, and some are split and broken, but it looks just right.   It didn't want to be dark and gloomy and "haunted" anymore. Light and lighter still, ideas just started to come to me. I dug through my stash again, one day after scraping and sanding and fiddling with it. I have all the flooring I need. I have a wonderful pink velvet sofa for the living room. I have a bathroom set. I was browsing for wallpapers, just to see if I liked anything, and I found that blue floral stripe that is just so, so pretty. Went to the craft store and found some scrapbooking papers, and on and on it goes. The house wants to be light and soft and warm and imperfect and happy, so it will be. The original walls were never really finished with anything, but somewhere along the way, someone slopped that purple paint on everything. With the exception of that small window on the second floor, everything is moving right along. Ideas streaming in, finding just the perfect thing already in my stash, it's all just flying together. I was describing what it's like for me to rehab a house to an artist friend, and I said that with these old houses, they smell like old wood and their prior owners, so as I work away, I think about who built it, who did they build it for, why don't they still have it, what did they intend for the house? It's some of the most satisfying creative work I've ever done.       
  14. heritage papers.jpg

    From the album Dura Craft Heritage

    Wallpaper plan. Going to do one more round of browsing, but I like this combination.  
  15. My Heritage really is haunted.

    Isn't it odd? It's also so interesting to me that so many people see or feel something sinister, though, rather than something neutral or benevolent.