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  1. With trim

    What a gorgeous house!!! Those windows are spectacular! Can't wait to see the finished product!  
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Those fairies are really wonderful!! I love the costumes and the hair is perfect!
  3. What's everyone working on?

    I have an old wooden refrigerator and a small stove that I'm going to makeover for the Heritage. The metal hinges on the fridge are rusty and loose and don't fit very well. I'm wondering if I can just remove them and use a strip of Tyvek for a hinge instead?  
  4. Warm up sheet Beacon Hill

    I'm pretty sure it's just one page. Don't panic. Here's what I do with a new kit: Inventory the kit and make sure you have all of the pieces. Read the instructions through several time, making any notes in the margins about questions, concerns, etc. Label all pieces with the name or part number with a pencil. Take your time, relax, have fun!  
  5. What's everyone working on?

    MaryKate, just go to the airshow! I know some of the pilots, and it might have been fun!  
  6. Question on polycrylic

    I needed a low sheen water based poly for another project and discovered Valspar. It's the finish I used for the top of my faux granite craft cart in my albums. Great product, and a wonderful dull satin sheen.
  7. What a year it’s been...Thank you!

    Glad to have you, and your work just gets better and better!  
  8. Question on polycrylic

    You can always go to the maker's website to find all of the instructions and warnings.
  9. Heritage bench2.jpg

    Thanks so much everyone! It was a fun project!
  10. Heritage bench2.jpg

    Thanks so much!! That's exactly the look I was after!
  11. rsz-1rsz-full-view-kw2x.jpg

  12. Heritage bench2.jpg

    From the album Dura Craft Heritage

    Another redo. This came with an unfinished base and that shiny satin fabric. I took off the upholstery, painted and antiqued the frame, then recovered it with a pale blue linen. I used pearl cotton for piping, and made a pillow out of some nubby ribbon.     
  13. heritage bench.jpg

    From the album Dura Craft Heritage

    Another redo. This came with an unfinished base and that shiny satin fabric.  
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Judy, if anyone can come up with creative solutions to problems, it's this group! The Beacon Hill is a great house! It's been unbearably hot, so just doing inside work. I sanded some little bits, and started painting a few bits of finish trim. I had to stop painting, as the AC was blasting so hard, the paint was drying too quickly. Hope to work on a few more furniture makeovers while I wait for the weather to improve. I had been waiting for it to be cool, dry and not windy to spray some sealer on the papers for the yellow house, but that's not going to happen for months, so I think I may just go ahead and install all of the new walls and be done with it.  
  15. Altered interior