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  1. Heart Arbor Contest 2007

    I got my shipment today, but there was a problem. Has anybody else received only one sheet in their kit? Both of my kits only had half an arbor. Luckily, I ordered two kits - so I have enough for one arbor. Did this happen to anyone else? :lol:
  2. Heart Arbor Contest 2007

    Just ordered mine! This should be great fun! I can't wait!
  3. somebody shoot me

    Sorry to hear you are sick again! :yes: Maybe Judi is right and you have caught all the bugs there are to catch for a while. I hope you feel better soon.
  4. Happy Australia Day

    I'm a day late, but Happy Australia Day!
  5. Has Anyone Ever Torn A Calf Muscle

    OuchOuchOuch! That sounds pretty bad! If it doesn't feel better today, a doctor visit may be a good idea. I have never heard of a torn muscle before, but just the thought makes me woozy. Would the muscle need to be stitched? Ergh, I hope your leg feels better soon.
  6. Just signed up

    Hello and welcome, Marilynb! :w00t: I actually grew up in Richardson up until I started Jr. High and we moved. My sister and I went to Richardson Heights Elementary School K-6th. Ah, the memories. Anyway, congratulations on the new kit! I'm glad your husband is taking an interest in it with you. It is so much fun when you can get someone to work with you on a house. Good luck with your kit and let us know how it's going.
  7. My McKinley Came!!!

    Hello and Welcome, Robin! Congratulations on the arrival of your McKinley Kit. That is such a neat house. There is a lot of great information in the team build blog for that kit. Good luck with your house!
  8. Hello from Mississippi!

    Hello and Welcome, Mary!
  9. Hi Everyone

    Hello and Welcome!
  10. Howdy From Texas

    Well, Howdy right back! I believe we have several Texans around here! Did you get some of this cold weather lately? I had some of that crazy white stuff in my yard the other day. Anyway, we would love to see some pictures of your room boxes. We used to have a Flamingo Bingo in our town (I think it is called something else, now). Bingo runs on my husband's side of the family. His father was a Bingo caller for at least 20 years. Welcome to the board!
  11. Newbie from KC, MO area

    Hello and Welcome! Yes, a good bottle of wood glue and a fresh roll of masking tape are musts! Good luck and take lots of pictures!
  12. Hello from New Zealand!

    Hello and Welcome, Deb!
  13. New from Southern California

    Hello and welcome, Melissa! You'll LOVE building the Orchid. She's a darling house and an easy build. You can't go wrong with a Buttercup, either. They can be turned into just about anything. Have fun shopping tomorrow!
  14. Help, I'm freaking out

    OMG! How horrible! I am so sorry to hear this. I hope all the other students are okay. I can't imagine what those kids must be going through.
  15. Hey guess what??

    Congratulations! :lol:
  16. Just checking in!

    I thought I would just check in today to see how everyone is doing. I wanted my kids to see real snow this year, so we took a vacation to Sipapu, New Mexico over break. Boy, did we see snow! We barely made it to the resort before they closed down all roads to it, and a few days later we had even more trouble getting home. All of the roads we needed to go down to get home were closed. Driving was slow and we had to keep taking different roads and it ended up taking us an extra day to get home. But, boy did we ever see snow! Lots and lots of snow. Did I mention the snow? But, now we are back into the grind and I have begun yet another semester. I am doing my first practicum this semester and am very nervous. I hope I don't screw anyone up! I have to log 150 counseling hours by May. So, *looking at watch* who wants to start? :o
  17. Just checking in!

    I'm getting my degree at Tarleton State University, but I'm doing my practicum at a local non-profit organization called The Helping Place. As an unpaid intern, I fit their budget.
  18. Just checking in!

    *wondering - if I can get five people in group, can I count that hour five times?* :o

    Sorry you're not feeling any better yet. :lol: Hang in there and keep bundled up. Things will get better! :o
  20. Have any of you heard of Compactors?

    I am thrifty, but my husband is not. I always buy store brands and we get a lot of our clothes second hand. I know some people are going to think I'm insane, but I actually used cloth diapers for my daughter when she was a baby. I know that saved a bundle. I am fortunate that I have a mother who loves to by things for her grandchildren. The kids have NEVER had to do without! But as for going a whole year without any new extras? I'm not sure I could do it. It sounds like something I would try, but I know my husband would evenually break down and buy something fun - he's a very impulsive buyer. Those little extras by the check-out lanes get him every time. :o
  21. it's your birthday

    Happy Birthday, Holly! :o
  22. Are You Brave Enough?

    Here's mine and yes, that's from my drivers license. :o You know, I have at least 8 large photo albums full of my family, but guess how many of the pictures I'm in? NONE, because I took them all! Arg, I hope the kids will be able to remeber what I looked like. Maybe I'll save my driver's licenses and student IDs for them to cherish. :lol:
  23. I need to vent before I have a breakdown

    Annette, I've said a prayer for you husband. I hope everything turns out okay and the MRI goes well. After such a bad week, I think a little venting is in order. Take it easy this weekend.
  24. I've been missing in action!

    I am working on my MA in Couseling Psychology, but this class is required for several degrees here at Tarleton State University, including one of the doctorate programs. Luckily, this should be the only statistics class I will have to take! I'm so relieved to have it behind me! The whole class was about learning to use a program called SPSS (Software Package for the Social Sciences) and learning the theory behind it all. Pretty interesting stuff, but not interesting enough to make me want to take another class about it. I'll just take my "A" and move on.
  25. I've been missing in action!

    I know what you mean! I have my last final of the semester (Behavioral Statistics) this afternoon and I will be done for the holidays. Hopefully, January will take its time getting here so we can have a nice long break.