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  1. Daylight Savings

    Yeah! An extra hour of sleep.
  2. Those born in the 40's - 70's

    One more to add to that list: we were probably all started on solid foods too early! I remember my mother freaked when I told her that my son's pediatrician had warned us not to give him anything (not even rice cereal) untill he was at least four months old. She said "I started you on rice cereal when you were two days old!"
  3. Plans for Next Year?

    Just out of curiosity, and showing my ignorance, do all the countries celebrate Christmas on December 25th? I know Thanksgiving is on different days, so I was just wondering.
  4. 10/26/06 Games

    We are game-a-holics over here. Every Saturday afternoon and evening is reserved for people coming over to play games. My favorite boards game is: Settlers of Catan, unless you count the table as a board in which case, my favorite table top war game is Warhammer 40K. I am not much of a video gamer, but if I am going to play one, it will be Freecell or Tetris Active or Physical game: Basketball Card Game: Spades or Phase Ten
  5. Need some help from Heloise

    I remember waaaaaaaaay back in jr. high, I had problems with my shoes on the court because of dust and dirt from wearing them outside of gym. Perhaps she could wash and dry the bottoms of them before going out on the court? If the problem is that the shoes just have no natural traction, perhaps she could rough them up on concrete or sandpaper?
  6. My New Buddy

    He is beautiful! He looks just like a female orange tabby named Abigail that I had several years ago. Your story makes me think of one of my son's books called Six dinner Sid about a cat who belonged to six different families, and none of them knew about each other. I loved that book. That also reminds me of a cat my mother had for about fourteen years. One summer, he dissapeared for over a week and we all feared the worst. Then he just showed up again one day like nothing happened. We suspect that he had adopted a second family and that family went on vacation and boarded him somewhere. Makes you wonder what veteranarians do if they recognize an animal being brought in my more than one family. :thumb:
  7. Happy Birthday Anya

    Happy Birthday, Anya!
  8. Exciting News

    Lyn, Wow! You have taken so many huge steps toward your goals. I know your children are seeing these things that you are doing to make your life better and they are learning important lessons from them. What a good role-model you are! These things you are doing aren't just making life better for you and your children now, but they will help make your children's lives better as they learn and grow. I sincerely hope everything goes well with your Monday interview. And good luck with your school application, too. What degree are you going after?
  9. We're home

    Glad to hear you and DH are back home and okay. I hope you hear good news about the radiation.
  10. Hello

    Hello and welcome, Leonie!