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  1. The "Lily" dollhouse!

    What a wonderful home you've made of this kit! Love all of the details! Great work!
  2. When is Primrose Coming Back?

    Hi Melissa, If you just can't wait, this site still has some: I think this is why so many of us have so many kits stashed here and there - just in case! Good luck! Jodi
  3. Thresholds

    Hi Tamara, Thresholds always bother me in dollhouses, too. In real houses, we have even floors from one room to the next and don't need to step over them. In some of my projects, I removed them altogether. Here's a post that might help you or spawn some ideas on how you can address them in your Beacon Hill. Good luck!
  4. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    It's because they had the Pro Bowl in FL for the first time this year. Hawaii is getting even! Here in Seattle we had sunshine and 40's today - go figure!
  5. Suggestions/Tips for Weathering?

    The building looks great! I love the color and stenciling! You might find some helpful tidbits here: Good luck, have fun, be willing to re-do and remember you learn before you're good! :O)
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hugs Jeannine.   I'm glad you're starting to feel recovered!
  7. White washed flooring

    Thanks Joanne! I am sorry to have sidetracked you, but I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! 
  8. White washed flooring

    Thanks Holly! I follow a Finnish farm style interior designer on Instagram, and when she posted the photo of her real life set I knew I had what I needed in my stash to recreate it in miniature. It was a super fun distraction!
  9. White washed flooring

    Thanks Holly! The wire is just 24 gauge green floral wire which I made rusty with burnt sienna paint and brown washes. The metal flower was just a Tim Holtz scrapbooking flower that was rusted in the same way.
  10. White washed flooring

    I'm not sure these posts are as in depth as you are after, but you might find some helpful info just the same: In this one I whitewashed flooring. In this one I whitewashed "reclaimed" barn wood for walls. In this one I did furniture and accessories: The nice thing is that if you go too far you can always sand them back! Good luck! Jodi
  11. More eye candy

    The builder of the house is Auralea Krieger. She's the editor of American Miniaturist magazine and is crazy talented at making literally everything! This house is her design. If you ever get the chance, reading her blog from the beginning is fascinating. She also has another blog where she regularly posts creative and helpful tutorials.
  12. SF 555- build finally completed

    That's awesome! I can't wait! And my mom in Lake Havasu City is getting the leftovers. Says it's crazy! There is nothing moderate in Cali these days, is there? Feast or famine. Stay dry, or at least not soaked! 
  13. Painting for my MIL.jpeg

    Oh Sam! It's absolutely gorgeous! I hope your MIL can appreciate the gift you have and how difficult it actually is to paint so something so tiny! And about mum... Some people in our lives suffer from deficiencies, like the inability to show encouragement, support, love. But things like jealousy and judgement come easily for them.  As long as you know it's a defect in her, and not at all a true reflection of your talents, you'll be able to continue loving her in spite of it. Enjoy your free time, and the extra $$ for mini necessities! 
  14. SF 555- build finally completed

    Oh Susie it is so beautiful! But you, my friend, are a tease!!! I've got to see more photos, please!!!
  15. Blogging, Pinterest, websites

    Hi Karin, Just chiming in to say that I have used many of the web site building services and programs for our business. They are all pretty similar, and if you plan to have an online store, they do offer more as they are geared that way. BUT, if you are just looking to connect and share with like minded folks on a regular basis, blogger is free and offers a lot of customization with just a little research and learning. If you are a regular reader of specific blogs and like their layout and plug-ins, most of us are willing to give you some guidance about where to start. I hope you decide to go that way - there are at least hundreds of us still sharing, interacting and posting on a weekly basis and many of us would love to welcome you to blogland!