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  1. New Mother-Daughter Renovation

    How fun! I'm so excited for you and your daughter! Can't wait to see the pics, and Welcome to the Forum!
  2. Rumbled!

    Hi Mike! It's good to hear from you! Hope the chemo hasn't messed with your ability to eat too much and laugh too hard! Enjoy the holidays and I hope you keep in touch!
  3. What's everyone working on?

    Heidi I did not know you had a blog!!! I'm so excited to know this, and am looking forward to catching up on the French Country Manor!!! I added you to my blog list, too, so I won't miss an update! I'm glad your mini mojo is returning and I hope you feel comfortable committing to the choices so you can keep moving forward again! It's such a great house, and I love the color choices so far!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Ahhh yes, I see. It is lovely and would be perfect! Contact the mfg and just ask if they'd make it in 1/12th. Never hurts to ask...
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It's not a lot to ask, Sam. Any time, seriously! I've got the HBS Craftsman kit from the 2017 Creatin' Contest that I am thinking of making into my dad's family's old homestead house in Butte Montana. It's totally not meant to be an old log cabin, but darn it - I'm thinkin' outside the box! What other kits do you have for "someday" that might work?
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Sam if this ever happens to you again just let me know. I'll buy it and get it shipped to you. I'm bummed for you!
  7. Country Lane. Acrylic on paper

    Yes and it is supposed to be delivered by 7:45 tonight!!! I'm so excited!!!
  8. Black Friday Deals?

    25% off is generally the best deal. There is a 40% off one item sale for April Fools. Right now, though, if you use this code you save 25% off your total purchase:  WPC3890  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Kelly I am glad to hear that you're A-OK after such a scary incident, and I love your attitude! We're at the mercy of many things that we have no control over, so live and enjoy life as worry free as you can! Holly - I am glad you're okay too and have a "In the nick of time" story to share with us!  Jeannine I do hope you find the help you need to get back to full time mini joy again as soon as possible! Living with chronic pain and on the awful meds really steals your life.
  10. Sink and faucet

    Thank you so much.  Not all of my family but my mommy says I’m special.  I would love to have a shirt like that.   Yeah, moms can really "see" us! I'll look for the T-Shirt link and post when I find it.  
  11. Sink and faucet

    Wow, wow, wow! Keith, this looks fantastic! I love your ingenuity in finding everyday things and making what you have on hand look incredible! Does your family know how awesome you are? Mine, either.  But I do have a T-Shirt that says "I Turn Things Into Miniatures. What's Your Superpower?".
  12. Garden- what features to add for 'miniature' theme?

    You're funny, Luanne! You have amazing skills and are wonderfully creative! I'm glad you stopped by to visit and like the cottage!
  13. Garden- what features to add for 'miniature' theme?

    In my (very small) garden for the Storybook Cottage bash, I made several planters built into the fences and landscape base, and a couple out of Yankee Candle packaging. My theme is Teas and Bees, so I am making plants and flowers that make good tea blends and that bees like. Because of the small base that the project has to live on, I am utilizing containers, so will have a Camellia tree in a planter and two rose trees, one on each side, growing over the arbor. It's fun to have a focus, and to challenge myself with making plants and flowers look as close as possible to their real life inspirations!
  14. Garden Shed Siding

    Ha ha! This will make a funny story! Thanks you guys! 
  15. New member

    Hi Susan and welcome! Just thought I'd chime in and give a link to Gina's day by day Lily assembly blog. The photos and instructions may be very useful! Also, for general assembly instructions, you can find good info broken down by category here:[0]=68.ARAK8iYsADG1fMQDqG6ojyNFT3MTARW0MpcxFnoy2Joq5sfk199yq2OpgeIjGaaSvBN5QOedBcsVUwBzuoPy8cd-mHh6v1ZaGx_W03zersMBFfTEfO3EXX18UahoFJoGsPnUmIMfft0nQ_-E98UrO0HfOQr0GOp59YP3kCQrOensHhBGougXHA&__tn__=K-R Good luck and have fun on your new adventure! Jodi