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  1. Two new paintings - Autumn leaves.JPG

    I can't wait to see which one I pick either! I think I am going to have to draw straws or something because they are both just too amazing! I am going to have a couple choices for you in the next couple days, too!  Mirror frame finish and basket color! Getting so close now!
  2. Greenleaf Furniture Kits?

    I used the bathroom kit pieces last year and just kicked them up a notch. I think they are worth the time investment, especially if you have a good imagination and want to make something uniquely your own. Here's a post from my blog if you want to see how I changed them. Good luck - I am sure they'll be fun for you! Jodi
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is such an awesome and unique house! Not only will you end up with a gorgeous and roomy new home to design and play with, you'll have a harrowing story to tell! Totally worth a 3 hour odyssey in my book! Can't wait to see it become incredible!
  4. So Sad My Beloved Dog

    Oh Roxy I am so sad for you! He's such a handsome boy and I know you'll think of him every day. Giant hugs sweet lady.
  5. Seattle Miniature Show

    Not this year - I have too much stuff already! Next year, for sure, and by then I plan to have a big list of items to shop for! 
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    The heck with crossed fingers, I am sending all the healing prayers I know and in the name of Jesus I command this infection to leave your body! Remember that you are a fierce child of God, and that many of us are praying for you to get back to your feisty old self again! You've got too many fun things to look forward to, and you have been down too long already! Here's a hug, too, just because...
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    Have an awesome time and enjoy that sunshine!
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Thanks ladies! I really hope it finds a good home where it can be filled and played with! If only it were more affordable to ship dollhouses!
  9. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Thanks Deb! It was a fun and rebellious project!  I am sure it just flagged something in eBay's algorithm -  no person probably ever even looked at it. But all is well because many of the fun items are going to Jacqueline's new dispensary shop where they will continue to be enjoyed and that is all that matters! 
  10. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Oh Jacqueline! Let me send you the lot of dispensary items eBay ended the auction because it violated their drug paraphernalia policy, even though they are 1/12th scale minis, so I have a canna candy display and 11 "water pipes" that will be perfect for your shop! PM me your address!
  11. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Thanks for the feedback Jenn! I have no clue how to price things and ultimately just hope they go to someone who will have fun with them! You don't want to finish a big old barn, do you?  
  12. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Thanks Keith! From the photos you've been posting, I see you're well on your way to a fantastic mini hoard, too! LOL The furniture is awesome! 
  13. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Ha ha! You're awesome! Thanks Sam! 
  14. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Wow Jacqueline! I am so flattered - thank you! I have really struggled with the decision to dismantle and let things go, but reached the conclusion that if I want to progress in my skills and make future projects, letting go is a necessity. I have the memories and photos to enjoy, and of course all of the experience gained in getting to try new ideas and mini crafting skills. I am doing my best to keep my mind full of positive thoughts so there's no room for regret. Have fun with the apartment and shops! I love being in the midst of a long dreamed about project!
  15. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Hi Everyone, I've been busy over the last several weeks going through my collection and dismantling three of my major dollhouse projects. I have literally run out of space, and if I want to do more projects in the future (and I really do), I need to let go of some of the older stuff. Here's a link to the items I have listed on eBay - all the opening bids start at $.99 and most things are just sold as big lots of like items: These are the dismantled structures I have on Craigslist. They are all big and heavy and the shipping seems pretty cost prohibitive to list them on eBay. I am not even sure what to ask for them, so please feel free to make suggestions in terms of pricing or whatever you think would be helpful to move them on: Thank you! Jodi