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  1. Sink and faucet

    Thank you so much.  Not all of my family but my mommy says I’m special.  I would love to have a shirt like that.   Yeah, moms can really "see" us! I'll look for the T-Shirt link and post when I find it.  
  2. Sink and faucet

    Wow, wow, wow! Keith, this looks fantastic! I love your ingenuity in finding everyday things and making what you have on hand look incredible! Does your family know how awesome you are? Mine, either.  But I do have a T-Shirt that says "I Turn Things Into Miniatures. What's Your Superpower?".
  3. Garden- what features to add for 'miniature' theme?

    You're funny, Luanne! You have amazing skills and are wonderfully creative! I'm glad you stopped by to visit and like the cottage!
  4. Garden- what features to add for 'miniature' theme?

    In my (very small) garden for the Storybook Cottage bash, I made several planters built into the fences and landscape base, and a couple out of Yankee Candle packaging. My theme is Teas and Bees, so I am making plants and flowers that make good tea blends and that bees like. Because of the small base that the project has to live on, I am utilizing containers, so will have a Camellia tree in a planter and two rose trees, one on each side, growing over the arbor. It's fun to have a focus, and to challenge myself with making plants and flowers look as close as possible to their real life inspirations!
  5. Garden Shed Siding

    Ha ha! This will make a funny story! Thanks you guys! 
  6. New member

    Hi Susan and welcome! Just thought I'd chime in and give a link to Gina's day by day Lily assembly blog. The photos and instructions may be very useful! Also, for general assembly instructions, you can find good info broken down by category here:[0]=68.ARAK8iYsADG1fMQDqG6ojyNFT3MTARW0MpcxFnoy2Joq5sfk199yq2OpgeIjGaaSvBN5QOedBcsVUwBzuoPy8cd-mHh6v1ZaGx_W03zersMBFfTEfO3EXX18UahoFJoGsPnUmIMfft0nQ_-E98UrO0HfOQr0GOp59YP3kCQrOensHhBGougXHA&__tn__=K-R Good luck and have fun on your new adventure! Jodi
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    Here’s what I found: ”Spontaneous glass breakage. Spontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon by which toughened glass (or tempered) may spontaneously break without any apparent reason. The most common causes are: ... Internal defects withinthe glass such as nickel sulfide inclusions.” Sounds pretty common but bummer it happened. 
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks Kelly! I'll post tonight with photos of the landscape board with fencing, a arbor made with spare parts, and a simple potting bench. Hey - have you thought about Patreon? If you make weekly videos about settling the new homestead, you might get some folks to sponsor you. Your story is very interesting!
  9. The music room

    Incredible, Keith! So beautiful! Well done!
  10. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Hey Kelly - I haven't had a lot of luck with getting these to bend without breaking. Before you try it, I'd recommend heating it up a bit with a blow dryer, lighter - just be careful (duh!) and use two sets of pliers instead of your hands. Option B - I made these faucets out of cup gooks, earring backs, bead caps and corsage pins. I can make you one, or send you the stuff so you can make it yourself. Just LMK. Here's the actual blog post with more info:
  11. Miniature art sculpture

    Thanks Keith! I encourage you to try Tinkercad (it's free, too). With your eye for design, you could create some really interesting pieces. The program isn't too challenging to learn - basically just manipulating geometric shapes. I bet you'd be great and find it interesting!
  12. Miniature art sculpture

    I made female and male sculptures in Tinkercad and then had them 3D printed. I was working on a modern build so it was fun to employ a modern method to design stuff for the project. I like your sculpture!   Masculine model. Feminine model.
  13. Hermitage, dry fit

    What a fun little house! @shannonc60 's designs are truly magical, and one day I will finally get one into my queue! Have fun and please share loads of photos!

    Looking great! You can also use hot glue in these molds - cheaper and quicker!
  15. Braxton Payne

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth on my experience buying from BP. I went through his regular website: Ordered over 20 pieces of pottery on a Sunday and had them by Wednesday. They are remarkably delicate and perfectly scaled. They were carefully wrapped, and he even included a key chain attached to a tiny resin 1/144th scale house to paint. The shipping was only like $4.75, too. Needless to say, I'll be placing another order Soon!