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  1. Hello from Washington State

    Hi Shelly! Welcome back to minis and to the forum! I hope you'll share photos of your project with us!
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    I bet your daughter is so grateful to have her momma's help!  Have you heard of Good RX? Even with insurance, you can get coupons to save you some $$$. Also, this infor page says that there may be a generic alternative to Lyrica in June 2019 so it may be worth looking into. Here's the link for Good RX and the Lyrica info page: I hope you get the solution settled so you can just live life and cope without this added worry!
  3. Faith Bradford Again

    Hi Beth! I've just had a marvelous time reading this post, then your blog! What an amazing journey you've begun, though it seems you've been on the path your entire life! I have added you to my Great Reads blog roll (on my blog) so that I can follow your adventure (and so that others may find you), and I have also sent the links from this post and your blog to someone who is an expert and collector of antique dollhouse furniture etc. His name is Troy ( his blog link ) and I imagine he will be very excited to see your project develop and all of the treasures you've collected! He's got links on his blog about his collection of TootsieToy etc. that might be interesting to you. I'm so glad that you joined us here and shared your plans! I am looking forward to following you! Jodi
  4. What's everyone working on?

    He is so fortunate, especially to have you as his partner! Your care and encouragement will make all the difference in his recovery and subsequent healthier lifestyle! Be sure to take some much needed time for yourself to recharge. We often overlook care for ourselves and this leads to fantasies about running away and not telling anyone where our new address is, lol! Seriously, get yourself a new mini project to look forward to to help balance this new stress. Hugs and prayers Carrie!!!
  5. IMG-7857.jpg

    It's groovy and I love the pattern combinations! Reminds me a a trailer we used to have as a kid, and it was in the 70's!
  6. down pipe issues

    Lead would be wonderful! In that case, you could get a realistic lead finish by either a graphite stick or a pencil. Just rub on and buff! Here's a neat sample of what an aged one might look like. A little rust seems appropriate, too: Can't wait to see what you do!
  7. down pipe issues

    Nice work Rebecca! Fixative or varnish may work, or even just Mod Podge. Are you going for a clean/new look or will you be aging them a bit? If so, some "rust" can camouflage the problem areas, as well, followed by the Mod Podge.
  8. The "Lily" dollhouse!

    What a wonderful home you've made of this kit! Love all of the details! Great work!
  9. When is Primrose Coming Back?

    Hi Melissa, If you just can't wait, this site still has some: I think this is why so many of us have so many kits stashed here and there - just in case! Good luck! Jodi
  10. Thresholds

    Hi Tamara, Thresholds always bother me in dollhouses, too. In real houses, we have even floors from one room to the next and don't need to step over them. In some of my projects, I removed them altogether. Here's a post that might help you or spawn some ideas on how you can address them in your Beacon Hill. Good luck!
  11. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    It's because they had the Pro Bowl in FL for the first time this year. Hawaii is getting even! Here in Seattle we had sunshine and 40's today - go figure!
  12. Suggestions/Tips for Weathering?

    The building looks great! I love the color and stenciling! You might find some helpful tidbits here: Good luck, have fun, be willing to re-do and remember you learn before you're good! :O)
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hugs Jeannine.   I'm glad you're starting to feel recovered!
  14. White washed flooring

    Thanks Joanne! I am sorry to have sidetracked you, but I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! 
  15. White washed flooring

    Thanks Holly! I follow a Finnish farm style interior designer on Instagram, and when she posted the photo of her real life set I knew I had what I needed in my stash to recreate it in miniature. It was a super fun distraction!