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  1. Time Out

    I miss that funny British wit of his. He must keep everyone around him in belly laughs every day! What a personality, and a truly talented artisan! Feel better, my friend! We just aren't the same here without you!
  2. The lamp

    I thought you covered the shade yourself and I was going to congratulate you on an excellent job! I love the combo, and the wood stain of the bed is also a perfect compliment to the paper!
  3. The bed

    It looks wonderful with your adjustments! I think older beds used to be shorter back when people weren't giants (my son is 6' 6"). Bespaq's youth beds are like 4-3/4", so there are short ones out there, just expen$ive! I like your solution!
  4. The living room is getting furniture

    I love this whole project! Sooooo stinkin' cute!
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I did no "join", so I don't know what the scoop is on this Granville, but maybe it is something one of you 4 can work with? I'll keep keeping my eyes peeled...
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Hugs in solidarity for the frustrations, mini sisters (and brothers)! We've all been exactly where you are! Not only did I re-do the hearth and fireplace on the New Orleans twice, I have now done two sets of stairs and the first floor is still not over! Changes to the floor plan and an issue with sliding the chimney breast out behind the ceiling decorations is forcing me to have to re-do the ceiling, too. I wonder what hell I will create for myself when I start the kitchen install. Oh well, that's life in miniature, and that is why I am concurrently working on the Christmas Cottage. It's about going with the creative flow and not having to be so perfectionistic. (that's a word, right?) When I need a break from the challenging frou-frou, I can work on it. Good luck with the grout, Sam - give it a few days and the solution will come. And Carrie - do not be afraid to share! Everyone here has had a disappointing result in spite of time and money spent, so we are here to encourage, support, laugh or cry with you!
  7. Crysnbon

    Now this is what I call Trash to Treasure! Excellent work, Beulah! And the perfume bottles turned out just wonderfully, too!
  8. Crysnbon

    The blue one smells good, like lemons or something. That's what I use too and (knock on wood) have always had a pleasant experience with the Chrysnbon kits.
  9. What's everyone working on?

    I think you should call it the "you are not going to spoil my dreams, make me lose hope, frustrate me to the point of quitting, you are not the boss of me and I will wrestle you into submission until you are beautiful" dollhouse. Or just "Perseverance Place". :O) Sending hugs and good mojo!
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    She is lucky to have a sister that cares about her wishes, Denise. It's difficult when we have to take responsibility for the choices of other people, especially family. You must feel a little dumped on with having dealt with so many issues surrounding  your brother-in-law's estate recently. You are a good person for also taking this on. I hope you find peace in that. Big hugs, Jodi
  11. Adding patina to fake copper?

    I love it, Emily! That's going to look so amazing on the Victorianna! I really liked this stuff: I only added a tiny bit on top of gold leaf just for some color, not a real patina look. You can apply and blend and wipe and layer as you like. I got mine from Alpha Stamps but I know you can find it at a lot of art and craft stores.
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Oh Kelly! And this was supposed to be the kit that answered all the issues of space, functionality and design for you. I am sad for you, too. Why didn't they just send you out a whole new kit? One in which they had double checked that all the pieces were correct? Don't they realize that these houses to us are like dreams come true and that $200 isn't easy for some of us to come by? I think you may just be able to camouflage the edge with the barrel roof. Are you making your own or using the polystyrene sheet stuff? We are lucky that we visited the model homes in our community in June of 2007. It was sweltering, so when we built the house I ended up with the air conditioner rather than the purdy staircase. I am grateful now, especially since we live less than a half mile from the fires at Fort Lewis. The smoke is ridiculous!  In spite of all of the challenges this house is giving you, it is going to be awesome. Keep on keepin' on!
  13. What's everyone working on?

    If we are in town I will definitely hop on over to see you! I think we will be, as Russ' 8 week project starts tomorrow.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    This is really adorable, Claudia! I can't wait to see what you do with the inside! 
  15. What's everyone working on?

    Great job, Lawanda! That's a lot of work! You could open up a museum with all of those houses! Bet it keeps you out of trouble, though!