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  1. The Courtyard.jpeg

    There is noting "off" about this or any other of your paintings, Sam! Each time I see a new landscape or subject, I am delighted at your eye and talent! Amazing stuff inside you!
  2. The Death of Socrates

    Great experimentation, Joel! And what a great subject! Socrates was definitely a brilliant man before his time! I just wanted to share an epiphany with you that I discovered after a long session of mixed results with real gold leafing. Krylon Gold Leafing pens. I have found that if the surface is clean, smooth and free of debris, using these pens creates an incredible result that will make you never go back. Hope it helps!
  3. Fun little topic: Who uses a Cricut in their creations?

    John you might really enjoy seeing what they are doing over in the FB group.
  4. Fun little topic: Who uses a Cricut in their creations?

    I do make all the stuff with my Explore Air and don't have the Maker yet. The Maker came out about a year after I got my Explore Air. I have a few blogland friends who had repeated issues with it, so decided to wait for it's upgrade to be released before I bought it to give them a chance to work out all of the bugs. In that time, I learned how to make mine work for what I needed it to do. I experimented a lot and watched endless YouTube videos. I may still get the Maker, but I'm not in a hurry. A laser cutter is higher on my wish list, but the good ones are still $7K!!! I was invited to join the FB group about a month ago, and the creativity there is inspiring! Plus, everyone shares their .svg files so that's really nice. The most beneficial things about using the Cricut in minis is the ability to make clean, precision cuts and make your own kits where everything fits together perfectly. Chipboard and cardboard once gesso'ed is as good as basswood imo.
  5. Fun little topic: Who uses a Cricut in their creations?

    I've been using my Cricut Explore Air since about the end of 2016 to make all kinds of things for miniature builds. The funnest part is hacking the machine and making it do things with materials it's not supposed to be able to!  If you're curious, here's a link to a search of my blog for "Cricut". I'm happy to share files and tips.
  6. installing lights in the rgt houses

    Thanks Holly! Yes Amanda - I use a big box knife and a steel ruler to cut two lines about 1/8" apart and about 1/16" deep from where the wires will come through to where the wires will exit. Then I use a steel flat blade screwdriver that is also 1/8" wide to chip out the channel between the two cuts. Once the wires are run I keep them in the channels with masking tape. When your wires exit the house they will plug into a power strip: This post shows more of the process and here's a photo of doing the channels: The most important part id to have a plan. Once you figure out which lights go where and where the wires will lead to, you have a road map to follow. Best of luck! The first one is always the hardest but you'll do great!
  7. installing lights in the rgt houses

    Hi Amanda, I have done a couple RGT kits and both had walls/floors/ceilings comprised of both MDF (3/8") and plywood (1/4"). I found that with tapewire lighting systems, the brads AND eyelets loosened out of the MDF over time. You can imagine what chaos this caused after the house was finished, papered and decorated. On the second house, I used roundwire and it is much more reliable. To run the wiring, I employed cutting channels in the floors of the second stories for the first floor ceilings, running the lamps down through floors and under the house's foundation, and centrally located hubs for where the plug strip would be. Here's a link to a post that you might find helpful, and there are later posts in the construction of the New Orleans that might give you some help and ideas for your RGT kit. Good luck! Jodi
  8. Real bricks

    It was our wonderful Carrie! Here's the link for everyone:
  9. Porch decking

    If she doesn't like it you can trade her in for a new sister - me!!! 
  10. New Reno project.jpeg

    It's absolutely adorable!!! More photos, please!!!
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It also says there are two available, and in the Item Specifics section next to Features: is says kit. Showing only finished photos of the house and not the kit is what I would consider deceptive and should probably be reported to eBay.
  12. Hello from Washington State

    Hi Shelly! Welcome back to minis and to the forum! I hope you'll share photos of your project with us!
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    I bet your daughter is so grateful to have her momma's help!  Have you heard of Good RX? Even with insurance, you can get coupons to save you some $$$. Also, this infor page says that there may be a generic alternative to Lyrica in June 2019 so it may be worth looking into. Here's the link for Good RX and the Lyrica info page: I hope you get the solution settled so you can just live life and cope without this added worry!
  14. Faith Bradford Again

    Hi Beth! I've just had a marvelous time reading this post, then your blog! What an amazing journey you've begun, though it seems you've been on the path your entire life! I have added you to my Great Reads blog roll (on my blog) so that I can follow your adventure (and so that others may find you), and I have also sent the links from this post and your blog to someone who is an expert and collector of antique dollhouse furniture etc. His name is Troy ( his blog link ) and I imagine he will be very excited to see your project develop and all of the treasures you've collected! He's got links on his blog about his collection of TootsieToy etc. that might be interesting to you. I'm so glad that you joined us here and shared your plans! I am looking forward to following you! Jodi
  15. What's everyone working on?

    He is so fortunate, especially to have you as his partner! Your care and encouragement will make all the difference in his recovery and subsequent healthier lifestyle! Be sure to take some much needed time for yourself to recharge. We often overlook care for ourselves and this leads to fantasies about running away and not telling anyone where our new address is, lol! Seriously, get yourself a new mini project to look forward to to help balance this new stress. Hugs and prayers Carrie!!!