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  1. Stockton Miniature Show

    Really looking forward to it. Thank you!
  2. Sacramento Name House Party?

    I could get lost in the IGMA website. The talent exhibited is just breathtaking. *sigh!* Thanks for the information on all of the shows, etc.. Someday I hope to have the means to travel around the country and see some of them. Fun, fun!
  3. Sacramento Name House Party?

    Holly, are there ever IGMA shows to go to? I would LOVE to see those! I've never heard of Molly Cromwell or Tom Bishop but I'll be sure to google both of them tonight. I don't remember writing my address down last year, Emily. I'll make sure to do that this year. Thanks for the link to the website. I really want to try a workshop! Are they hard to get into? By that I mean, do you have to sign up immediately once they're announced? Thanks for all of the info!
  4. Sacramento Name House Party?

    Thanks, Sable :) Is that what the Good Sam show is, also? I went to that one last year and was wondering about the workshops. Isn't there an IGMA club, too? Is that the international version of NAME? I guess I'm just trying to understand the miniature world a little bit since I'm beginning to see references here and there to a few of the clubs and organizations. Anyway, I'm excited for the Sacramento show. I spent all 3 days at the Good Sam show last year and had a blast!
  5. I'm not sure I understand what a NAME house party is exactly. Could someone please help me out? The Sacramento NAME House Party is coming up and I'm wondering what it's all about. I see that it's 3 days long and the general public (me) is allowed to go on one of those days. What happens during the other two days? Do you have to be invited to be a NAME member or can anyone become one? Is the house party a convention? It sounds like so much fun ... I'm really looking forward to the public day. Thanks!
  6. anyone collect Vermont Teddy Bears?

    I don't collect the bears but I'd be so curious to see what you find out. I did manage to dig this up though which might help a little? : The Vermont Teddy Bear Company was created in 1981 when 30 year old John Sortino began sewing a cloth teddy on his wife's sewing machine for his newborn son. Later bears were machine washable, had movable arms and legs (jointed) and were cuddly and safe for children. They had "personality"! John was determined there should be American Made Teddy Bears after seeing the plush animals his son had that were made overseas! He sold 50 bears in 1981 and 200 bears in 1982. It wasn't until 1990, when he pioneered the "Bear-Gram", advertised via radio personalities live on air during their shows, that sales really took off for Vermont, with 91% of its orders coming in via telephone on the "Gift Line". Does your bear have jointed arms and legs?    
  7. Merry Christmas 2016

    Oh, that is SO beautiful! Wow! :)  
  8. You could try sanding the ends of the wire. I've had to do that with jewelry wire because it also comes with a coating on it.
  9. The Glencroft: Day 4-5

    I can't view them either and I would LOVE to see them. Chris, your work is astounding and I'm dying to see more of it! :) Toni
  10. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Your bathroom is stunning. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write up a tutorial.  
  11. Oh, good! I've been checking their website on and off for a while now waiting for them to post a date and now I know. Thank you, Donna! :)
  12. foam board

    I use Sintra PVC foam board. I've bought it on eBay but you can get it from many sites on the internet. And like Jackie said, use a new blade for getting nice clean accurate cuts. Here's a link to some 3mm Sintra boards (they come in many other sizes, too): http://www.ebay.com/itm/3MM-1-8-SINTRA-PVC-FOAM-BOARD-PLASTIC-SHEETS-YOU-PICK-SIZE-AND-COLOR-/281469003858?var=&hash=item4188dc2852:m:mmt0KTZ_p9iGr83_HtQp4Iw
  13. Beacon Hill too bright?

    Oh, gosh, I think it looks fantastic! I love it!
  14. Help with plugs, outlets, covers?

    Aren't those old writing desks great? I love them. Those were the days, for sure. What a kind offer, Freddie. I'm finally to the point of wallpapering my Magnolia (after a year!) and when I'm finished with that and the floors I'm going to try and see how well I do with building some furniture. If I end up a hopeless and lousy carpenter then you'll probably being hearing from me. Thank you! I got my ck1004s in the mail today. Oh, wow, are they ever small! I mean, I knew they were going to be small but not this small. Good thing I have a decent magnifier because I can barely see the holes in the plugs even with my glasses on. I love a good challenge though so I'm looking forward to wiring the plugs. Holly, I found a Realife Victorian Parlor set for sale last night while googling around. Very pretty! I'll bet yours turned out nice. I would have never thought to use old ties for upholstery. What a brilliant idea!  
  15. Help with plugs, outlets, covers?

    Oh, I love them! They look fantastic, Freddie! Okay, I'm sold. I'm definitely going to put those outlet covers over my outlets. Thanks so much for posting the pics. It helps to actually see what they look like on a real wall. I also love your table. And the globe. Did you make that globe, too? The front edge of your table looks like it's burlwood. Did you do that? Or did it come in the kit that way? I just googled the Realife Miniature kits and it looks like they don't make them anymore. Oh, well......   :)