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  • Interests I have now completed five dollhouses, well six if you count the spring fling 2008 garage I build for the Garf, Finished dh's include The Garfield, Arthur the Orchid the White Orchid and the Beacon Hill which is a B&B. I gave the Arthur and Orchid away as gifts for Christmas a few years back and gave my neice my white orchid/wedding chapel. I have a few more more waiting in the wings. You can see all of my houses in my gallery and blog.
    I am retired for 2 1/2 years now and loving it! I have 4 daughters and 9 beautiful Grandchildren which I love spending time with. I enjoy gardening, sewing and a good book. I just love sewing and cross stitch, especially minis! Just sarted the Laural after a long hiatus the love of building has been rekindled.
    My husband is semi retired so we love going on cruises. Usually take at least one a year.

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  1. Corinne's dollhouse

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    This makes it all worth it
  2. Corinne's Laural

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    It made it all the way from NJ to CA in one piece. So happy!
  3. My Granddaughters Laural is finished

    Thanks can't wait til July when she comes to visit and I can give it to her
  4. Kitchen

  5. Laural side

  6. Kitchen

    Yes and made different handles. Lots of sanding and Spray paint like 4 coats!
  7. Kitchen

    I made the refrigerator from a Greenleaf Furniture kit
  8. outside complete

    Thanks all
  9. Living room

    Yes! Dollar Store find!