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  1. Hello from O-H

    I have felt warmly and whole heartedly welcomed. Thank you everyone.
  2. Hello from O-H

    Sounds like a great way to gauge my work and the progress along the way. Sometimes we get so caught up in what is in front of us, we forget the process that has gotten us where we are and the actual progress made.
  3. Sketches laid out, paint samples ,flooring, and some fabric ready to go. Happy Travel!

  4. making fake food for displays

    You might look into some theater and theater prop websites and information. Take food like you want is often used onstage and some of the things I have seen looked quite real.
  5. Trying yo narrow my multitude of ideas to a working draft.

    1. Dalesq

      You can always do more than one!

    2. GroovyGert

      True, I thought of that. Just need to narrow down the design for the first one. :)

  6. Getting itchy to start my travel trailer into the retro home on wheels I intend it to be.

  7. 1/2 Scale Nottingham - Finished

  8. Toadstool High Rise No. 786

    Oh,the possibilities....
  9. Toadstool High Rise No. 786

    Oh,the possibilities....
  10. Hello from O-H

  11. Hello :) I'm Tammy from Ohio

    Ohio here too.
  12. Hello from O-H

    I have a retro/vintage theme planned pulling inspiration from the vintage campers and travel trailers I love in full scale. I have been last looking at green paints and fabrics to set the tone and color scheme.
  13. Hello from O-H

    Just getting ready to start my travel trailer project. Surrounded by sketches and ideas.
  14. Camper front

    Getting ready to start my own. I hadn't thought about using wood putty to secure the extra flap. Thanks for sharing!
  15. The main room

    So welcoming!