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  1. Favorite power tools?

    I love power tools - couldn't live without my Dremel or my Unimat Basic (jigsaw, sander & lathe all in one), and I love my bandsaw too! I have a scrollsaw but I need to start building my confidence & skill with it yet. 
  2. Living room

    So cosy & real looking Jo. Wonderful work.
  3. Candlelight

    Beautiful Jo. You have taken me back to my Nan's home here - she had a tea caddy just like that! Love all the details you put in.
  4. 6451.jpg

    Cute taxidermy! And impressive stairs too.
  5. 6540.jpg

    Beautiful house - I love the unusual roof lines. Really looking forward to watching this develop.
  6. UK Preston Manor Kit

    Thank you :-) Havanaholly, unfortunately I didn't stitch the stair runners - they are all bought ones. I am hoping one day to get time to stitch some, but that's probably a long ways off! The stair rods are painted florists wire, with a bead glued on each end & then the whole thing glued to the stair tread. Pleased you all like the rocking horse - he was one of those jobs where you get so far in that you just can't quit! 
  7. UK Preston Manor Kit

    This is the upper hall. The rocking horse started life as a Schleich pony. Hope you are not squeamish...I sawed his legs off, wired them & filled with milliput to get the rocking horse stance. He got painted with acrylics & his plastic mane & tail  also got the butcher treatment & were replaced with dolls hair. I made the rockers from bass wood, and the hardest bit of all was attaching horse to rockers - ended up drilling his feet & rockers in matching places, then inserting cocktail sticks covered in epoxy glue to join them. Has never come adrift since, thank goodness! His tack is made from felt & ribbons, with the stirrups made from paperclips.
  8. UK Preston Manor Kit

    Still can't seem to create an album, even a 35kb pic won't save to it! So decided to post some more here. These are the hallways, starting with lower & middle
  9. Dollhouse Book Reviews

    If anyone likes reading about vintage dolls houses, try Mirror Grange - The Book of The Daily Mirror's House for Pip, Squeak & Wilfred. It's from the 1920s but is oftenavailable on Amazon, Abebooks etc. It has some wonderful info in it about how they made various pieces & the challenges etc. The house went to a children's school, but sadly seems to have ended up in a private collection & has never been heard of again.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    The yellow frogtape is low tack & meant for delicate surfaces but if you look at reviews online it's a very mixed bag. Have used it before for various jobs on motorcycles, but that's glossy varnished surface, I will say it is absolutely the best on the market for preventing paint bleed under the tape. If anyone has used it in DH setting I would love to hear your experience, as the reviews always put me off trying! 
  11. Vintage Houses

    Elsbeth I would love to see the 1920s furnishings! I have a collection of antique furniture & bits too - I have had to restore quite a few as they seem to be getting exceptionally dear now. Re the wallpapers, the ones in the first & last two houses are original. The Lines 71 off Ebay didn't have any original papers but it did have a large heron on the back wall of the kitchen which I left, & I printed wallpapers with a bird theme to use in the rest of the house. The Lines 74 doesn't have any original papers in & the jury is still out on which way to go with it...!
  12. EasterBunnyBrowsing.jpg

    Lovely scene & a beautiful bunny. I envy him the great choice of books too!
  13. Inglenook fireplace

    Beautiful Jo - the rag rug is just glorious! It all looks so real, totally love it! 
  14. Box beds

    Wonderful work Jo. All looks so inviting, especially the box beds to snuggle up in 
  15. UK Preston Manor Kit

    Thanks for the lovely comment Jo. The rocker washer was built from bass wood & aged with steel wool soaked in vinegar. I love finding out about all the quirky things they uused to have in days gone by :-) It's lovely to see you on here - I remember you from another place a few years back, & love your work. Looking forward to catching up with your builds (can't remember my username from the other one but I'm Cath from Cumbria!)