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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Got kind of sidetracked doing a 1/4 scale kayak kit then will get back to my furniture
  2. Furniture Kits

    I have made some of the kits and modified others adding burl wood to the drawers and replacing some of the over scale with thinner boards
  3. Get a decent matt white spray primer then you can use craft paint or anything over it. A good primer is the key to painting small items
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Still on the same chest. I am cleaning up the brass pieces and in-letting them in but I really need some miniature chisels or something
  5. This place does working RC kits in 1:12 scale of English Canal Boats just perfect for 1:12 miniatures http://www.riversidemodels.co.uk/ And to help furnish it Phoenix has been making white metal miniatures for years http://www.phoenixmodeldevelopments.com/acatalog/kitchen.html
  6. Hello from Georgia!

    Little hot in GA this week hope your staying cool and welcome
  7. Sad day

    My condolences on your loss
  8. Campaign Silver Chest

    I don't know how they determine pricing but yes I saved quite a bit by having 8 corners cast s as block as opposed to individually. I think there is something on their site that explains pricing by material. I can actually have these cast in plastic (cheap), different metals like brass, bronze, silver, gold and platinum (really expensive for 10K and 14K gold and platinum but who knows maybe someday I might do one). Polished was almost double the price but the way these are cast they wouldn't have polished the parts that needed polishing anyway. I like the idea of inletting them, putting in the screws, then polishing them flush to the wood
  9. Campaign Silver Chest

    They look really good to me I am really happy for my first shapeways experience I will inlet them in then make screws from wire then sand and polish them in place
  10. Campaign Silver Chest

    My first two shapeways parts came in they are cast in blocks of 8 of each type in brass the corner brackets and the mid L shaped brackets I need to cut them apart and install them but they look really good even better than in the pictures
  11. Do you do this too?

    I have about 50 websites with campaign furniture in my favorites I look at them almost daily looking for hints on how they are constructed, ow I could translate that into miniature, etc. Plus I search and search for period Victorian era photo's of the furniture and accessories in use to use in my designs
  12. 3D Printers

    you can see the link to them as my signature
  13. Hello!

    We moved to Gainesville last Christmas after 50+ years in Massachusetts. Had to get away from the snow
  14. 3D Printers

    I recently commissioned some hardware from Shapeways. I needed some miniature brass castings for my campaign piece. The process has been slow and a little expensive as I don't have 3D drawing tools or the ability to  get them at present. I needed to have someone do the drawings for me then I uploaded them to Shapeways. From my understanding to get the brass parts they print in wax and then do a traditional "lost wax" casting in that the wax master is embedded in a slurry of plaster the wax is burned out and then the molten brass poured in. So the 3D printing is actually a small part of a very traditional process. My first pieces have actually now been printed, cast, and are in the mail so I will report back once I receive them I was going to try forming the pieces from sheet brass but real campaign furniture usually used cast hardware and I try to follow the prototype process as much as possible. I tend to agree with Mike somewhat in that a printed plastic chair has no meaning to me it is lifeless. But I don't see that it will suck the life out of the hobby so much as fill a need for the low end entry level product.  So to me i see this as a step in part of a whole process to make some of the parts but not to replace the hand creative process. I also had a block of shotgun receivers printed in metal to use in making some 1:12 scale classic double shotguns. The stocks will be burl walnut carved from blocks and some of the parts, like the trigger guard, cut from .005 brass sheet, but the receiver itself is a cast of a wax printing. So again I see this as a part of the process. Printing the entire gun would be, to me, plastic and cheap but using the technology to make components to enhance the had work I am ok with
  15. Shapeways

    So I m scoping out some classic double barrel shotguns in 1:12 and had the receivers cast as a block of 4 in metal. Will need to cut them apart, polish them, do some shaping, etc. but it is a good start