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  1. Sofa

    Yes I have some lamb skin samples that look really thin
  2. Bookcases II

    I oil the face where the glue doesn’t go and try to keep oil from where it does. So far no issues 
  3. Bookcases II

    It isn’t as dark in person these photos are a bit dark. I would have liked some Greek Key pattern trim but didn’t have any  in 1/4” handy
  4. Bookcases II

    Veneer is thin sheets of wood you glue over base wood. In this case it is a mahogany veneer over mahogany. Usually after gluing but before trimming I soak some oil on to reduce chipping. Normally I use linseed oil but here I used artists linseed oil that has had saffron soaking in it for a few years. Gives it a yellow-red tint and darkens the wood but not as much as alkanet root oil
  5. What would be your dream dollhouse?

    Love the dome. I had sketched one out as a garden tea house one time I wanted to do the dome as a lithophane with the twelve Olympians. I could envision it on a large estate as almost a folly
  6. Any Little House fans here?

    Without getting too political Rose, Laura’s daughter, along with Ayn Rand and Isabel Paterson, is considered a founder of the American libertarian movement and one of the main political theorists   https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_Wilder_Lane
  7. Bookcases II

    When I get to pictures it will be clearer but my written descriptions can be confusing just waiting for the veneer to arrive I hate waiting
  8. Bookcases II

    Maybe I am explaining wrong. Think of it as a piece of baseboard molding with the thickest portion at the bottom for the base. Then flip it with the thickest portion at the top for the top. 
  9. Bookcases II

    Upside down from the above picture. If you look at the plan you can see the top is basically just the the bottom half of the base molding flipped over so going south to north the base flares in and the top flares out
  10. Bookcases II

    Boiling water helps. When I used to make balsa models I would soak the strips in ammonia which turns balsa really flexible. They also make a veneer softener which works the longer you soak, within reason, also helps. I found soaking burl walnut overnight I could wrap it around a screwdriver shaft without any issues and dry it is brittle stuff
  11. Bookcases II

    I gave the sides a lot of thought and found what I think is a solution to both issues, but I am saving it for the next pair I build after these. 
  12. Bookcases II

    No electric tools for me. I like the human powered aspect of my hobby
  13. Too much stuff???

    What miter cutter?
  14. What would be your dream dollhouse?

    Monticello  also Millford with its documented Phyfe furnishings  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millford_Plantation
  15. Too much stuff???

    At least you didn’t buy two of them