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  1. Stairway1.JPG

    Hope you don't mind if I take your idea and use it in the 1/6 scale on my little stair to 3rd floor in Bay Window project.
  2. IMG-2338.JPG

    This is a cute house.  I so love that style.  
  3. 100-2295.JPG

    More ideas guys...I am a SPONGE
  4. 100-2295.JPG

    that was kinda my thought too....
  5. 100_2294.JPG

    HEE HEE.....I know you are excited.....I will, soon, I promise.  Yes Regent furniture and customdollhouse.au
  6. 100-2292.JPG

    OH thank you.  I do so enjoy peoples comments and thoughts.  I am still learning.
  7. IMG-4534.JPG

    You look like you are doing fantastic for a FIRST build  
  8. Carrera Marble Foundation

    backsplash stone?????  I do love the color of it...so lovely
  9. Carrera Marble Bath

    This bath is so modern and beautiful...
  10. BeaconHill-wallsmod.jpg

    Will enjoy seeing how this goes.
  11. Signature

    Geez, I never thought of that....WOW
  12. SC072.jpg

    Love your work...thinking of you.
  13. 100-2295.JPG

    From the album 1/6 scale Bay Window house

    There you can see both lights I want to use.  They are battery powered.  One is the field light I already showed you.  The other is a flat work light which I put behind the stairs to see if it looked good....probably same amount of light as the Field Lights, but now I have both to use.
  14. 100_2294.JPG

  15. 100-2292.JPG

    From the album 1/6 scale Bay Window house

    This is a 1/12 sliding door 8"x8" but I think it will make a great sliding window for the condo project.  I got 2 of them.