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  1. Time Out

    Thank you selkie for letting us know.  Mike is a wonderful person.  He has our prayers.
  2. Time Out

    Think of Mike UK all the time.  Concerned we haven't heard from him.  Wish his wife would let us know   :).  But of course this treatment is never easy and horrible on the spouse too.
  3. Time Out

    Sable, we get so close to our blog friends and miss them when they disappear and we don't hear don't we?  Mike is such a wonderful person.  Glad my post helped you.
  4. Time Out

    OH MIKE...MISSING YOU SO MUCH.  Please let us know how you are.  HUGE HUGS....
  5. So happy you want to follow my work and Debra's in 1:6 scale.  Thank you.

  6. Thank you for following my work in 1:6 scale.

  7. Frustrating Gallery

    Don't give up...system is just slow.  WE LOVE EVERYONE'S photos.
  8. ivy.png

    From the album For the love of 1/6 scale

    Ivy went to the meeting and I had her way in the back of the display, one of the members took another close up of her.....I am so so happy I had her made.
  9. 2.jpg

  10. mixer.jpg

    Yes Debra....it is in the christmas ornament isle of Hobby Lobby.  they had 3 colors.    
  11. mixer.jpg

    From the album For the love of 1/6 scale

    This was a christmas ornament at Hobby Lobby.  It came in black, red and pink.
  12. I've got the shakes again

    Houseworks does have the shakes, but follow your heart They are looking fantastic Brae
  13. 1.jpg

    From the album For the love of 1/6 scale

    Start with a human size lantern, 71/2x71/2 square...
  14. 3.jpg

    From the album For the love of 1/6 scale

    Camping theme at club meeting, so this was what I did....
  15. Bathroom floor tile dru fit