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  1. Plexibed3.jpg

    I DID make the pillow cases shorter last night....took off about 1/2 inch.  Not sure which quilt I like but will keep both.
  2. Back splash options

    I cannot wait.....Your work is stunning.  Are you going to the Bishop show end of April?  I always call it a mini weekend with all the miniature shows.  
  3. 5c9e6f9245699-circa1982front.jpg

    No one has commented...I WILL...WOW WOW WOW....I love what you did and the paint color is so pretty.  I cannot wait for the interior, please POST POST.
  4. 1/12 Yacht Decor.JPG

    the little yacht is amazing.....  
  5. B87F6E66-3998-4AA8-98D1-44DDD9A3C4DC.jpeg

    maybe you can keep the rafters exposed!   I am quite excited and it IS talking to you.
  6. 20190407-035831.jpg

    Your oak deck is so accurate...nice nice job!!!!  All of your angles which are NOT easy I might add at least for ME are PERFECT!!!   WELL DONE.
  7. 5caa5df146870-conservatory2019.jpg

    do not have a clue how you do all THIS is 1/24.  WOW...BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING WORK.
  8. 6cfc77657c1c0ee168a709b43710c9ab.jpg

    BOLD BRIGHT colors!!!  Will there be 3 colors like a victorian lady?  
  9. Miss Maisy

    All 3 dolls are STUNNING.....everything is just PERFECT
  10. winder staircase

    Stairs are hard to do...winders especially even with architecture plans to look at.  YOU DID A FABULOUS JOB!!!  WOW.
  11. IMG_2853.JPG

    Your stone work is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and needed 2 words!!!!  I love it!
  12. 5cb0e438a797b-plexisoft2.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

    This was at Joann's as velvet with the stitching already there.  They are 3/4-1" squares.  It comes in black, grey and dark blue.
  13. 5cb0e3c9d1ba3-plexisoft.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

    54" bolt, expensive but only need 1/3 yard.  It was already quilted this way.