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  1. Looking for 1:6 scale help

    sent you a message!!!!!  if I can help, let me know.  I am only 3-4 years in trying different building mostly out of my head.  Love to see and hear what you are working on.
  2. AgaKitchen2.jpg

    Hi Mike...you could build the kitchen appliances...modern ones are very square/rectangle.  Would be fun just to try, wouldn't it.  I am so bad, to try for 1/6.  Love your work...no matter what scale Mike!!!!!
  3. TudorWallMount03.jpg

    SAW HORSES.....and it begins?  
  4. Titanic-idea.jpg

    Have my IMPRESSION ideas under another topic...please feel free to comment and follow that one.
  5. CH001.jpg

    And we are off and running!!!!  Does seem to have amazing possibilites and YOUR imagination  
  6. chair.jpg

    Wolverine....he is a Pop figure as is the chair.  
  7. Roof section dry fitted

    This looks amazingly exciting.  1/12 I am guessing.  I cannot wait to see how it goes!!!  Keep those photos coming.  I tend to do modern though 1/6.  
  8. 100-1217.JPG

    From the album Titanic decor ideas

    Got these amazing bookends from Barnes and Noble few years ago.  They still sell them.  They ARE rod iron and heavy, but great gothic looking.
  9. chair.jpg

    From the album Titanic decor ideas

    great London single sofa from gijoelite.com in 1/6 scale.
  10. 5a2daa8569bfc-titanicstuff.jpg

    The broach's looked pretty cool so I thought I could make them artwork.  I DID find some resin appliques ...course titanic did NOT have birds, but I love birds and some lamp looking ones.  Thought they might work in nicely.
  11. 5a2daa8569bfc-titanicstuff.jpg

    The glass candlestick holder is a bit odd and the globe was part of a solar light that broke.  Opinions on it welcome...it IS a bit odd.  One of those..."mmmmm" things.
  12. 5a2daa8569bfc-titanicstuff.jpg

    The stain is non toxic.  I thought the 2 shades of cherry and walnut might make a version of mahogony a little different.  The glass blocks might look great on both sides of that angle wall so you can see through it.  I peek a boo fireplace in the back.  Maybe a entrance small wall on the other side, not too long.  We made a room box a few years ago 30" wide, 15"deep, 15" high for 1/6 scale dolls.  I will sand down the white paint on 3 walls and see how this goes.  I don't do stain glass, but this is the ILLUSION of titanic, not trying to make it exact.  
  13. 5a2dad41a82f8-titanicstuff2.jpg

    From the album Titanic decor ideas

    could do stain glass using glue but thought these glass blocks would do part of a wall with framing.  Not sure about the globe or candle stick holder, may look too odd.  Comments welcome.
  14. 5a2dac832eb5e-titanicidea2.jpg

    From the album Titanic decor ideas

    Items to bring my version of the illusion of titanic idea alive