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  1. 5e1492c2bebc2-LEGO.jpg

    Thank you ALL for your continued encouragement.  You have no idea how exciting it is to have your support.
  2. 5e1492c2bebc2-LEGO.jpg

    It is a silly concept...a hobby in the condo house
  3. Christmas in the San Franciscan.jpeg

    For your first.....everything is going just fabulously creative and so realistic...well done.  
  4. Full kitchen

    Life does get in the way but what you have done is fabulous...keep going as you can.
  5. wood floor

    Love your concept design.  If you put wood floor in you can distress it.  
  6. sew7.jpg

    Must have shifted too fast ...this is a plexi house photo not condo  
  7. sew7.jpg

  8. curtain.jpg

  9. 5e0e4d471e848-plexistairs2.jpg

    sun was coming through and I thought it was a different shot...probably in MY eyes
  10. stairs23.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

  11. Screen door completed

    Otterine...I LOVE your screen door.