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  1. Stairs

    HI....looking terrific...have to figure out mine on Plexi house.....
  2. Finding stuff you forgot about

    Debora, I know this is 1:12 but your work is truly amazingly wonderful.   Love what you are doing.....love all the inspiration you bring with your work.
  3. Plan to put electric flame in the pot belly stove.

    What a wonderfully beautiful and cute idea...."Hi doggie."   Everything is quite amazing.  
  4. Breakfast nook banquet.jpg

    Everything is this build is amazingly beautiful...such inspiration for me especially ...thank you for your posts.
  5. Test with home made stencil

    Debora is is fantastic!!!!  Looks perfect on this chateau!!!!
  6. French Chateau Interiors with J Getzan Chandelier

    Your chateau is beautiful and everyone is correct, you have an eye for detail for sure.  I love the new front and think you chose and amazing color!!!  
  7. Second coat.jpg

    Looks like everything is moving along!!!  What a wonderful project and you are doing really fantastic!  Cannot wait for more photos.
  8. Our new mini

    Such a precious kitty and kitty friends!!!!  Thank you for sharing your love with us.
  9. the 2nd floor

    Your bash is looking terrific!!!!  I am loving everything about it  
  10. IMG_2355.JPG

    You are having such a creatively wonderful job on these flowers and pots......are you making more and thinking SPRING?
  11. SF 555- build finally completed

    All white is breathtaking!!!  I cannot wait for the decorating!!!
  12. plexistairbox2.jpg

    Wish me luck...the center beam with cut the plexi 37x24 inches and will look amazing.  Tried a narrower beam in middle, didn't like it.  Wanting to raise the ceiling....mmmm????
  13. plexistairbox.jpg

    It has been....excited to be where I am on the project and to have your support and others here.
  14. Baby Boy’s Room

    I love both bedrooms!  and the accent walls!!!!
  15. Pendant light-version 2

    You light is amazing...should commission you to build me in one for 1/6 scale!!!!  It is amazing looking.