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  1. Mail wagon - front and back complete

    Looks like this is a challenge for you.....watching every day to see your progress...deadline is there looming   
  2. Furniture placement

    You always run the line with finishing and I say that with a huge smile.  So excited.
  3. 5d62dad93ae62-Lightidea.jpg

    This REAL lamp failed when I tried to make it in fashion scale.  It didn't look that hard but it was.
  4. Kit bash construction

    Very excited to see your kit bash!
  5. plexi11.jpg

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support on my fashion/action figure scale.  It has not been easy.  Your encouragement helps.  Course I could not do it without Chuck, my husband, who does the cutting to 1/16 in on a 10 inch chop saw.
  6. plexi11.jpg

    Keifer...the light on that photo was odd coming in...but the other photo wasn't a whole photo...the stairs really are dark, never changed them
  7. Seagull

    Almost could not see the little seagull....it really is precious.  The entire project is really outstanding!!!
  8. 20191115-164712.jpg

    Awesome Ken....sure could not be easy to do
  9. plexi11.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

  10. Plexi.jpg

    Shareb thanks so much.  If you look through, you will see it is built...I was trying to get the house as a album photo....this shows what it took to build it THANK you for your support!!!  It means a lot to the 1:6 builder
  11. Plexi.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

  12. shelfhouse3.jpg

    Updating shelves.  Did the shop on right bottom, red cabinet kitchen and dining room to date.  Have more to change.  
  13. 5dd2001a6159e-tall3.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

  14. shelfhouse3.jpg

    From the album SHELF DIORAMAS

  15. Latest update with tree

    your creation is looking wonderful