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  1. meet Azul and Roxa and .jpg

    The dragon fairy house is looking so fantastic!!!  It is AWESOME!!!  I love where you are going with EVERYTHING you add.
  2. IMG_1214.JPG

    Since I am a parrot person, I saw that little bird right away!!!!  As I said, everything you add is fabulous.
  3. A54B9F32-0051-40F5-AA8D-EE363F3A473C.jpeg

    I am loving EVERYTHING you are doing on this build.  I love the long roof, brick work and just everything!!!  Please keep posting!!
  4. Ready Waiting

    I have seen this kit before .  It is always exciting to see what people do with this particular trailer kit.  Keep posting please.
  5. Filling The Gaps

    This is a really cute kit and I love the figures you have for the build.  Please keep us posted.
  6. The Stage- 2

    Love these little projects!!!  Thank you for posting them.  I look forward to any other posts.  
  7. 5a9fb1865aaec-condo2.jpg

    I had this unusual lace that I think I got from a doll show last year.  I just thought it was prettier than just the fringe that was on the bottom of the material bolt.  Nice the curtain laid nicely without any weights.
  8. condo21.jpg

    The fabric was at Walmart in home section of materials.  It is the only Monet looking material.  I got it a year ago.  I just love it.  Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.
  9. Having another look

    If you decide to work on this little house to update and revamp, please post lots of photos.  Excited to see what you do with it.
  10. Carl & Ellie's chairs

    The chairs are fantastic and so appropriate.  I really like how this build is going for sure.  
  11. 5a9fb1865aaec-condo2.jpg

    From the album 1/6 scale Bay Window house

    Drape worked left window 3rd floor
  12. condo21.jpg

    From the album 1/6 scale Bay Window house

    Drape worked left window 3rd floor
  13. 5a9cf6892c6bb-condo13.jpg

    I SWEAR I only posted it once....not getting the manage photo thing.    Thanks for your comment.
  14. TwoCompartments.jpg

    The detail is AWESOME.  I can believe it but on the other side, I am AWE STRUCK!  Gorgeous, just fascinatingly gorgeous.
  15. Gargoyle close up

    the CATS are STUNNING.  I love what you did.