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  1. Nursery5.jpg

    You are too kind, thank you  
  2. delicious food

    I really like this build and the entire theme.  
  3. living room

    Guess I will put my thoughts here.....all of your window treatments are amazing and I love how they turned out.
  4. Basement Bathroom - light on.JPG

    I am loving this bathroom.  Please keep us posted on your house progress.
  5. Just enjoying the manor house

    HI...I love your Manor.  I know they had been planning to do a story on the Manor.  I am so blessed to be a part of the Manor and enjoy its creation.  Cannot wait for the new fireplace.  I know....need to get back to the CONDO.
  6. 59e5b9d13e31c-cabbagepatch.jpg

    Go to Toys R Us and look for the Cabbage Patch dolls.  You may see the SPROUTS as they call them either there or on the baby doll isle end.  They have Little Sprouts Friends set and also little sprouts green cabbage container with 120 surprise little ones.  
  7. nursery2.jpg

    From the album For the love of 1/6 scale

    The walls are removable on the shelf.  There are 4 and the middle dividing wall can be moved alone the back wall...why there isn't crown moulding.  The yellow furnture you may recall I made recently.  I still have to finish the bedding for the child's bed.  The ROCKER is from Regent Miniatures.  The rocking cradle was gotten at a doll show last month at Kane County, IL for $3.  Not sure if it will be there or on another shelf diorama.  Everything is torn up on my shelves now.  And I have to get back to the poor CONDO.
  8. 59e5b9d13e31c-cabbagepatch.jpg

    From the album For the love of 1/6 scale

    Cabbage patch sprouts from TRU....the ooak toddler will love them.  "Mom" has a more appropriate dress don't you think.
  9. Dianna.jpg

    Since that "mommy" is perfect with the little ones, she now has a better outfit  :).  
  10. 59d1fb2721051-BlueMon.jpg

    Anyone have a name for this amazing animal....taking names!!!!   In my house we have two 33 year old parrots Jake (who turned out to be a lady) and Munchkin, an amazon who was named when the duncan donut munchkins were popular.  3 dogs  Candy Cane (springer), Kona Bean (Shiloh Shepherd) and George (Shih...fox maybe) I can't believe how happy this doll seems to be now with this dog.  
  11. window treatments

    I was looking at this photo and wondered where the MANOR is....:)  GIGGLING.....love how you put up your sun room.
  12. refurb 10.jpg

    NOW that IS a VIEW.  
  13. 1 to 1 refurb upstairs bedroom

    I have missed your work on the Manor, but this refurb on the renters' house looks great.