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  1. Plexi2nd.jpg

    Redecorating the Bay Window (called on the Gallery) I shortened to calling it the CONDO.
  2. Plexi2nd.jpg

    This house came out of my head.  I wanted 3 sides closed against dust.  so I used 1/4 channel and real plexi glass.  It is built of 3/8 thick wood.  The tops come off and the 3 boxes come apart as you see.  I left the stairs so they can come out too.  Actually the "inspired photo" was found AFTER I started.  You might look at the Bay Window I built which was done BEFORE this one.  I learned a lot like reinforcing the bottom box to carry the load of 2 more weighing 15# each total 30#.  Tried different ideas for both houses.
  3. Lamp.jpg

    Thanks Mineejv....odd but I like them.  Inner light was from miniland lights.
  4. Plexi2nd.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

    Getting part of 2nd floor decorated.  Desk and its chair came from Ken Haseltine.
  5. 5de957750b71b-bluechair.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

    Painted a couple of Mattel chairs blue....
  6. IMG_3174.JPG

    I will put my comment here....everything is looking really amazing.  I have heard some artists say 1:24 is easier though I cannot imagine it.  This is so creative.
  7. Cinderella Room Box

    NellBell what a fantastic idea....I really love it.  Keep us posted.
  8. Lamp.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

  9. Horror Novels

    I love your mini projects.  Even the decor takes a lot of work to create.    
  10. Welcome back!!!!  Everything is looking fantastic.  Keep us posted.  Excited for your project.
  11. IMG_0131 - Copy.JPG

    WOW and its 1:48th....I am blown away.
  12. Tree foliage

    Love everything...down to the wire???  I love your project!!!!  
  13. sew4.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

    Repaint of Mattel sewing set.  CLOSER LOOK.