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  1. I'm super annoyed.  Drove to the only miniatures shop I knew of in my area and found them closed...gone....out of business.  Yet their website is still active and claiming they are at the address I went to.  I was hoping to do some recon on wiring for my house.  Grrrr.....


    Grr Argh.jpg

    1. jbnmini

      Dang.  How annoying and disappointing!!  So sad that this seems to be the trend with our brick-and-mortar stores.  :(

    2. KariW

      I agree. So frustrating.

  2. Willow - parlor left

    I love the bannister and staircase.  Did you design and build that?  Or was it a kit?  Premade? John
  3. Ok, I punched out the first pieces need to part one of step one.  I sanded them and dry fit them.  Time for glue.....I think.


    1. nuttiwebgal

      you might find it easier to wallpaper before you start the gluing....get the pencil ut and mark where the walls floors and ceiling are and what room/wall is what so after you paper it all fits back together...save all your trims and windows for last! good luck and enjoy!!!!


    2. oznickolaus

      Thanks "nuttiwebgal".  I glued it together already because I was told I needed to have this part done before I could start tape wiring it for the electricity.  Then I should wallpaper and ad the flooring.  So, I see how this work out.  It's a learning experience.....