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  1. Newest Addition to Our Home

    Oh, he is so sweet! So very glad someone heard them and saved them.
  2. Kitchen hardware & counter top

    Yes, much easier. You've picked some great drawer pulls!
  3. secretroomshelvingL.jpg

    It's still very cool.
  4. Attic zebra runesL.jpg

    Good job!
  5. New member

    This seller on Etsy does posable cloth dolls in 1:24 scale.  You can buy ready-made dolls or the patterns to make your own. Not as pricey or delicate as porcelain dolls, so they might work well for an older chilf.    
  6. 5cd89f3a01e19-Willowattic.JPG

    Nice!  These will be lovely servants' quarters.  So glad you are working on this again. 
  7. Attic zebra runesL.jpg

    Wonderful! Is this the surprise you found?
  8. secretroomshelvingL.jpg

    I love this! Great job! What an interesting collection of skulls. One looks like a croc skull? The shelves themselves are very nice, too.
  9. I added a hat

    Perfect!!    Does the watch allow her to time travel?
  10. Cold porcelain recipe?

    Thank you for posting your results.  I'd love to try this some day.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Go for inspired.  Or just delighted by the eye candy.    I feel like an addict getting a fix when I see something like this.
  12. Arabella is almost done.

    What beautiful curls!
  13. Arabella Steam punk Victorian

    She is beautiful!  (And, I'm guessing, deadly.  )  Yes, a steam punk top hat would be great!  Maybe one with goggles.  Or a little bit of a veil.
  14. the sitting room

    Ooh, that is a beautiful fireplace!  Another lovely room!
  15. The armory room

    Your son did a great job on the armor.  It doesn't look out of scale to me. You've made a beautiful place to hold your collection of weapons (and I get collecting things in miniature that you wouldn't collect in real life), and what a great theme!  Love the girly wallpaper in this room, too.