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  1. Mosaic

    Ooh, Keith!  Take her up on it!  Something from Brae would be gorgeous in your modern house.  I love the little vase, too.  We have one like it in real life.
  2. Red fox

    Love the fox pillow!
  3. Hello from the natural state

    Is the Happy Time kit this one? That one is so sweet.  I really want to do one of these!
  4. Desk Calendar

    Early Happy Birthday!  And again, great job on the calendar.
  5. Desk Calendar front

    Wow!  Since I work in half scale all the time, I know how frustrating working with things that tiny can be.  Bravo for doing it and doing it so very well!  
  6. hardwood flooring

    Another option would be  It is a little pricier than the Easy Cutter, but not much, and it could help speed up the process a bit.  Hard wood floors can be tedious, but are worth the effort, IMO.  (And I agree that having the floor slightly under the front door now is a good thing. The sticks will add depth.)
  7. Cafe Outside

    It's really coming along beautifully!  Thank you so much for posting all the pictures.
  8. Four poster Bed

    What a cute bed!  Thanks for the tips, and I agree with you on the lace.  Good decision.
  9. Counter

    What is the silver jug made from?  (Edited because I realized the boxes you were talking about were separate from the coffee grinder.)
  10. Inside of second floor room

    They really add a lot of details in these kits, don't they?  Love the little clock and the bed headboard.
  11. Bay Window

    Me, too!  I'd love on in real life.
  12. Slippers

    Super cute!!  Adorable little slippers.
  13. Armoir and dress

    How sweet!  This is really interesting construction, and now I really see the bead caps as drawer pulls.
  14. Casting a rabbit

    Wow!  I really like how your rabbit turn out.  And how intriguing. . . . 
  15. shelfdining1.jpg

    More fabulous food!  It looks wonderful.