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  1. Enamel tabletop - completed

    Woo hoo!  It's absolutely gorgeous!Excellent job!  Gustav seems really happy with it, too.  I'm off to your blog to check out the details.
  2. Sewing room

    Sweet!  Did you make the little dress?
  3. Advice on flooring for the basement apartment

    Oh, I like that floor!  You could really do anything, since the apartment is really just ground level, not underground, but that is such a beautiful room.  I'd definitely give it a try.  Will you do white furniture, too?
  4. Kitchen chairs

    i really like the way these turned out.  The color of the chairs goes well with the fabric.
  5. rsz-messy.jpg

    Well, that will teach me to read more carefully!    With all the crazy weather that's been going on, a tornado was not inconceivable (and June is definitely tornado season in some parts of the country).  I'm glad it was only a human one this time.
  6. IMG-20170623-153855.jpg

    Love this idea.  Hope you can get it work.  This is a great concept house.
  7. IMG-20170623-154211.jpg

    What a sweet little room!  I love all the stuffed animals.  Is someone sewing them all with that little sewing machine?
  8. rsz-messy.jpg

    So sorry for your frustration, but glad you are OK.  Tornadoes can be very scary and do a lot of damage.  Glad you are not giving up on the electrical. It is the one thing in miniatures I do not love and is responsible for 80% of my magic words.  But I do like the result, and I find that it's worth it. I didn't put electrical in my Fairfield because I figured the build would be hard enough, but now I kind of regret it.  Take a deep breath and try again.  With patience and perseverance, you will be victorious! 
  9. FullSizeRender.jpg

    Totally cool.  Is that one of those "custom action figure from your photo" dolls?
  10. FullSizeRender.jpg

    Me, too. At first I thought the man had been Photoshopped in to add an extra touch of realism (not that this scene needed it--it is already very realistic). Then I noticed the hands/wrists and realized it must be a doll.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'll take what's behind the curtain,  Monty!
  12. FullSizeRender.jpg

    Very impressive!
  13. Hello from Tallahassee, FL!

    Welcome, TerriAnn!   Good to see you have your priorities in the right order.     And this is definitely a community where we are giggly happy around miniatures.  Looking forward to seeing your houses.
  14. FullSizeRender.jpg

    This is so cool.  I love all the detail.  How did you do the blackboard?  Did you use a chalkboard font and print it out, or did you somehow do all that tiny writing yourself?
  15. IMG_3113.JPG

    I love this.  Can I come over for a swim?  I especially like the swing, the plants and the skyline in the distance!