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  1. Wagon wheel - primed

    Really nice!  They look so clean and smooth.  That must have taken a lot of sanding!
  2. Pin Hinged Doors

    More beautiful doors!  You did a great job on the pin hinges.  The doors look nice and straight and moving properly.
  3. Inside front door

    What a beautiful door!  
  4. Lid/roof on burrow

    I love the way this burrow looks.  The walls, the ceiling--they are just how I would imagine a burrow would look inside.  It will be a snug and happy home.
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Looks that way to me.  I hate bidding on things, or I'd go for it.  Cute as a button.
  6. Window Seat

    What kind of look are you going for?  Something similar to your inspiration photo or . . . ?  General advice on fabric:  Natural fabrics (silk and cotton) are easier to work with than polyester.  Men's neckties are a good source if you are looking for small prints (check your local Salvation Army or Goodwill).  Other good sources of miniature fabrics:  Dragonfly International and Miniature Luxuries.  
  7. Half scale splurges

    Nice!  I will miss them, too!  You got some lovely pieces!
  8. Cinderella and base

    She is beautiful!  (I like the video you have on your Facebook page, too.)
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I know, right?  And frequently bought, because so many of these are offered for sale.
  10. Dollhouses Trains & More Closing

    Oh, no!  I loved that store!
  11. Books?

    You're best bet is probably to look on Etsy.  I saw this:  and this:   I see they are both coming from Turkey, but they ship to the U.S.  The smallest I have been able to find with U.S suppliers is 2 mm.  Another option is to unravel bunka and straighten it out.  (I use a little water or Fray Check to smooth it out.  The Fray Check also helps keep its edges smoother as well).  In the picture below, the "ribbon" on the 1:12 scale box of chocolate is actually unraveled bunka.
  12. Books?

    Nice!  I have seen some people put thread or crochet thread under the spine to create the raised ridges you're looking for.  For ribbons, try here:   or here:   (I've never ordered from this one, but it's in the UK, which I think you are, too).  2mm ribbon should work fine for bookmarks.
  13. What's everyone working on?

    I agree.  I don't see anything wrong with the draping.  She is absolutely beautiful, and her hair is magnificent.
  14. I accidentally bought 1/2 scale furniture.

    Ha!  Now you have to start building half scale.  
  15. lantern on burrow.png

    What an interesting project!  I will enjoy watching it develop.