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  1. Kitchen sink

    That would look really nice, and would pop against the gray.  You can always spray paint with bronze spray paint, or I have had good luck mixing a little copper in with flat black Testors to produce a dark, rubbed bronze.
  2. Bed

    Very pretty!  Your pillows look fine, and they are hard to make.  I also really like your rug.
  3. VictorianSetteebeforeandafter.jpg

    At the Stagecoach Saloon.  Then they went upstairs. . . .
  4. VictorianSetteebeforeandafter.jpg

    I never would have thought of trying to make over furniture.  I've never been a fan of the red velvet, but I figured I just had to find something else.  You and AndreaJane have shown what's possible -- chic and elegant, and a million times better!
  5. Kitchen sink

    Great job on the sink!  Like the grommet. What are you going to use for faucets?
  6. Finishing up cabinets

    Very pretty!  The first color was a bit mud/clay.  The blue undertones really work.
  7. Range top

    Amazing!  Well done. I don't even do that well when I plan it all out with my computer ahead of time.  And you eyeballed it?  I'm in awe.
  8. Merrimack Kitchen.jpg

    Somewhere between the mid-50s and early 60s, I think.  I do remember having a built-in oven and stovetop counter in a house we lived in in the 60s, but my grandparents' house, which was built in 1955, had a stand-alone range (although it looked more like the one I have in the bungalow).  The stove doesn't bother me nearly as much as the dishwasher, but now I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of the built-in oven and separate stove. 
  9. Merrimack Bedspread.jpg

    Thank you, Emily.  The sides are what came from the floral bedspread.  I liked the scallops.  But I liked the top pattern from the Sara Pittman, so I just smooshed the two together.
  10. French Country Manor Update

    I think I'd go with Cherry Blossom, too.  I have Papillon Peach in a room in my Fairfield.  It is pretty, but it's very busy and very peachy.  The Cherry Blossom is a little simpler and a little cooler in tone.  And sorry about your floor.  It's amazing how quickly the sun can bleach things!
  11. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    My recollection is that it did, but I can't say for certain, as it's been a while.  
  12. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    The ones I'm thinking of are not.  Actually, I bought a set of very inexpensive "pots" (about the size of a quarter in diameter) of stained glass paint inexpensively at our local Joann's.  It went on so transparently it ended up not working for me (I wanted a deeper color), but that might actually work for you.  Here they are:
  13. MerrimackBedroom.jpg

    They actually do have it in half scale.  You have to click on their "Half Scale Dollhouses" link to get to it.  I bought both the dollhouse kit and the finishing kit, which is very nicely done.  Don't feel sorry for asking--there is so much information posted here, it can be easy to miss something.  Plus, I may have posted it before you joined.    And I love the layout, too.  
  14. Merrimack Kitchen.jpg

    I'll take a look. It may interfere with the door opening, but if it doesn't, that's a thought to at least lower it some.
  15. Merrimack Bedspread.jpg

    Well, my parents and grandparents had that bedspread.     For obvious reasons, I associate it very strongly with mid-century decor.   And thank you!