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  1. Hippie House

    Also check out scrapbook embellishments and craft punches you can use to punch out heavy card stock and glue on.
  2. Deck Lighting

    Beautiful!  And the lighthouse also lights up?
  3. 3.jpg

    I love the lighthouse!  I'm assuming it's a birdhouse?
  4. 18.jpg

    You've done a lovely job on this!
  5. 10.jpg

    Wonderful details!
  6. printing questions

    That's what I have, too!  Mine is the HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus.  I love it.  If I set it on its "best" setting, I can print lovely clear minis and fabrics.  I have also printed on transparencies (make sure you buy the kind designed for inkjet printers) and velvet paper.  A couple of things:  1) I noticed when I got a new computer--do not let the computer just accept Windows default drivers for the printer.  The printer was not up to its usual standards when I did that.  I went to HP, downloaded the correct drivers from them, and I'm back to nice, sharp images. 2)  Paper matters.  The color will be affected by both the printer settings and the type of paper.  I get the best results with single-sided matte presentation paper.  (The double-sided is closer in thickness to card stock, which is fine if you want that, but I frequently want a thickness closer to regular paper.)  
  7. Mini 1917 catalogs and magazines

    How fun!  I love the ones you've selected.
  8. Voodoo Priestess Doll

    She is amazing!!  Great job.  
  9. New member introduction from Georgia.

    Welcome!  From your Instagram account, you clearly have some impressive skills.  Excited to see what you do with your Fairfield!
  10. Hippie House

    LOVE the hippy house.  That Chihuly light fixture is wonderful!  The psychedelic prints, the craft room, the bright colors.  All just really add to the ambiance.  I always associated hookahs with opium. I assumed the caterpillar was smoking some kind of drug.  He had the magic mushrooms, after all.  
  11. Wooden sculpture

    Light.  And it's beautiful!  It's a cat, correct?  I love it.
  12. New to dollhouses and this forum

    Well, that turned out beautifully!  Looking forward to seeing more!
  13. Kit bash construction

    Those look really good!
  14. Yay!!  Happy to help.  Yes, I believe she is a member:  Her real name is Gina.
  15. I wonder if it is this one:  (you have to click on the "week" links to see the pictures of the dollhouse finished).  It's not  a very dark blue, but it does have a dark floor, white staircase, and French doors, and she talks about the "bisque/yellow tones" that the client wanted in the roof.