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  1. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Really looking forward to this.  More potential inspiration:  (in French, but can be translated).  Sue Cook has some truly lovely plaster work.  She is in the UK, but does a good job of packing for shipping overseas. (Not sure where you are located.)  Also try searching Etsy for "dollhouse wall panel" for more plaster work and some lovely wallpapers. Have fun!
  2. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    How pretty!  Should be fun to make.  I know you can do it.
  3. Flooring Question

    That is a truly beautiful floor!
  4. Tiny flotilla of ships

    Great ships!  I love miniature model ships.
  5. Flooring Question

    For a recent wood floor I did, I used shellac.  This was in part because the actual floor on which I am basing my room box was finished with shellac, and in part because I love the soft shine it gives.  After thoroughly sanding, give one thin coat of shellac.  Wait one hour and sand with 0000 steel wool.  Give another thin coat of shellac and wait four hours.  Sand again with 0000 steel wool.  Give another thin coat of shellac, wait at least 12 hours, and do a final sand with 0000 steel wool.   
  6. tower side roof line

    Having left-overs when you thought you might not have enough is always a nice surprise.  Great technique.  Really like how this roof turned out.
  7. Feels like a New addiction - Ceramic vases

    These are beautiful!  Very nice collection.
  8. Congratulations Shannon!

    Actually, I did subscribe.    It looks like an interesting magazine.  Looking forward to it!
  9. It's still available.  I'll PM you, and you can respond with your address.
  10. Hi! I would like the candlestand.

  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    Yay, Mike!  So good to "see" you again.  Welcome back!
  12. Congratulations Shannon!

    Woo hoo!  Congratulations, Shannon!
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wow!  That rib roast is gorgeous.
  14. What was the first furniture item you made?

    I have one of these:  It does a pretty good job, as long as you don't want to cut anything wider than 3/4".  It's fantastic for cutting trim, floor planks, and most of the pieces for the furniture I make, though, and has been a huge time saver.  It can't really do cornice, because it's nearly impossible to insert the cornice correctly to cut the angles you need.  For that, the old-fashioned miter box is best.
  15. everyday I'm shingling

    Those shingles look so good.  It will be worth it.