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  1. OELit.jpg

      Thank you!  It's just standing alone (with the bench and luggage carrier) on our mantel.
  2. Disaster Averted

    Good thinking!  Beautiful floor; definitely worth saving.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    What a great story!  Enjoy!!  (And so glad you have AAA.)
  4. TinCeiling2.jpg

    From the album Half Scale Train Car

    The embossed tin ceiling made with my Cameo Silhouette.
  5. ReadyWall.jpg

    From the album Half Scale Train Car

    Wall prepped with battery-operated lights with switches.  You can see the wire on the left-hand side, but gets hidden by the booth in the dining area.
  6. OELit.jpg

    From the album Half Scale Train Car

    The train car with fourth wall in place and lit.  Unfortunately, you can see the batteries under the car, but they will be hidden by the lattice that came with the kit.
  7. LightingOtherSide.jpg

    From the album Half Scale Train Car

    The lighting from the other side of the car.  I made a funky little corner scone for the bathroom, as there was no place else to put a light in there.
  8. Lamp.jpg

    From the album Half Scale Train Car

    Mini clear lamps I had bought from Alpha Stamps.  I put silver Testor's on the base and pink Gallery Glass on the shades.
  9. FinishedTrain.jpg

    From the album Half Scale Train Car

    The finished train car in place.  I had to redo the steps that came with the kit, as the train was much higher once on the wheels and track.  The little bench, lattice, and signs were part of the kit.  The luggage cart and suitcases were separate.
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thank you!  Fortunately, we will be inside most of the time anyway, although I did promise to make daily Starbucks runs for her. My blog is here:  
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    Have not been posting much because work has been so busy.  We upgraded our email server, our document processing system, and our Office Suite, and I am on point for all of those.  I also have to work with our IT department, which is . . . challenging.  Next we are upgrading to Windows 10.  I did get a brief break to go visit my Mom in Arizona.  I am going back in mid-July (which will be hot) to stay with her for a few days following her second knee replacement surgery.  (She had the first one done two years ago.)  I have finished the Orient Express and am going to try to post pictures soon.  I am now busy working on the Sagamore Hill Library build.  I've started a blog, but even that is behind schedule, since I only recently started it, and I need to catch up to where I am on the build. Even though I haven't had much chance to comment, I have still been watching and loving the work I've seen posted.
  12. Banister balcony view

    Genius!  This is the perfect mid-century railing.
  13. Simon

    What a sweetie!
  14. Back porch

  15. Lake View BoatHouse004.jpg

    Yay, another MikeUK build!  Love the addition of the window.