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  1. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Great resource!  I wondered how you got the tiles so perfect.  I think you should submit a picture to their customer gallery, to show what beautiful things can be made with their products.    I am definitely bookmarking this site.  When/if I do the Art Deco house, I want a black and white tile floor, but I want to step it up a little.  Their stuff is gorgeous, and they do half scale. 
  2. Mattress is done. Sort of.

    Pretty room!  The bed looks great with its Kleenex spread.  (And you don't even want to know the things I've inadvertently captured while taking pictures of my houses).
  3. The bed

    It doesn't look weird at all.  You did a really nice job of shortening it. 
  4. What's everyone working on?

    I HATE those junction splice thingies!  They are the bane of my existence.  I got a power supply kit from CR2S (it takes the place of the junction splice), but so far I've been afraid to try it.  It looks so simple in the video, but I worry that I'll mess things up and then none of my lights will work.  And I know it's so frustrating when the wiring doesn't go well, and you think you can't move on until it's fixed, so you're stuck.  Please share photos of your furniture.  It's fun to see what other people make, and maybe you'll feel a little less stuck when you take the photos and realize how much you really have accomplished. 
  5. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    The furniture is perfect!  The hutch and table fit beautifully.  Love the little pot rack (and string of garlic?)!
  6. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Ah!  I love this floor!  What did you use for the tile?  Is it real linoleum?  Paint chips?
  7. playing with the floor plan

    How did I miss this picture?  I love this room.  I know I have seen elements in it before, and I've loved them, but seeing them all together--it's just such a fun room!  I can see why you've been enjoying this build so much.
  8. Merrimack Rec Room Fireplace.jpg

    Well, the "year" of the house is 1961, so probably wouldn't fit in too well.    I admit, though, to being sorely tempted by this little 1:24 scale arcade game, as PacMan was a family favorite for years.
  9. Douille

    What an incredibly sweet dog!  The real life Douille must have been a honey!
  10. Tower addition in place test

    Here is a glass; here is an actual martini (lots of olives, though). Of course, you'll need a cocktail shaker, too. . . . 
  11. Carved pocket doors

    Those are amazing and incredibly beautiful!
  12. Living Room Fire

  13. Floating stairs

    Love the floating stairs.
  14. Living Room 2

    This is a pretty room.  I like the pig collection on the mantle.  Really nice job!  
  15. Marble sunroom floor and curtain rod

    Beautiful sun room!