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  1. It is a nice shade of pink, but how frustrating when you were going for red!  I know it's a little late now, but for future use, is it possible to add paint to the paste to get the color you want?  
  2. 06 069.JPG

    Love looking at these pictures.  You have packed an impressive amount into a small space without having it look crowded.  Everything looks comfortable and inviting.
  3. 5df27f4366ff3-01066.JPG

    Very, very pretty.  I knew someone who had a summer home in Sweden, and this reminds me of that house.
  4. Tutorial on resizing pictures for printing

    Actually, if you follow Linda's instructions, you can put any number in the "size" boxes, down to hundredths of an inch.  So I can set a picture to, say, .38 inches by .25 inches.  Another thing I forgot to mention:  When I got a new computer, I let Windows use default printer drivers for my printer.  Big mistake.  Suddenly, my images just weren't as clear.  I went onto the HP site (I have an HP printer) and downloaded the HP drivers specifically for my printer, and that made a world of difference, too.
  5. Tutorial on resizing pictures for printing

    For purposes of printing in Word, you can simply grab a corner of the picture with your mouse and drag to make it smaller.  You want to do it on the diagonal (grab the lower right-hand corner and drag it upper left), to keep it from distorting the picture.   A couple of things with the newer version of Word:  I sometimes can't seem to drag to resize until I've selected, on the Picture Format bar, "Wrap Text," then "In Front of Text."  The default is "In line with text," which can make moving and resizing a picture difficult.  The other thing is, before you start playing around with your pictures, go to File/Options/Advanced and scroll down to "Image size and quality."  Make sure that "Do not compress images in file" is checked, and make sure that a high DPI is selected in "Default Resolution."  Otherwise, it's been my experience that when I size an image small enough to print in mini, Word "helpfully" compresses it into an unrecognizable blob.  Hope this helps.
  6. Shabby Cinderella side

    Nicely done!  I like the little mouse.
  7. birdcagelight (1).jpg

    Well done!  I would never have guessed this started life as a napkin holder.  It's perfect!
  8. lanternbed.jpg

    The bedspread turned out really well.  We love the freezer paper method.  The chipboard headboard looks really good to.  Love all the "carved" detail you got in.
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Yeah, that part wouldn't be good.  I was kidding (although I might have been a tiny bit tempted under similar circumstances, I wouldn't have done it).  
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    And you didn't respond, "Oh, honey.  You're getting so forgetful"?  
  11. IMG_0131 - Copy.JPG

    This is fun!  Great fabric find for those chairs.  More pictures, please!  I want to see more detail.
  12. Do You Believe in Siding After a Build?

    Oh, no!  Maybe if you try here:   You'll need to scroll down a bit, but you'll know it when you see it.  
  13. Do You Believe in Siding After a Build?

    A brownstone would be pretty. . . .
  14. Lamps from scratch

    Not Janet, but I know the answer.  They are the Eastlake dining table and chair kits from Mini-Etchers:  The chairs are available in both an armchair and side chair style.  (You have to click on the armchair and then the drop-down, at which point you can see select either version.)
  15. Hippie House

    Also check out scrapbook embellishments and craft punches you can use to punch out heavy card stock and glue on.