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  1. So much to do, so little time.  If I had a super power, it would be to not need sleep.  Right now I need to finish writing lesson plans, I want to work on my travel trailer, I would like to get started on my swaps.  I have a meeting at church in 30 minutes, and my oldest son's 19th birthday party/super bowl party is set to begin at 5:30.  I guess I need to get off the internet and get going.

  2. Wooden Peg People

    This is what Lizzie looks like.....I had an order before Christmas where I had to add an eye pin in her head so that she could be hung on a Christmas tree!  She's about 3 1/2 inches tall.
  3. How do you improve?

    Claire I feel like I am in the same boat as you - I finally joined this site and I'm amazed at the work others are doing, and I don't feel like I can do anything even half as good as what I'm seeing here.  However, I have seen that patience and practice are starting to pay off in some of my own skills.  Read everything you can,especially these forums.   I also really like the blog http://dollhouseescapes.blogspot.com/ , I have gotten a lot of advice and inspiration from that blog.  Don't be afraid to try new things and mess up while you are learning.  I taught myself to use wood filler, and next up is using a scroll saw.  We can all learn together, especially us newbies.
  4. Painting House of Miniatures?

    I found some good deals on ebay for some House of Miniatures lots, and I plan to finish most of them in the "traditional" way (ie. wood stains) but I was thinking about painting some of the duplicate pieces different colors depending on the house/ room the piece will go in.  Has anyone on here done a "non traditional" finish, and if so could you share?  Thanks
  5. Trailer Back1.jpg

    From the album Travel Trailer

  6. Spring Swap 2016

    Not sure what happened with the above post. I discovered that I can't work on my swaps until I get a new pair of tweezers, but hopefully by the weekend my new set will be delivered.
  7. I find this very disappointing

    I've been following this thread, and find it very interesting.  However, I looked at this link, and I can't tell where it is outsourced from - where did you find that info, I'd like to check other products as well.
  8. Welcome Heather!  I see that you have already started the dry fit and that's great, I got excited and skipped the dry fit on my vintage travel trailer, and I had a long evening of sanding dried glue off.  You will find this forum to be full of helpful and friendly people.  Welcome aboard and best of luck!
  9. How to fix cloudy Triple Thick 'glass' ?

    You may have to start over.  I used to use Triple Thick in my other hobby, which is painting wooden peg people.  I always had trouble with the Triple Thick getting cloudy.  I started using Mod Podge Super Thick Gloss and haven't had a problem with clouding, so that may work for what you need it to do.  Most Wal-Marts carry the Super Thick Gloss, it's in a jar with a dark blue label, and is with the other Mod Podge products.
  10. I got my Easy Cutter Ultimate in the mail yesterday and I've already starting cutting pieces for my parquet floor for the Harborside.  

    1. jbnmini

      You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!  :D

    2. JustCallMeAnna

      I absolutely love mine!!! I'm still thrilled by how easy it makes everything! Like I tell my ever so loving other half, it cuts like butter!

  11. I find this very disappointing

    I've had some bad experiences with buying things from China that once arrived, was nothing like the picture.  The worst instance for me was for a formal ball gown I ordered for our annual debutante ball - the picture was of a beautiful satin ball gown that was a dark plum shade.  What I received appeared to be a magenta colored trash bag.  There was also the time my size 1 teenage daughter bought a ton of clothes from a Chinese distributor and when they arrived, they almost fit my 4 year old.  As a result, I now avoid purchasing things from China off ebay, but I honestly haven't looked at many miniatures from China.  I may have to reconsider my current stance.
  12. Painting House of Miniatures?

    Thank you for sharing.  Otterine, your pictures are awesome.  Love what you've done with those kits.  
  13. Spring Swap 2016

    Deana, This may sound like a blonde question, but does the nine people include you?   Thank you! Vickie
  14. Starting on a Beacon Hill… help!

    One thing about Gina's blog (which is amazing) is that she has actually built the Beacon Hill twice, and I found the instructions more helpful for her second Beacon Hill build.  Either way, read both of them.  Let me tell you this out from the get go.....I have a Beacon Hill in a box waiting, but right now I am starting the vintage travel trailer.  DO NOT skip the dry fit.  Right now I have an evening of sanding and rebuilding ahead of me for the travel trailer, I can't imagine the frustration of having to do that to something as big as the BH.  These forums are great, and everyone is helpful and friendly, good luck!
  15. House of Miniatures Info

    I keep seeing things about HOM on this board, as well as a lot of other sites, so I checked out ebay to see if there were any to be had, but I was so overwhelmed that I didn't want to bid on any.  I know price is subjective, what is "too high" for some may be "just fine" for others, but in general, what is a reasonable price to pay per piece?  I realize that an upholstered sofa would be more than a candle stand, but I've seen some lots of 15 kits going for $250, and I've seen lots of 11 kits going for $100, when the pieces are pretty much the same.  I'd like to buy some, just to have for the future, but since I have to be prudent with my funds, I want to make sure I'm not overpaying.  Thanks in advance.
  16. Hand held miter cutter - any recommendations?

    Thanks everyone!
  17. I've been reading a dollhouse blog where the builder has used hand held miter cutters to cut craft sticks for hardwood floors and paneling.  The only one carried at my local Hobby Lobby has poor reviews, so I was wondering if anyone on here uses one, and if so, could recommend a brand to me.  Thanks in advance.
  18. Dollhouse Book Reviews

    I've recently been on a book buying binge myself, both for DIY books as well as some collection books.  I've read The White House in Miniature, America's Dollhouse,  as well as Patricia King's Making Victorian Furniture, Lots of Little Loos, and Making Stoves and Fireplaces (still waiting for it to arrive) .  I have also been reading a blog that has me fascinated http://dollhouseescapes.blogspot.com/ .  This lady has blogged her miniature journey with hundreds of posts over last four years. I spent my snow day reading all of them. 
  19. Steampunk Fart Blaster

    I commented on the photo, but I love Steampunk, and I ADORE minions!  I want these for myself.....I may try to mod some of ours if I can manage to get them away from the little ones.
  20. Fart Blaster Mayhem

    I love Steampunk and I ADORE Minions.....These are adorable and wonderful and I want them for myself.  Thank you for sharing these......I might try to mod some of ours....if I can get them away from the little ones.
  21. I've been reading a dollhouse blog where the builder has used hand held miter cutters to cut craft sticks for hardwood floors and paneling.  The only one carried at my local Hobby Lobby has poor reviews, so I was wondering if anyone on here uses one, and if so, could recommend a brand to me.  Thanks in advance.
  22. Hand held miter cutter - any recommendations?

    Sable, I have the Excel miter box set already, it came with my "Dollhouse Tool Kit."  I thought the Easy Cutter had an adjustable angle thingy (love my tech speak) that you could just set the angle, then just snip away.  It seems like drawing angles on the wood and connecting dots would take even longer than the miter box and saw.  I was hoping the Easy Cutter (or equivalent) would be faster.
  23. Spring Swap 2016

    I had great plans to pick up a few things I needed this weekend but the snow we had pretty much shut us down (SC does not do winter weather well).  However, I hope to have my prototypes done within the next week so that I can decide if I am going to go with that idea or if I will have to start over with another project.
  24. Beacon Hill - Am I missing something?

    Thank you!
  25. I bought a Beacon Hill kit from Craig's list and the seller assured me that all of the parts are there.  Since we were snowed in today, I thought I'd check off the sheets to make sure I did indeed have all of the pieces.  At first glance, I thought I was in the clear, then I realized that some door trims and stair bannisters were not in the box (they were supposed to be on sheets in widow and door cut outs, so I figure they may have been lost - but for $50 for the kit, cutting some trim wouldn't be a problem)  However, I am now missing sheet 14, which (on the schematics) has pieces of the Mansard Roof, two pieces of the tower roof, and various pieces of door trim, fireplace trim, and bay window trim.  But, the pieces of Mansard roof, and the tower roof are included in the box as cut into two thin pieces of veneer.  So, here's my question: Can anyone tell me if I am indeed missing sheet #14, or are the trims from that page on other sheets.  There was an additional sheet of paper that stated to use it (that sheet) to identify the Mansard roof, tower roof, and dormer sections instead of the original schematics.  However, it didn't mention the other pieces on the wood sheet #14.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  I need to know if I need to order a replacement sheet or not.  Thanks in advance.