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  1. rejoining hobby in Michigan

    Oh no. You miss understand. I wanted to post a pic of my dollhouse. Its on my phone under gallery on my phone not talking about gallery on website. When i hit the "click to choose file" button, it brings up documents and files and even my camera itself but pics i have directly taken with my phone go under gallery and i can't seem to find it. I suppose i could choose camera option and just take a new pic. Then i have to clean my hobby mess around it. Lol But the information you provided will come in handy as I will definitely want to have gallery on this site too. Sable I do appreciate for your time guiding me : )
  2. rejoining hobby in Michigan

    My phone doesn't agree with this site. I can't post pictures of dollhouse because it won't bring up my gallery pics. Only pics I have downloaded. I have a Galaxy 3s. Maybe they could come up with an app.
  3. rejoining hobby in Michigan

    Ok thanks. I'm almost always on my phone, and my phone doesn't always like me back on some sites. It is good to have some direction.  So I know if it's me or my phone.
  4. rejoining hobby in Michigan

    My biggest problem now is im having trouble staying out of this forum and actually working on house. So many talented people in here. I notice a lot of people say to look at their galleries. Are there links or something I'm missing? 
  5. rejoining hobby in Michigan

    Thanks for the welcomes! I previously owned Rgt Simplicity with single level porch, The GL Orchid, a handmade log cabin (found at a garage sale) and GL store, which i never got to put together I have been on sick leave and this has been great for my mood  I am currently working on GT Victorian Painted Lady. See I got a great deal on a conservatory wing and a plantation porch. Porch goes with The Simplicity and conservatory would workwith both however not sure i want to repeat a house when there are so many others i want to build. So i will in here searching for the answer to my next build.
  6. Hello everyone. I am soon to 42 yrs old. New to forum but not to hobby. Have just been out of it for about 4 years. I ended up giving away probably thousands between houses,furniture, supplies and materials. I had 4 houses and loved the hobby but had a major life changing event and move. I am very excited to be back in it!