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  1. windows

    Can any one tell me how to replace windows on a dollhouse that's already been build. Little hands had fun it's the San Franciscan 555 . There is no way to take them apart. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. help

       I'm looking for two bottom windows for the san franciscan dollhouse would anyone know where i might find  if someone has any extras thank you  
  3. Hi Suzanne, I stay up later then most....sometimes if we need help it's easier to "tag" someone so that they get notified that you're seeking help or have questions....since I'm working on this house you're welcome to tag me - you'd use the @ symbol and my user name - @qubanqtee and it'll notify me - Im happy to help where I can to get you going on your house.

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    2. Qubanqtee

      ok, I see what you're talking about, those posts have no cut out to slide into, it's confusing I know, so just make sure you've cut them to the length you're supposed to, glue, paint and set aside until they are called for later on when you start assembling actual walls.  Is your base made?

    3. Qubanqtee here you can see a picture of my San Franciscan in dry fit stage and those are the two posts that not have a slot to go through the base to the bottom....those won't be glued down until further along...makes sense?

  4. new from Florida

    I'm doing the San Franciscan  Duracraft 555. I can't seen to figure out the front part where the wood strips go '
  5. help

    I'm building the San Franciscan dollhouse can't figure the front part out that you have to trace before the walls are put up with all the wood posts. Does anyone have step by step pictures that they can post . It would be greatly appreciated  thank you  
  6. new from Florida

    I live in pasco county near Land o Lakes  
  7. new from Florida

    I live in pasco county near Land o Lakes  
  8. new from Florida

    Hi i purchased  the San Franciscan dollhouse. I'm can't seem to figure this out it doesn't seem to be like the other dollhouse that iv'e built. Has anyone built one of theses they may be able to give me some pointers, i have instructions but they don't seem to be very helpful. thanks in advance
  9. saying hello

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the dollhouse building. Had dollhouses growing up that my Grandfather built me loved them. I just bought the Beacon Hill dollhouse kit. I have never put one together before any advise would be appreciated. I seen the list of different things needed like shellac and wood alcohol but i'm not quite sure what wood alcohol is. Do i need all these things? THANKS