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  1. Thoughts on this house?

    Hi all, not sure why I am vacillating over this house as it is cheap, but what do you think of it? Made in my home state, looks like a bargain to me - perhaps it's the colour making me falter, and I'm wondering whether it would be okay to make changes to it or keep it the same, or whether it has potential, or . . . What do you think?
  2. winter storm

    Sending you all warm thoughts from Australia where it is still summer 
  3. Laurel front - nearly complete

    I did think about straws. I will have a go at this soon. I guess I could paint them? I feel like paint would't stick?
  4. Laurel front - nearly complete

    I used lots of PVA glue, spread thinly on the cardboard and the wood. It stuck better than I thought it would actually.
  5. My Laurel - nearly done and a question

    Thank you. Making curtains and books today, and still many many details to be done.
  6. My Laurel - nearly done and a question

    I just noticed the little model guy peeking around the corner! Hilarious!!
  7. My Laurel - nearly done and a question

    I've added more pictures to the gallery. Here are a couple of them which I really like:
  8. Laurel chimney

    From the album My Laurel - first build

    I made this chimney using egg carton bricks, a Roses chocolate box, a Star Wars LEGO box and the end of an egg carton for the middle bit. I dry brushed paint on and sealed it with matte mod podge which is not as matte as I would like it to be. It is definitely not perfect, I could have grouted and tidied up the sides, but I am quite happy with it. It has a 'rustic' feel.
  9. Laurel front - nearly complete

    From the album My Laurel - first build

    I still need to trim the sides to hide the messy joins and think about how to put spout and guttering on the verandah. I am yet to see anything that would work for this, so will need to research further.
  10. Laurel front door

    From the album My Laurel - first build

    Just waiting for a mini person to sit in the rocker to watch the mini world go by.
  11. Laurel attic

    From the album My Laurel - first build

    Hey, every house needs a storage room! These pics came with a part work kit I bought years ago and few fit my tastes, so I am going to repurpose the frames with artwork more in keeping with my house and ideals.
  12. Laurel attic door

    From the album My Laurel - first build

    This is a tiny door I made in the wall I added to access the attic space. My husband said he would like to live in the house, but wouldn't fit through this door as he's over 6 feet tall. I would be fine though as long as I bent over a bit!
  13. Laurel study/library

    From the album My Laurel - first build

    This room only has a desk at this stage. I think it will hold lots of the little bits and pieces that made my grandparents' house so interesting. My Grandma used to write poetry, paint and dabble in flower arranging, so some of this might end up here. Also, G'pa played bowls and followed the horses, so perhaps a form guide needs to go near his bowls bag?
  14. IMG_0251.JPG

    From the album My Laurel - first build

  15. IMG_0250.JPG

    From the album My Laurel - first build