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  1. I'm back, YOU have been missed!

    Aside from the fact that your BHis gorgeous.....your work area is just as awesome (mine is a hot mess). I am loving the way your paints are arranged- (that sounds a little stalker-ish I know) but I am always picking them up and turning them over to see the color. Never again. 
  2. Progress while I was away.

    I love this!!    
  3. Steampunk bathroom

    LOVING how this steampunk diver from Stewart Dollhouse Creations turned out. After agonizing on how to paint her, I finally chose   metallic copper then glazed black, added gear base as a finishing touch. It turned out better then I had hoped :).
  4. Steampunk bathroom

    Thank you - this was a textured scrapbook paper, I painted  the gold "buttons" to create the tufted look.  
  5. Steampunk bathroom

    Thank you :)
  6. Is anyone going to, or have you been to Bishops Fall show? (I've only been to the spring International.) I know it is smaller but still excited . Now that my house is coming along and I have more of a vision of where it is going  I am ready to fill it! 
  7. Post pics, maybe people will  offer some solutions.  
  8. Steampunk bathroom

    And we have light! I wanted something unique/industrial, I am pleased with the result :). Glass dome with a copper coil inside, lit by 3 gor bulbs.    
  9. Eye Candy

    The details are amazing! Thank you for sharing the link.  
  10. Dividing Wall-Girl's Side

    What a great idea! I would love to have a wall like that in my home (the life sized one-lol).  
  11. Curtain Curiosity

    I love your blog Casey! So fun to read and filled with so much information. Thank you :)
  12. Orchid furniture  
  13. Steampunk bathroom

    Found this Octopus charm in the jewelry section, added candle arms (& candles) and a few bit of mirror. 
  14. Test strip grout

    Looks nice!  
  15. Not from a kit but my own design

    I considered building from scratch, completely chickened out. I am kit bashing like a crazy person :).