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  1. Long overdue introduction

    Help,I tried to post on" General Mini Talk" and I pushed submit but I can't find my post anywhere how do I know if  I did right and it posted? I'm really having issues with my patience these days plus it doesn't help at all that I'm on my phone and it's a new phone 
  2. Long overdue introduction

    She loves her house and really enjoys changing the furniture around and moving the little cats and dogs to different rooms.
  3. Long overdue introduction

    It says "Country dollhouse kit"
  4. Long overdue introduction

     I searched the internet for a week looking for pictures and couldn't find any,then I searched the gallery here and found a few photos. I bought it off EBay where it was labled "Country Cottage". Greenleaf has since added it back to their store.
  5. Long overdue introduction

    Thanks. It was reading the posts here,that made me realize my obsession wasn't so abnormal afterall.Lol. I found somewhere I fit in.
  6. Hi,I really should have introduced myself a while ago. I've been coming to this forum and learning from you all for several months now. I bought the RGT Vermont farmhouse build for my daughter last Christmas.Thats all I intended to do. It took a few months to build but I have since realized I will never be through with that house. Right now I am finishing up the Orchid while also working on a rehab we picked up at a yardsale,at one time it was a Halloween house I think.Ive also purchased the Greenleaf country house kit,an extremely underpriced Vineyard cottage, and a House that Jack Built Kotton candy cottage. Lol I'm hooked! Just want to say thank you for being here I am learning so much from you all