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  1. This House...

    Thank you... I believe it is too. I am not crazy about that little window down at the bottom... I would of liked maybe more bay windows but I'm excited to have found it... and can't wait to get it... it also comes with 53 pieces of furniture! I recognize some of the furniture and I think it's much smaller than 1/12 so I probably won't use most of it... but who doesn't love a box full of miniatures ☺ I am so excited I can't sleep.
  2. This House...

    I feel in love with the house but after reading your posts about the house and finding nothing online about it I gave up getting one. But this today... something almost as good popped up. (See below) I'm going tomorrow to get it. I'm excited. I still have hopes of finding one like yours but am happy with this one too... 
  3. This House...

    Can anyone identify this house? Is it from a kit or does it look like a custom build? I seen it online (not for sale) and in love... 
  4. Newbie in California

    I just googled it... oh it's beautiful!!!
  5. Newbie in California

    Thank you I will google Marquam Hill Mansion and check out ebay and request my catalog. Thank you ☺
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    I've been hanging out on Instagram getting ideas, attempting to build modern furniture... haven't got a whole lot complete on the Orchid... I got my first room in my Lundby furnished... the bathroom.  I also found a built Fairfield at the flea market today for $5.00 I'm excited about. 
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    I am sorry for your loss Jackie.
  8. Worth It?

    I was looking for a fixer upper because I think I like decorating better than building... lol. Being a little off in ceiling heights/doors/windows etc don't bother me at this point because I'm a newbie and well looking more to practice than perfections... but while I was debating it sold... lol. But that's okay I decided for one that big (I want a big one) I want to build it. I found a plan online my friend is going to help me build... but today... while browsing the flea market... I found a Greenleaf Fairfield...   It's smaller scale than I'm use too but I'm willing to give it a try... I'm Happy.
  9. Worth It?

    I would def road trip all the way there... lol. I'll ponder it some more... it's been for sale for a while... if I decide to go I'll ask for better pictures and make sure it's wood... I would be annoyed if I went all the way over there for foam board lol.
  10. Worth It?

    That's what Jaxnero said, but the add said made of wood. I think maybe the walls are just rough, thick and tattered so it looks like form board... ?
  11. Worth It?

    She said it's real wood... does it look like form board to you?
  12. Worth It?

    2nd pic
  13. Worth It?

    It's homemade... no kit. I have two pictures.
  14. Worth It?

    I'd like your opinion on this since I'm new to miniatures... do you think this house is worth the almost 2 hour drive? It's 40x30x18 inches for $10... looks like it'd need a lot of worth... whatcha think? 
  15. Dollhouse rescue - poor thing

    Oh my lucky the both of you! You for finding it and the house being saved you someone who will make her shine!