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  1. Double Hung Working Windows

    I posted this too soon. I think I have it solved! I am so enjoying this build.
  2. I am building the Dura Craft Heritage and so far things have been going smoothly (thanks to .  But, now I am stuck. I am trying to put together the two working front double hung windows. The instructions are so short and vague that I am lost. Has anyone put these together?
  3. Me and my Heritage

    I just got back from the 'used' store where I picked up a sealed dollhouse kit. I searched online for the model and the photo of you with your fantastic haunted heritage popped up. I couldn't be more thrilled! I will be using all your photos for design ideas. Mine will be decorated for Halloween but the theme is Farmhouse. I love, love yours!
  4. Fireplace

    Wow! Before I read the text I wondered where you bought it.
  5. Orchid screen door

    You did wonderful work on this house. I am really enjoying looking at your photos and the details. Beautiful!  
  6. Hello everyone,  I am new here and also new to Forums which is odd because I work on the internet! Please excuse me if I  post something in the wrong area while I familiarize myself. I love crafts and last year thought I would buy dollhouses for my two granddaughters for Christmas. In the search I found a large dollhouse with a few accessories advertised on kijiji and made a low offer. It was accepted and when we picked up the house we couldn't believe what we got. The house was huge (37" tall x about 45" width). A store had closed and the house and accessories were leftovers. The few leftovers turned out to be hundreds of accessories and at least 40 pieces of furniture! JackPot! The house was too big for a gift so I made two Orchids and gave my girls all the furniture, etc. for their Christmas gifts. I did quite a few repairs on the big house ...shingles, windows, siding, paint, etc. and I had intensions of furnishing the house but it was too big and heavy so just sat in my craft room in the basement.  I ended up selling it for a good profit but still the person who bought it got a huge bargain. It's the Nob Hill house from the Friends episode! I didn't find that out until after I sold it!  I bought another Orchid for myself and joined here for information on transforming it into something we can use for holiday displays. I found that I also enjoy making all the furniture and have made several pieces for the new build.
  7. Newbie to Bashing

    Thanks! I am addicted to Pinterest so have seen a lot of Orchids but not a whole lot of additions to it so will search here. I'm making the Orchid because of the size. I just sold a large house that actually was how I got interested in this.
  8. Love love your Orchid bash. I am new to this forum but not to constructing. I'm on my third Orchid....this one is for me and I want to bash away at this one. Can you tell me what wood you used for the base and main structure additions, and what tools you used for cutting. Thanks!

    1. Myangela

      I used bass wood and birch plywood for the additions.  The base is a piece of 3/8" plywood.  I had sooo much fun with this bash, so glad you like it.  My cutting tools, basically a Micro-Lux Mini Scroll Saw and a regular jig saw.

    2. CamperKate

      Thanks! Your build is over the top beautiful! 

    3. Myangela

      Thank you!

  9. Newbie to Bashing

    Hi Everyone, I am new here. I have made the Orchid twice to give to my granddaughters and just ordered one for myself. This time I'd like to learn how to customize it...bash! I'm not sure how so need lots of advise on what wood to purchase to put additions on and what tools I need. My hubby works on computers so our tool inventory is limited to hammers, hand saws and screwdrivers. The only power tool we own is a drill. I'm pretty good at making things though so have no fear in tackling this project.