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    Thank you!  
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    Thank you  
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    Thank you  
  4. 77AA0740-1616-46AB-B0DE-59EA22FDCD2A.jpeg

    This house is based off of a home named “Hansel”, in California, built by Hugh Comstock. The actual house is amazing.  And thank you.  
  5. 97538130-2A70-468F-8E5C-5BB62516B83C.jpeg

      Thank you  
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    Thank you!  
  7. 942D496C-5736-4E48-B449-657A7012EBF3.jpeg

    I fell in love with the original house as soon as I saw a picture of it!!! The chimney captivated me! I loved how it had lots of curves.    Thank all of you for your kind words.  more pics to come soon. :)
  8. 7B5876D3-A07E-49FA-B35B-E2558182468E.jpeg

    It will have a similar look, but not the same. I do plan on trying to keep the colors, flooring, etc. similar. It was hard for me to get a feel of the layout of the house. I did eventually find a blueprint.....but, all of my pieces were already cut. Same for the bump out. It has 2 windows.....but mine only has’s bothering me. Lol I just can’t quite decide if it bothers me enough to fix it! Lol so, I can’t quite call it a replica, only a Hansel-Inspired build.  
  9. A54B9F32-0051-40F5-AA8D-EE363F3A473C.jpeg

    Thank you.  And I sure will!  will have some more pics to upload in a few days. :)
  10. 1608FC4E-EC13-4AEA-AA42-E234DEB22BAE.jpeg

    Thanks, Cathy! :)