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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Well this weekend was a mini show in my little corner of the world, and so I went to that with my addiction hobby enabler of a mother on Saturday. I picked up a bunch of nice minis which I'll share just as soon as I can get to a camera. Then on Sunday I made this little guy! I think it's been about 15 years since I last touched polymer clay, so I'm going to mark this as a win. Now to the hard part, baking him!
  2. I am groot. I am groot.

  3. I am Groot.

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Jewelry wire for the trunk/head and a heavy-duty staple for the arms. The pot is a little wooden one that I picked up at my local miniature show this weekend, and then I had fun with polymer clay. Just need to bake him.
  4. Painting/staining risers and treads

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    White acrylic paint for the risers and a brown sharpie to stain the treads.
  5. 20190402-213050.jpg

  6. Stair landing progress

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Coffee stir sticks, love them.
  7. 20190323-184235.jpg

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Gluing in the stairs to the support structure.
  8. 20190316-093605.jpg

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Finally building the back half of the dollhouse! Here's the base all ready to go.
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Anna, here's another method that I've seen done for tile/mosaic tabletops. I can't wait to see what method you come up with! I have thought about doing a tile or mosaic table for my greenhouse.
  10. Conservatory walls pt. 2

  11. Conservatory walls...

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Wow, long time no post, but I've been working hard on my master's degree so..... Anyway, back to miniatures! This time I'm working on adding walls to the conservatory and framing out the glass panels.
  12. Trash to Treasure Artwork

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    I love how the best mini treasures can also be the most unexpected. These came from the back of an old calendar I had forgotten to toss, and fortunately I noticed that the little preview images on the back of the calendar for each month were the perfect size to be 1/12 scale artwork. Now to frame them! If anyone's interested in knowing the names of the artists who did these, I have a list of them.