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  1. Mini Les Bois, miniature club of Boise, ID, is organizing the 38th Annual Miniatures Show and Sale on: Sat.  April 21, 2018 between 10am-5pm and Sun. April 22, 2018 between noon-5pm Best Western Vista Inn at the airport: 2645 Airport Way, Boise, Idaho 83705 Admission is $5.00 for adults, $2.00 for children 5-12 years old, and free for those 5 and under. There are door prizes, raffles and displays on both days, and there will be dealers from 6 states, CA, CO, ID, OR, WA, and WY, attending. Per my information there will be 1:12, 1:48, and 1:44 scale minis available.
  2. What's everyone working on?

    I would think that since the company closed their doors so many years ago any patents are likely to have expired. Also I think regarding copyright you could say that you want it put to DVD under the fair use for educational purposes clause and be fine, given the age and the fact that no-one is likely to care!
  3. Hand Embroidery

    Lately I've been getting back into embroidery, urged on by my latest mini project of sewing the fabric details like bedding and whatnot for my dollhouse. Eventually I want to embroider a couple of nice rugs and perhaps crochet some thread lace for window treatments for it. However, it's been about seven years since I last put needle and floss to fabric, as the last project before this one was a pair of pillowcases with a stamped cross stitch pattern completed when I was 17. Very simple and not terribly interesting. In the endeavor to practice a little on something larger before I begin working on something mini, I went sorting through my file of patterns for something to work on, and came up with this raven pattern I bought from Urban Threads many years ago. I don't have a printer right now, so I just free-handed it, and I think it looks pretty good! So far using a combination of backstitch and long and short stitch to fill it in.
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Oh my, I can see it now. Hi, my name is _______ and my SO has an addiction which they insist is 'just a hobby'.....
  5. Linens!

    Thanks! I agree, the tepee look isn't great, and definitely messes with the realism! I also wanted to be sure that I could change out the top bedspread later if I want, so instead of gluing it into place, I folded it on the drape lines, then ironed those folds. Then when it's unfolded and put on the bed you get a nice, natural drape and no tepee look!
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Holly, These might work for your purposes, it depends on how flat you need them to be, but they're very small, 3x1mm! I've been looking into using these for my appliance doors and regular house doors myself. Amazon: Personalized-Multi-Use-Whiteboard-Magnetic-Refrigerators
  7. View from foot of the bed

  8. Bedding continued

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    For the sheets, I wasn't initially sure what I would use, but after I brought home my new fabric purchases, I discovered that I had a green fabric laying around from an old project that matched color perfectly with the light green leaves on this green leaf-patterned fabric. So that became the sheets, and for the bedspread I used the green leaf-patterned fabric and the flat white cotton fabric I bought. Initially I considered trimming the hem before turning it right-side out, but I actually kind of like the way it looks untrimmed. We'll see. If I later decide I want to trim it shorter so less of it shows, I can open it back up again with no trouble.  Regarding the canopy, I love the texture of the scrap cotton gauze I had laying around (again from an old project). I just need to figure out what to do with it to get it to behave, but if I can get it to work then I'll be thrilled. From there, all I need is to make pillows, and add some decorative trim or something to the canopy, perhaps.
  9. Linens!

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Now that I'm feeling inspired with the bed, I wanted to go ahead and dress it, especially as I am a firm believer in the 'linens first, walls later' method of decorating. Never have I been so glad that my mom taught me the basics of how to sew either.
  10. Aztec Imports Bed (Recolored)

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Many many many years ago I received this mini bed frame as a birthday gift from my mom, but although I liked the design of the bed, the color (previously the standard medium-walnut color you get on these types of bought pieces) wasn't my favorite. So, knowing how Sharpie looks on top of varnished wood, I decided to go ahead and take a black Sharpie to all of the wood, turning into this nice dark black bed frame, which is still fully shiny from the varnish. Now I feel like I can dress the bed, that walnut color was killing my inspiration, it just doesn't go with this particular house!
  11. Kitchen table and chairs

    Thanks! I did make them from scratch - various pieces of strip wood (1/8 and 1/4 square dowels), a piece of scrap 1/8 inch plywood a little bigger than the size of the table, Popsicle sticks glued together for the seats, matchsticks for the spindles, and toothpicks for the seat backs. Took about three hours to make between cutting and gluing everything, but worth it!
  12. Kitchen table and chairs

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Super busy with college lately (graduate in May with my bachelors, then on to my masters!), but now that things are in a rhythm again I can get back to mini-ing! Made a table and chairs over this last week, still unfinished but will paint and seal later when I've pinned down interior colors for this house.
  13. Stairs pt 2.1

    Hi Samusa, Thanks! So far I'm planning on adding risers, although I'm going to leave them open backed until I'm sure - I'm leaving a lot of the decisions up to the house!