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  1. Regarding shows

    There's also a tiny show (perhaps 20 vendors) in Boise, Idaho every year in late April that the local miniature club - Mini Les Bois - puts on. They just had their 37th annual show this year - I normally attend as a vendor, but this year it was fun to just relax and enjoy shopping!
  2. Noob, New Dollhouse

    Hi John! Welcome to the forum. The UP house sounds amazing. I don't know if you had any other ideas for how to make your balloons, but several years ago I was involved in making a 1/12 scale nursery for a baby shower display, and we made balloons by taking those soft plastic grapes you can find at craft stores, pulled the stems, painted the grapes, and then glued them to white florist wire for the strings. It worked out pretty well and they were light enough that they stayed straight with no problems.  Just a suggestion, and if you find a better method do let the forum know!
  3. So much subway tile....

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Spent an hour or two drawing and cutting these out last night. Raw paper for now but eventually it'll be glued, painted, grouted and glazed. Any guesses as to where I'll put it? ;)
  4. Cardboard Mockup pt 2

    Hi Emerald, If you mean that I designed the additions to the original dollhouse kit in a computer program, then yes I did.  Now I'm in the next phase of building a physical mockup out of cardboard so that I can be sure that my ideas will work when translated into the real world. Eventually, sometime shortly after Christmas, I will be able to start working on building these parts out of wood.
  5. Newberg 4th Floor Aerial View

    Thanks! I do these with a combination of a paid online website and a professional program on my computer, but there are plenty of free floor planner websites out there that you can use. I just draw the floor plan as if it's a full sized house with 1:1 dimensions, and then when it comes time to scale down it makes it easy. Most of them allow you to view a 3D version of your design and you can then capture a screenshot of your model from different angles. The website I use, Floorplanner, has a more limited free version, and they offer a few tutorial videos of how to make your 3D design on their website, if you're interested in trying it out yourself. The free version sufficed for me for a long time, and honestly I would still be using the free version if I hadn't needed to get the paid version for a project my job was having me do.
  6. Cardboard Mockup pt 2

    Hi Khadi, You are most welcome! I will be posting more images of the cardboard mockup as I flesh out the details. I used corrugated cardboard - the kind you get from most shipping boxes from Amazon and the like - for my main pieces as it is roughly the same thickness as my 1/8th inch walls (minus the siding and such already on them).
  7. Cardboard Mockup pt 2

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Sorry for the tape in the way, but the cardboard is too wobbly to go without the support. But this is the back view, obviously without room dividers/staircases/elevator/etc. in there yet.
  8. Cardboard Mockup pt 1

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    Clearly I got excited, considering I already started working on a mockup of my design in cardboard. So, here you can see the existing dollhouse to the left, and the beginnings of the cardboard mockup to the right. No windows or doors for now, I want to retain further use of the cardboard if I can, and there are a few walls missing, like the outside wall of the hallways.
  9. Sing the praises of my SO..... (Newberg 1st Floor Aerial Floorplan)

    Oooh, thanks for the reference to Otterine's dumb waiter! I think you're right, it would likely work on the same principles. I'm going to check that out right now. He definitely is, and I plan on keeping him!
  10. Sing the praises of my SO..... (Newberg 1st Floor Aerial Floorplan)

    Thank you! I'm so thankful that my SO - while he doesn't want to do miniatures personally - understands that out of all my hobbies it's my favorite, and is more than willing to fund my addiction hobby and listen to me ramble on about how I made this or that, or my plans for the whatsit.... Yes! You are correct, that is an elevator to the left of the stairs. I was doing research for this house (the background story is starting to come together now), and discovered that for some Victorian homes built by the super-rich of the time, they had old cage elevators in their houses. This house, what with the additional floors that I've already added, and the back half that I am intending to build, seems as though it may have been one of those. My mental image of the house is that it was remodeled at some point in its history (possibly even dismantled, brought overseas somewhere, and then rebuilt), but although there are definitely some modern touches, many of the original details of the house are still intact. I intend to make the elevator actually work somewhat via weights kept in the attic. I don't know if I'll be able to make it stop at specific floors necessarily, but who knows, I might be able to figure out a way if I plan it out carefully.   As for getting into the house, it is indeed going to be a break apart house with two sections - front and back - of roughly equal size. Most of the rooms in the house are divided along that middle line, so it should work out pretty well. I'm just going to blend any sections that cross over as much as I possibly can. Additionally, parts of the walls - like the entire back wall of the house - are going to be hinged, and the latches will be tiny magnets embedded into the wood. That way I can get into the house even if I have the two sections standing together on a display table, without having to swing it all the way open. I also plan on having all doors and windows be working, for the added realism. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how the roof is going to look - something to puzzle over I guess. 
  11. Newberg 4th Floor 3D View 2

  12. Newberg 4th Floor 3D View 1

  13. Newberg 3rd Floor 3D View 2

  14. Newberg 3rd Floor 3D View1