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  1. Glen croft justmilt

    From the album justmilt

  2.  THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO SEE A COUPLE FROM ENGLAND. 2017-01-31_02.00.05.thumb.jpg.0069b0960a

    1. Summersethomes

      I love the brick work, thanks for sharing :)

  3. 2017-01-29-03.26.14.jpg

    From the album jistmilt

    sometime back I posted this house.  The house then had the left bay side upside down.  I have corrected this.
  4. 2017-01-19-08.21.55-3.jpg

    From the album justmilt

    Had the church just as well have a wedding.
  5. Thank you for looking.  one of the pictures shows a carafe and five glasses on an alter.  I found them on Ebay and thought they would work for the Sacrament.  They are hand made blown glass.  I thought they may go with your mini foods.

    1. Summersethomes

      I haven't been making mini food for a while now I have been working to pull us out of debit and it's working so far, Im taking two weeks off to get my workroomcleaned up so I might try making some food but it's going to be 1/6 scale because I have a lot of barbies that I need to make stuff for. anyway your church is fantastic


      take care


  6. 2017-01-15-06.37.26.jpg

    From the album jistmilt

    Needed a place for the pulpit I built and it had to be this large.  Hard to see but the wine vessel and glass are blown glass.  I think the lady at the piano adds to the scene.
  7. 2017-01-15_06.37.43.jpg

    From the album justmilt

  8. 2017-01-15-06.38.41.jpg

    From the album justmilt

    The front of the Church that holds the people.  This building is sans purchased plans, plans from books, or a kit.  
  9. 2017-01-15-06.37.57.jpg

    From the album jistmilt

    This is the church, this is the steeple, open the door and see the people.
  10. 2016-11-15-01.45.40.jpg

    From the album jistmilt

    Not a stately mansion but did improve over photo first submitted.
  11. 2016-07-18-15.04.57-17.jpg

    Mike tell your wife I have my lawn tractor on idle. Got to get back to mowing.  Have about two acres.
  12. 2016-07-18-15.04.57-17.jpg

    Thank you.  Yours is the only comment and for me this speaks volumes.
  13. 2016-07-18-15.04.57-17.jpg

    From the album justmilt

    Pulpit is from scratch.  No pictures no pattern.  crucifix from Ebay and balance of materials scraps and 1/1 6 wood sheet. circles done with saw and sander.
  14. One more shot over the bow!   Yes you win the prize--It is either one panel is not correct or one is correct and two are not.  Will I tear it out, no way.  I have had the house forever, and it is Milt's house.  It will never go anywhere until I can no longer use the house.  The house has been viewed by countless people and no one notices it.  You have a trained eye and was looking for a problem.  Not unlike  your change in the wall no one will see it unless you point it out or challenge someone to find a problem.  Milt
  15. I add this: When you build and  you find a mistake, you stare at it, you analyse it, you examine and wonder.  When someone looks at what you build they glance at it and never even see what you agonized over. I cannot for some reason visualize the wall you are moving.   I do know this when we remodeled an area where we had our law office and removed a wall the broke up the waiting room.  It happened to be a support wall so the contractors put in a beam next to the ceiling.  The beam was paneled and was never noticeable.  I do hope this may help.  You could put some of your French work on the face of the beam. Tell me if you can the major mistake on this house????