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  1. I finished putting the windows in the back of the house. I decided to add a double window in the dining area.
  2. UK Dollhouses

    My thoughts exactly BriJohn. I also like being able to close it off so I can control access to it by my younger grandkids. I plan on putting some kind of latch on the front so that it can only be opened when the roof is up.
  3. UK Dollhouses

    I finished putting in the windows in my RGT Country Victorian. I decided to add a double window in the dining area. I really like how it turned out. 
  4. Thanks for the tip havanaholly!
  5. image.jpeg

    From the album RGT Country Victorian

  6. image.jpeg

    From the album RGT Country Victorian

  7. Thank you thriftymini for your feedback. I've got a sting of mini lights from the dollar store that would make perfect pot lights in the living room. If I use them I'm afraid that I won't be able to replace them if something goes wrong with them. But on the other hand, I could go out and buy a more exp naive set somewhere else and there's no guarantee it's  not made by the same company that made the dollar store one ;-). Was just talking to DH and it occurred to me that I could glue the veneer strips of the floor above the living room on a subfloor that can be removed to get at the wiring.  What would be the best material to use for a subfloor? 
  8. Oops, I just realized that the first photo I posted is not my house but a picture of one I found online that I liked the look of.
  9. Hello everyone, I am in the middle of building my first house and I'm stoked! I'm retired and finally have the time and patience to make a dollhouse. I've got the outside almost completed - just need to shingle the roof. I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can stain the shingles. i am super lucky to have a crafty husband who has been providing guidance, ideas, extra pair of hands and muscle when needed. He is also willing to listen to me go on and on about my project (now that is something! :-). Not only that, he has had many hobbies over the years and still possesses small-scaled tools and various supplies that he kindly donated to my workshop.  I was planning to make hardwood floors with Popsicle sticks and spent the better part of an evening cutting the tips off a pile. It was hard work and I didn't even have enough for one room! My husband remembered that he has a pile of veneers left over from marquetry work he did in the '70s! He them made a jig to cut them in perfect 1/2" strips.  My house will have the most beautiful maple floors.  I'm on my way to Toronto for the weekend and plan to stop in at The Little Dollhouse Company for a lighting kit and misc building supplies. I love the front-opening aspect of the model but didn't like the fact that the back had no windows. So I cut some out, big bay for the living room, small ones for the kitchen and bathroom, and one for each bedroom.  The dining room is going in the central room and I realize that I should have cut one out for that room also.  The exterior is finished so I will have to be careful cutting it out I've  decided to go with the round wiring instead of the tape but I'm worried about future troubleshooting if part of the system fails and has to be repaired or replaced. I understand that the installation is pretty permanent. I'd be interested in hearing your experiences in using round wiring vs tape and the pros and cons especially from those of you who have done both. I would also like to hear your advice on the glue to use to install the veneer on the floors. I've done some testing with No More Nails glue and find it impossible to avoid getting glue on top, to which the stain won't take.  Thank you all in advance for your feedback.
  10. Thanks for your replies everyone. I'm having fun looking at all the photos posted on this site. So much talent and patience on display. 
  11. UK Dollhouses

    I finally figured out how to upload these. Here are photos of my RGT Country Victorian that shows the extra windows I cut out in the back.. They make a world of difference and give the house a more realistic appearance.  I'm really happy with it. This is my first house so I don't know much yet but I have had a good experience with this kit. It's MDF but the weight of it is my only complaint. The pieces were cut to such a level of precision if something didn't fit right it's because I did something wrong. I am really impressed with the quality and workmanship of the product. I am super excited to get on with the interior. The exterior is pretty much done except for a couple of windows in the back and the roof.
  12. Hello all, I am retired and new to dollhouse building but I've wanted to do this for about 40 years. As are all of you, I'm facinated by miniatures and think I'm going to really love making some. I'm currently working on RGT Country Victorian and have almost finished the outside.  I have an awesome husband who not only helps me when I need him but who has a bunch of small-scaled tools from past hobbies that he's kindly donated to my workshop. Just this morning he brought out a pile of beautiful veneers and cut a bunch of strips for making my hardwood floors. I testing them out now but I think they will be fantastic! For sale cheap - 1000 Popsicle sticks.  I'm looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you (ok, in my case it's more like poaching your ideas at this point).
  13. UK Dollhouses

    I am currently building the RGT Victorian country.  I wanted a front opening model but didn't like the solid back wall either. I cut out 5 extra windows in the back, 2 tall ones for the 2nd floor bedrooms, 1 small each for bathroom and kitchen, and a big bay for the living room. I laid out the kitchen first to situate the window above the sink. I'm not too worried about furniture placement because I often arrange my own furniture in front of windows.