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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh Colleen, congrats, I can't wait to see what you do 
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    OH I love when something like that happens :)
  3. Help! This is Boring!

    Jodi, that is the cutest house I have ever seen,  I just love it.  Great job 
  4. Shingling a Gazebo or Tower

    Thanks ladies.  I googled here and Weeza did a Garthfield that gave me help seeing it. I think I may do the templates Kathie.  Sable, you have me lost lol . I'm not that smart lol.  Though I am sure it would be perfect.  
  5. I was awake half the night, trying to figure out how to shingle the gazebo roof.  Are there any tips out there I should know.  Thanks   
  6. gingerbread windows.jpg

    looks great, I love Gallery Glass 
  7. Qucik question about bricking

    I'm not sure what you used for your bricks,  I made mine out of egg carton, I painted the wood first a grey, then glued the bricks, then painted them, and then added a polyurethane.  I have pics on the Craftsman album,  Just not sure how to attach it here.  Maybe that will help, 
  8. Greetings from Chicago

    Welcome Keith, good to have you here.  Who knows someday we may be asking you, "How did he do that" 
  9. Interesting Miniature Tidbits

    Just looked up Kirkbride buildings, my gosh, they are beautiful.  I would love to see one. Old buildings like this fascinate me as my grandmother came over as a "Home Child" orphan from Scotland.  She was a child at Quarriers Orphanage.  I plan to visit the village one day, Scotland is on my bucket list because of this.  
  10. Orchid Bay Window > French Doors

    Hi Eli and welcome.  In my Orchid I just put a new houseworks window in instead of the bay window.  I had to buy a bigger window and make it smaller to fit the hole, it was my first house also.
  11. IMG-2439.JPG

    From the album The Glenwood

    Have the porch and gazebo roofs dry fitted on 
  12. IMG-2438.JPG

    From the album The Glenwood

    Have the porch and gazebo roofs dry fitted on 
  13. IMG-6319.JPG

    It looks great.  All fits so nicely together. 
  14. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    I agree with Sable.  If attracts new kids to minis im for it.  Most little kids don't want intricate and fancy.  Looks sturdy to me.  I would have to see it, to see the quality.  Screw holes are so easy to hide, so that would not deter me.  Post pics Sable of it please.  
  15. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    oh the beds he makes are just beautiful, I just ordered the Fiona in Copper Patina, I chose the color because a friend made me a little quilt that would look great on that color.