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  1. IMG-5166.JPG

    I love SDK miniatures.  It is the only place I could find mission style furniture in 1/2 scale.  Great job 
  2. thank  you Sable for posting the Miniature Organization link.  The nearest to me is in Ft. Worth, I wonder if there is enough people here to start one closer to Denton, Flower Mound Area?  
  3. IMG-5159.JPG

    Your house is just beautiful, great job 
  4. Does anyone know this house

    Looks like a Victoria Farmhouse but I am no expert by any  means   
  5. Wish I still lived in Tulsa   
  6. RGT Front Opening Country Victorian

    Will send Manhattan an email and give it a try ty ,
  7. RGT Front Opening Country Victorian

    The Princess Anne is just the same just not front opening, and the Katherine is a little out of my price range,  I like them not pre built, that is the best part lol.  I may just get the Painted Lady at Hobby Lobby with the coupon, I saw an addition to it and it looked good, I would add fancy moldings and omit the hanging balls though.  The main house would be $150.00 which is in my budget lol But thanks for all your help, I do appreciate it, as I have not seen any of the ones you suggested.    
  8. RGT Front Opening Country Victorian

    Just got a message, the house I ordered they don't have in stock.  I can't get the Country Victorian after all :(
  9. Cobweb Cottage

    OH they are adorable.  I love the Pumpkin House.  You could do so much for Halloween with it.  But I have just ordered a house so now I am on a budget for awhile lol   
  10. Cobweb Cottage

    I hav e to check them out, I have not heard of them before,  
  11. The wonder of our GL forum

    OH yes indeed, everyone here is so helpful, even if I have a question that seems silly, no one seems to mind.  I have met one lady in real at a miniature show.  This is the first site I check every morning to see what is going on.  You all bring a little joy into my life.  And yes thanks to the admins for all your hard work.  We appreciate it 
  12. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi Sarah, Welcome to the family.  I am originally from Ottawa, where about are you located. 
  13. Just ordered my RGT Front Opening Country Victorian, I am so excited.  I got it from Little Kid Stuff, they had a really good price, less than half of some other sites and it is discontinued.
  14. Real Good Toys?

    40 houses OMG lol  I have 3 lol
  15. Real Good Toys?

    I got my beach house  from RGT at Hobby Lobby.  It turned out great to me.