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  1. Hurricane Irma

    Oh no,   I am so sorry about your beautiful tree.  Glad to hear you are safe.  I was down there last week and came back Friday.  My heart goes out to everyone affected   
  2. On its new table

    Love it   
  3. kitchen 5.jpg

    love your little British chairs 
  4. kitchen 9 (2).jpg

    looks great 
  5. Hurricane Irma

    Stay safe Sable, praying for you and everyone around.  Just got home last night from Orlando.  My heart goes out to all of you.  I live in tornado land, I think you have it much worse off. Hugs   

    Welcome and do post, we love to see what everyone is doing 
  7. Cauldrons

    How did you do the walls, they look amazing?  
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I would love the Williamsburg, but my husband would flip.  Ive never heard of Celerity before, interesting 
  9. Apothecary Shelf

    It looks great. Now I wish I had started a spooky house for halloween.  
  10. Help me out here please

    Holly when I take the photo it is right side up, and when I download to the gallery it is right side up.  But when it is posted to the forum it is sometimes sideways ( Miss Mildred for example) I have a Mac maybe it is something with them . 
  11. Help me out here please

    I can't usually comment either. and half the time they are sideways, I wish there was a way to right side them up once they are posted.  They look fine, and when posted, poof the are sideways lol
  12. The harvest of flowers over the weekend

    Anyone that can make these tiny little treasures just amazes me.  Wonderful   
  13. Good Evening All

    Welcome Brian, you will enjoy it here, everyone is so helpful.  Can't wait to see your pics 
  14. Working on the bathroom

    OH it looks great.  I see you did the wallpaper before putting the roof on, smart.  I did the same bungalow but in 1/2 scale.  Wish I had papered before the roof lol.  
  15. McKinley Witch House

    I have never done moss myself, but there has been a lot done here, and on Pinterest I am sure there will be ideas. I will go look and see Found this  Dollhouse Moss - May 2008 Newsletter.webarchive