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  1. First Try.jpg

    From the album A

    Yeah so this Dollhouse did not turn out anything like how I wanted so I wasn't even going to upload it but eh. There's a first time for everything I guess. I guess I kinda rushed too much. I really tried to make it look okay and to be fair I guess I should finish it before moving on.
  2. Decorative pieces.jpg

    From the album A

  3. cushions1.jpg

    Wow~ this is so intricate!
  4. First coat of white.jpg

    That's amazing! I can't wait to build many dollhouses.
  5. Glued together.jpg

    From the album A

    A little crooked.
  6. Figuring out the set-up.jpg

    From the album A

  7. Almost done painting.jpg

    From the album A

  8. I'm New! <(^w^)>

    I think my Orchid wants to be a comfy little home. c: Something I might live in myself. I can't wait to be an expert at dollhouses. It would be so cool to add lighting. My mom tried to on the dollhouse she built, but she ran out of time and couldn't do it. I have an idea for a little TV using an MP4 player.
  9. Front View.jpg

    Thanks, that means a lot to me! You can't see it in the picture, but she even glued little paper air vents to the ceiling as if for pretend air conditioning.
  10. First coat of white.jpg

    I'm thinking of building one for my nephew once he gets a bit older and won't put the pieces in his mouth.
  11. Sanded.jpg

    Thanks! It took forever, and I was up much later because I didn't want to sleep and wake up and find that the cat had scattered pieces. Are the UK houses much easier?
  12. Living Room Set.jpg

    From the album B

  13. Bedroom Set.jpg

    Thanks! It was my first time sewing. :3 You can't see it in the picture, but there's a little mattress I made out of the same material under the sheet.
  14. I'm New! <(^w^)>

    Thanks for commenting on my album Yeah it took her months to build. She made a bunch of furniture for it but I've lost most of it. I'm not sure of a theme but I was thinking I'd like to try a Gothic theme. I'm -mostly- just winging it though. Houses can speak? I'll listen carefully. ;) I was thinking it would be a quaint little house rather than a shop. Thanks for the newer instructions, I didn't have them!
  15. Bedroom Set.jpg

    From the album B

    Furniture for The Orchid.