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  1. Hello, again!

    Welcome back Ann! That's quite a collection you have there, lots of experience under your belt, hope you can share some of that with us!  
  2. Hi Marlyce and welcome! I couldn't agree more with you, I love obsessing over the little details   Wish you lots of fun building the Arthur and hope you share your progress with us!
  3. Carrera Marble Bath

    Wow!  Gorgeous bathroom, love the marble and the grey cabinets, the light over the bathtub is such a nice touch!
  4. SC075.jpg

    Wow gosh, you have an incredible amount of patience to make so many of these in such short time... and it definitely pays off, the shop looks so real!  
  5. BeaconHill-wallsmod.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I have attached the modified walls and wallpapered the rest of the corridor. I'm still working on the staircase trims, the final color will be the dark mahogany you see in the picture, I am thinking about doing the same for the doors. The living room and dinning room will be combined together in the same room, with this mod the room is now big enough to acomodate a seating area + a 6 seat table and chairs. I've primed the walls of this room in a dark color because they will be covered by wood pannels, not wallpaper. I've decided to try spackle, first time working with this material so I am winging it a bit. I am planning on using cast decorations on the ceilling and was afraid they would be too heavy on the template, so I decided to try to smooth the surface and glue them directly (electricity will run under the floor templates). Having some problems with the plywood, the lines you see are from the wood surface. I think I will have to apply a thicker layer for this to work, just not sure how that's going to work with the plaster on top... never tried to glue anything into spackle. I will probably also need to glue the wall from upstairs before I finish the ceiling, I've acidentaly covered up too much of the tabs lol.  
  6. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    Thank you  The final coat on the stairs will look a bit more 'mahogany' than in this picture. I was testing the colors next to the veneers I will use for the floors, it was asking for a bit more 'red'. I am quite fond of stains, sometimes I get a piece of furniture with broken parts but can't find the same type of wood to 'patch' the damage (specially if it's something exotic like holy or rose wood)... next best thing is to try to 'masquerade' the replacement part to look as close as possible, lol. It's a bit tricky to stain plywood, some areas are a bit more permeable than others but I hope the finish will do the trick.
  7. SC071.jpg

    Hope you'll feel better soon! Worst kind of pain to be in while trying to work with miniatures, must be hard to take a break from something you love... but treat yourself a good rest ;) Incredible how you still manage to do so much on a slow week, the pads look perfect! 
  8. Favorite power tools?

    I can find the Proxxon tools at the local stores, never saw the Micromot in action but I think it also has a dust compartment. It doesn't have the 'tilt' function from the Microlux, I think I haven't found any other mini table with that system, it's really nice.
  9. Need a runny spackle product.. Suggestions?

    Thanks I went and bought a small bucket today, will try on a spare piece of wood first. Package says dry time 24-48 hours, to be safe I'll leave it for 2 days before sanding.
  10. Favorite power tools?

    This is the Micro-Lux tilt table saw right? I want this SO BAD lol, from the vids I've seen it looks really fantastic (even has a compartment to connect a vaccum cleaner to collect the dust!). Sadly can't find it outside the US, probably would cost me a ton on import fees too  But that's the saw table I'd definitelly go for! In the meantime, here's a decent alternative for us UK and EU miniaturists: Proxxon KS230 The tool I end up using the most is a handheld rotary 'all purpose' tool, I've recently upgraded to a Dremel 3000 and can say it was a good investment. I've also got the extension cord which makes it really handy to work inside the dollhouse (my previous tool was a bit smaller bit still too bulky to reach some areas). Rotary tool + extension arm + circle cutter really makes it easy to do most of the cutting/drilling required to build a house. I also have the carving tips, which are really nice to work on furniture or other details: but I think it's easier to do this kind of work with the extension arm connected: the tool itself is a bit heavy and big to hold with one hand and do precision work for a long period of time. We also have a Dremel Versatip for heat cutting and engraving, I don't use this one so much but it's a great multi-purpose tool as well. I'm hoping to get a vertical saw sometime soon, I will probably go for the Dremel Motosaw for versatility and easy storage. I don't have a lot of space to have a 'workroom', I usually look for tools that can be easily stored and won't take too much space.  
  11. Need a runny spackle product.. Suggestions?

    I've never used spackle, this has got me intrigued and perhaps I will give it a try. Sorry for the noob question, but if I understood the diference between spackle and other plaster products is that 'glue' is added to the mix? Can it be sanded when dry? I am trying to think of an alternative to using foam/celulose based stuff for my ceillings, not sure if I should try this.
  12. Cosplay fun!

    I've always been fascinated by the cosplay hobby, not just the craftsmanship that goes into the really complicated outfits, but also the enthusiasm and how everyone seams to be having so much fun! :)
  13. TGS-048

    Love the flooring ;) I find it easier to cut circular shapes by using a drill: first I make 1 hole in the center, then with the help of ruller/circle cutter I secure the drill in position and drill around it to make a perfect circle shape. 
  14. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    Indeed! It's been on 'dry fit' stage for a couple of months now, so not much to show yet... I also upgraded my electric tools so hopefully I can work a bit faster now ;)
  15. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    If I'm not mistaken it's a William Morris design from the Arts and Crafts period (mid to late 1800s), in the Morris & Co Volume IV the pattern name was "Honeysuckle & Tulip". Later on during the art nouveau period the wall decorations used a bit more simple patterns, their decoration was heavier on other elements. I got this lovelly print from Itsy Bitsy wallpapers (code: 1667). ;)