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  1. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Ah yes I told them they could use any picture from my Fairfield if they'd like, not sure if they did. Some of their tiles work for small scale too, the quarter inch squares and triangles and the half inch squares look nice too (like my porch and kitchen). They are very nice and I definitely recomend! If you can't find what you are looking for you can send them a picture and explain what you have in mind, they'll cut them for you as long as it's not weird shapes and angles
  2. Manor house overall shot

    I love the gun room idea  Looking gorgeous, I love the chandeliers did you make them as well?
  3. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    I got the idea from other people in the forums here as well hehe, those coffee stirrers are really handy  I got them in packs of 200 pieces for 3 pounds a pack, 1 pack goes a long way, this size is great to decorate doors and shutters as well (Holy did some great doors with these)
  4. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Glad you like it, they are quite easy to assemble but a bit of a pain to cut. I buy them already cut into these shapes from the UK, I sent them a picture with the custom colors I needed. They are very nice, I've been getting most of my flooring materials from them, the veneers are very thin yet sturdy so they'll last me a lifetime :) 
  5. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Thank you, it was assembled with individual boards, I thought of using a template but the popsickle sticks kept trying to warp so I had to glue them directly into the dollhouse wall to keep them straight. :) 
  6. Curio cabinet, floor color

    How cute!! I love the pink tiles. As for the color on the wall, maybe a light pastel color like blue or yellow? Is the cabinet going to be yellow? I am imagining striped wallpapper would look really cute behind it too, maybe pink and/or cream
  7. How do you attach lights? What glue?

    I tried tacky at first but didn't work for me, they would eventually detach with the weight. Now I use double sided transparent tape, tesa or uhu both have a good grip. I cut a small round portion to fit the lamp and it's pretty easy to hide and detach in case the bulbs need replacing. I use the same for paintings, mirrors etc, so far they haven't damaged any of my wallpapper.
  8. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    Awww thank you!! It's not easy to furnish this kitchen, I had to move the door opening so I could fit the stove. I wanted to try bold victorian colors, loving this green, I'm glad I went for a darker shade it really brings out the yellow  
  9. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    Hehe it's a string of garlic yes, it came with the rack. I have a porcelain stove hood as well but I'll save it for another house, the extra storage space is really needed here
  10. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Thank you! I love victorian floors so much, wish I was lucky to have a house from that period, I think I'd never use rugs hehe :D
  11. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Thank you! The tiles are thin laminated wood with a vynil paint coat, cut into small shapes to assemble. For the wainscot I used 'skinny strips' (coffe stirers) spaced evenly and topped with a 'chair rail' and baseboard trim. It was quite easy to put this room together, just takes a bit of time and patience
  12. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    The tiles are cut from thin laminated wood with a coat of vinyl paint, they look very realistic after assembled just like a real tile 
  13. BeaconHill-kitchen-1.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Furniture test, not a lot of space in this tiny kitchen. The hutch and table were barewood pieces I painted to match the kitchen, tried to distress them a bit too but I think they need more work. Idealy the sink should go under a window but then the furniture will look too crammed... luckily it fits on that narrow wall too. I bought a reutter pot rack so I could have a decent assortment of pots and pans, everything else is from my porcelain collection. I guess I'll use some of the stuff I already had to decorate the house, I'm missing a lot of basic accessories I'll have to get later but I'll have plenty of time till I can actually keep the furniture in the house xD
  14. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Floor done! I love victorian style tiles, this went a lot faster than I expected but on hindsight I shouldn't be tiling during the night, not enough light to see that I was making a mess... lol. Had to wash them several times and there are still bits of glue here and there, I'll let them dry overnight and clean them up later.  
  15. Baking table

    This is so cute! I bought a similar bare wood piece but without the hutch part just the bottom, I couldn't tell this was the hutch before looks just the same  You did a wonderful job with the finish, I am going to try to distress it... probably won't turn out that great lol, I haven't gotten used to working with pre-assembled pieces >.<