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  1. Chantily-attic-wip.jpg

    The stairs unfold by pulling down the door, it has a metal chain. I would love to use them but after dry testing the roof again I realized they would be practically hidden and also obstruct the view of the attic... so if you would peek in, you won't be able to see the window or any objects behind it... I felt it is kind of a waste for such a nice piece, and I would like to decorate the attic a bit..  This is the second house I end up not using these stairs on, I got them originally for the Fairfield before I decided to add a second steping staircase.. they are really awsome, sadly they don't work very well with this house. I'll save them in my stash for a future build I guess, perhaps I'll make a simple trapdoor for access later...  
  2. Beacon Hill bedroom closet

    I ended up using this "closet" to hide my wiring strip. Initially I thought about hiding it under the foundation, but then I realized it would be much easier to replace a fuse or do repairs if I had the main circuit in a more accessible place. I am curious if anyone else has used this space for hiding circuits, it's a great spot right in the 'middle' of the house.
  3. Moda Atelier De France fabric

    Ah yes, the problem with silk is it doesn't work so well with glue, and sometimes it stains... I try to hide the seams with a trim or other decoration when possible. But I love the shine and texture, I am thinking about trying some of these in chairs.
  4. Moda Atelier De France fabric

    I have to check those sugestions because you have an amazing selection of fabrics! Sometimes it's hard to find textured fabrics to work with 1:12 and 1:24 scales. Do you like woven silk? I found this Etsy seller that I love and they sell small cuts, SilksbyUmf, I bought this one for a bed cover it's gorgeous <3
  5. Inspirational chair from Versailles Season 2

    Oh I love this show, not very historicaly accurate but so pretty, I am fascinated with their interior design and costumes  
  6. Greetings and Salutations!

    Hi Bill! What an interesting story, sound like this is a great time to get started on it! It took me over 10 years since the time I decided I'd like to build a dollhouse until I finally got started. Now I can't stop hehe, it takes time but it's a very relaxing activity  Have fun!
  7. Chantily-attic-wip.jpg

    From the album ~ Chantilly ~

    Trying to finish the attic area this weekend, I was thinking about using these foldable stairs by Alessio Miniatures but I think the ceiling height might be too short... they will end up being barely visible when folded (the roof will fit into that gable frame). What do you think? 
  8. Appreciate your imput on paint

    They are both 'water' based paints, but usually latex mixes will have more vynil polymers in their composition making the surface more 'flexible'. Acrylic paints are usually a bit more 'transparent' so you'll need more than 1 layer of paint for a solid color finish. If you are painting over wood acrylic paint usually won't cover up the grain texture on the surface completly when dry. I like that kind of effect so I don't sand the surface smooth, but if you want a smooth surface you'll probably need to prime/sand more with acrylic paint. The best advantage, aside from the layering possibilities, is that acrylic paint is generally more durable than latex over a long period of time. Both of them are less durable than oil based paints however, and highly susceptible to solvents, even if you apply a protective coat of varnish on top. The disadvantage of this I found is when cleaning I will usually remove more pigment from underneath the varnish coating from an acrylic layer, even with a very mild solvent. To be frank all materials have their pros and cons, so in the end it's a matter of personal preference more than anything else. I have been using acrylic paint for several years now so I feel more confortable working with those, but I also like the acrylic paints with a bit of vynil in their composition for wood surfaces.
  9. Exterior almost done!

    Gorgeous! Love the colors, all the little details come together so nicely  
  10. Houses and rooms of the ancient world

    Hi emily! I work with real size antiques and I'm also a big history nerd   I love how house furniture evolved over the centuries, it's interesting how designs from old roman period were revived several times. And on the decoration of furniture itself, we see older designs come back with a new twist, like the regency furniture for example. I think it's a fantastic idea to recreate older historic settings, I wish they did that in museums as well it would be very educational since furniture usually doesn't survive for that long. It could spark more interest in the subject as sometimes the only visual information we have is just from looking at reliefs and paintings.
  11. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    Yes this is printed on glossy "photo paper", I had it printed by a professional because my inkjet doesn't support paper so thick. I usually get better resolution in print if I open the file with photoshop, but it should at least be a large file. You can find many victorian patterns online for free, here's a good resource with several color options, with an image editing program you can repeat the pattern for the room size you need.
  12. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    Thanks for the tip, the magnet seams to have the right height so it's definitely worth considering. I've bought 2 sharpeners in auction, one of them is that exact model, the other is a Playme I think. I went back to check your gallery, I had no idea it was a pencil sharpener it looks fab! It could work if I place it against a wall where the pencil hole won't be visible. ;) Thanks!
  13. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    Yes exactly! That's a great sugestion, is this magnet in plastic? I'm not very fond of the cake and pot on top, it would be great if those were removable. I found some cheap vintage pencil sharpeners on ebay.uk, they didn't specify dimensions but estimating from the size of the pencil opening they seam to be around 2 and a half inches tall... I'm crossing my fingers. Do you know how tall this acme magnet is? 
  14. Grandt Line closing down

    Crossing my fingers as well... Grandt Line, Phoenix Models and Houseworks were my top 'go to' when it comes to components, specially doors and hardware. I hope the others remain in business for a while or I will really miss those accessories...
  15. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    Thank you, I guess I'm not used to the shine but it's true kitchens with glazed tiles reflect a lot more on the surface. The walls are missing the baseboards, it will look nicer after they're fully trimed and the tiles cut.