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  1. BeaconHill-wallsmod.jpg

    Thank you  I hope so, I will try to get as close as I can to the period references I'm using. 
  2. Frustrated

    Looks really nice! Love the border, it's Brodnax right? They look really nice in this scale, love how you arranged the pattern in the exterior portion very neat, and the L trim is perfect!
  3. BeaconHill-parlour-wip1.jpg

    I'm not a big fan of this stage... so many components laying around I feel a bit overwhelmed hehe. But it's a good time to plan and test ideas :)
  4. BeaconHill-kitchen-wip.jpg

    Work at this stage is a bit slow, but I hope to at least have the 1st floor done till the end of this year  
  5. BeaconHill-pceiling-wip.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Ceiling is up, needs retouching here and there but my arm must get some rest lol. Now I must cut templates for the bay windows and start working on the pannels. The fireplace will be on that wall (+ 2 wall lights surrounding it), I think I'll leave a wall socket on the opposite side of the room for a floor/table lamp. 
  6. BeaconHill-parlour-wip1.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Ceiling is ready to be decorated and the templates for the wall pannels are cut, hopefully I will have something more interesting to show soon but this step really gave me a lot of work.... spackle is messy as hell when sanding so I wanted to get all the surfaces ready before I start the detail work. I've decided to use thicker templates for the wall pannels to be safe (2mm plywood... I hope it will work fine for this scale), the gap on top is where the crown moulding will fit. Next step: assembling the pannels and ceiling decor. 
  7. BeaconHill-kitchen-wip.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Preparing the kitchen, need to finish the ceiling before I can move on to the woodwork. As I've mentioned in the Beacon Hill Builders thread, I felt very inspired by this kitchen so those are the colors I will use. I won't use cabinets thou, will try a period style this time ;)
  8. Frustrated

    I don't know what kind of kit she is using, the ones I tried come in pre-cut pieces that fit in a pattern. I had to trim the ones on the back row because of course the size won't fit 100%, but they were easy to cut with a hobby knife. I think with those kits it's easier to start flooring from the 'open side' of the house, if using a border you can also start from the middle/center of the room to make sure the pattern will be centered. I admire your patience, I scribled 'boards' in the inner portion of the staircase and my fingers felt sore for days lol.
  9. Frustrated

    Happy to know you are feeling better, taking a break and looking for advice does help to clear our thoughts   Your bungalow is looking lovelly so far, I have also tried 'pre-fab' parket floors but I didn't have any scaling issues (I used Brodnax parket on 2 floors of my Fairfield). At the time it hadn't occured to me to try veneer, later I used it to make floorboard and now I just love working with the material! It's very thin so works really well for half scale, it's also much cheaper than the pre-made parket I bought, so now it's my no. 1 choice for floors. On my 1:12 I'll be using veneer to make the parket floors as well, it's a good option to keep in mind for the future. But in the meantime, do use the parket you already have! If it's the same brand I got it is accurate to scale and stains very nicely, a bit pricey but it will look good when finished.
  10. Cozy reading roombox

    I love the weathered look on the rug in the picture, are you going to try something like that? I never did 'ageing' effects on dollhouse rugs, I wonder if they stain well with a light wash. Now I'm feeling tempted to try it... 
  11. Dining room

    Love the combination of dark baseboard + doors and light floorboards :)
  12. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    Indeed! I am trying to make sure I do everything I need to do before moving on. I don't like wallpapering before gluing the house, but with the entrance area is prety much necessary :S Love the shape of the stairs, but it's a bit tricky to do anything to them after the front wall is inserted. I figured it's not very complicated to insert the rails through the second floor opening even with some modifications glued in.. but I will have to apply the finishing varnish before gluing them, so I'm double and triple checking if everything fits together properly. Not sure how I'll glue the crown moulding to the wall on the back (tower front) after the rails are in, I will have to be really careful to not smear glue all over the wallpaper lol xD 
  13. Beacon Hill Builders: The Next Generation

    This house is so much work... I feel like I'm going at a really slow pace. Perhaps it's both lack of practise in larger scale and not making the best use of downtime ('let stuff dry') to work in other areas of the house...  I wish I could have the tower wall glued already so I could work on the exterior parts, I tought perhaps I could start painting the window bits while I wait, I suppose it won't be a problem to glue them after... just hope I won't get lost with so many components lol. I have picked my colors already, it will be dark magenta with green trims and ivory details. I'm doing some slight changes to the stairs, replacing the rails and top posts with bits from houseworks, and I think it's still missing something... Hubby is helping me with the carpeting to save some time, I think he's doing a good job for a beginner, here's hoping he'll lend me a hand more often! Please ignore the mess... work in progress ;)  By the way, does anyone know who built this Beacon Hill? Found it on Pinterest but couldn't find the author. I really love the colors, I wasn't sure if the green would look nice on the roof trims but this house definitely convinced me, I would love to see more pictures of it!  
  14. Mixed Media Dollhouses

    That looks fun! I did some work sort of like this... usually with spare materials I have laying around from other projects, I see it as a fun way of recycling stuff. Perhaps one day I will post some pics, they are a bit more diorama-ish... not exactly your tipical roombox/shadowbox kind of work, more like as someone mentioned above: a '3D collage' of mixed materials and random bits :P
  15. Triple tier Gothic window

    Looks grand! The tower will look pretty impressive   I agree it's to balance out elements on both ends of a room, and if it's a narrow space it will benefit from the extra light.