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  1. Kitchen sink

    From the album The Kitchen

    This one is not so blurry.
  2. Kitchen sink

    I'm still trying Samantha. For some reason I just can't seem to post anything. This was the first picture in a very long time  that was successful.
  3. Kitchen sink

    From the album The Kitchen

    And a sack of potatoes too.
  4. `2017-06-14-23.10.38.jpg

    KathieB if you want a less expensive solution to actual copper, I used card stock spray painted with Rust-Oleum, Hammered Paint & Primer in One - Copper. I was very pleased with the result. You can see the result in the pictures I've posted.
  5. Gazelle rug - 4.25 hours

    I love all things cross-stitch and this looks lovely. 
  6. San Franciscan Basement - Left side.JPG

    Love it!
  7. Chanticleer landscaping

    Your work is stunning!
  8. Happy

    One word...ditto.
  9. Stir stick hardwood question

     I used the Elmer's Wood glue with no problem. I think the secret is to pre-stain the pieces so the sides are stained and then a heavy weight on top as the glue dries. I used a bag of pennies.  
  10. Now a pink one

    You are very talented. I've tried to do something in wicker and have not been able to do it. Such beautiful work.
  11. Agnes & Agatha

    They are fantastic!  
  12. Interior

    From the album My Pierce Build

    All ready to be moved off the dining room table. 
  13. I flocked a Cat.JPG

    Beautiful! I am attempting to make my own items for my house due to budget but, I know I will never be ready to tackle something like this. Good job.
  14. Victorian Icebox

    I love it! Great job!
  15. Right side

    From the album My Pierce Build

    I closed in the double window on this side because of the built-in cabinet in the kitchen. It would have blocked the window anyway and I needed the parts for other windows that were missing.