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  1. Hello Siggy, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  The pic I posted shows 2 covered vegetable bowls, I have one. When I ordered the set they sent me 2.  I offered to send one back as set included only one.  They said to keep it and then I sold it to someone that needed to complete her set.  Otherwise everything else pictured is included - brand new been in storage.  I was going to use it in my Foxhall Manor but then started collecting another artisan's work and now have a complete set of it.  Let me know if still interested.  $475.00.


    1. siggy

      Valerie, I just sent you a PM regarding this.

  2. Searching for Stokesayware

    I thought we were PMing. Sorry, I know better. Thanks
  3. Searching for Stokesayware

    I had my heart set on the blue, but the ref is just as pretty. What would you sell it for? Thanks for responding. Siggy  
  4. Searching for Stokesayware

    Here's a picture. You can see the whole dinner ware set on several Pinterest pages
  5. I am looking for Stokesayware dinner service bone china.  I was luck enough to find 6 cups and saucers in the sovereign blue pattern a while ago and now I would love to have the full set of matching china.  Unfortunately, Karen is not taking any new orders for dinnerware sets on the website and they are currently only selling plates that they've had stored for a long time along with a few new Chelsea plates.  I find it sad that so many of the miniature artists are either retiring, passing on or just not making miniatures any more.  So much lost artwork that we'll never see again. If anyone has any of the dinner ware, especially the sovereign blue, to sell or know of any please PM me.  Thanks so much. Siggy
  6. Kitchen Cabinets

    Hi, my first dollhouse kitchen had a window in the middle of a wall so I ended up using individual top and bottom cabinets and designing my own kitchen. Google dollhouse cabinets and you'll find a number of internet stores sell them. Also a lot of kitchen sets make the sink cabinet to fit under a window without the top cabinet attached. Try
  7. Here's a picture of the Noel Thomas Tower House that I'm working on.  Exterior is almost complete, I'm now working on the interior.

    tower house.jpg

    1. Beulah



  8. Clell Boyce Houses

    Great ideas. I actually have a large bell shaped Christmas ornament some where iny garage that might be the right shape and size. I'll dig it out and see. Thanks
  9. Clell Boyce Houses

    Valerie, thank you for the welcome.  You got a great deal on your Joseph Angel.  I paid $200 for mine and $100 for the Lacamas Lake and I was thrilled with the price. Someone was selling a Joseph Angel in Modesto not long ago and asking $4,800 for it.   I found my Tower House at Larrianne's in Ventura.  I live in Northern California also and I bet we've crossed paths on more than one occasion.  Did you buy your Tower House at the Cooper's in Benicia?  If so, you beat me to it.  Let's stay in touch.  
  10. Clell Boyce Houses

    See what I mean about nice, helpful people here!!!!!  Thank you so much.  I'll try to post a picture of my tower house.
  11. Clell Boyce Houses

    See what I mean about nice, helpful people here!!!!!  Thank you so much.  I'll try to post a picture of my tower house.
  12. Clell Boyce Houses

    When I figure out how to post pictures I will.
  13. Clell Boyce Houses

    Hello, I am fairly new to the forum and actually found it by accident.  I had been searching for a Noel Thomas or Clell Boyce house for quite some time after having fallen in love with the Noel Thomas Tower house. I came across a post from February where someone said they had a Clell Boyce Joseph Angel and a Lacamas Lake house.  Not realizing that posting contact info was a no no, I reached out to the forum and asked if anyone knew how to get in touch with the gentleman making the post.  A very nice forum person replied to my post and told me how to send an email to the man with the houses.  The post was eight months old, but I took a chance and asked if either house was still available.  Well, I was shocked to get a reply that they were both still available.  Apparently, no one had replied to his post!!!!  Anyway, thank you to the people on this forum who helped me reach him.  I got both houses (as an early Christmas present).  The shells on both are kind of rough due to siding being put on and then scraped off, but both are structurally perfect.  I live in California and the seller lives in Arizona.  We talked back and forth for a few days and he decided to deliver them to me.  Can you believe it???  We paid for his expenses, but still. . . .  Merry Christmas to me!!  The only problem is that the Joseph Angel is missing its tower.  He made a plywood octagon removable piece so that the house is not open, but the witch's hat is missing.  Does anyone know where I can find one or how to make one?  I am also intrigued by the RL Victorians that have a rounded dome-like tower instead of the pointed witches hat.  Is anyone familiar with how to make one of these?  Any help is much appreciated.  I can't wait to get started on these beautiful houses.  I'm just over the moon for my tower house (exterior complete and working on the inside), so I can only imagine how beautiful the Joseph Angel and Lacamas Lake will be. 
  14. This has happened to me also. I have found that the junction splice often is not all the way into the wood.  If your house is older and the wood is hard this is especially true.  Try taking it out and starting over by hammering it solidly into the wood. Then use the screw that comes with it and screw it all the way into the wood.  Make sure the prongs are not bent.  Hope this helps. 
  15. Steve, I'm interested in purchasing one or both of your dollhouses. Please respond. Thanks