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  1. So happy you want to follow my work and Debra's in 1:6 scale.  Thank you.

  2. More Drapery

  3. Not too bad for a first attempt

    I know nothing about the technical stuff.  To me it is amazing that you can see real furniture and build a mini.  Looks wonderful to my untrained eyes.
  4. How much do you spend on this hobby?

    To me, it was like an obsession while working on the Orchid.  I planned my day budgeting my time to be with it, to work on it.  A lot of days I spent 8-10 hours.  And I planned my shopping to find accessories for it, both in shops and on the net.  I even dreamed about it.  Ebay and all the Mini sites stayed at the top of my "Bookmark" list.   Since I had no clue what I was really doing, I bought furniture and other items that never quite fit in.  I, too, bought tools that I do not know how to use.  I created a whole work room in my house for my little Orchid and all the supplies I have left over --  it is like a mini warehouse. So I either junk it all or build another house.  Plan to start right after Christmas!  This time I hope to curb the obsession --  to plan better before I buy, stop impulsively grabbing every cute thing I see.  More than the buying, this time I do not want to be so compulsive about just getting it done.  It will be still be there after I do more important things like spending time with friends and family, doing my charity work and so on, RIGHT?  I am retired now and never had a hobby while working and raising a family.  I think I may deserve a hobby now but also want to stay involved in the "real" world.  Hopefully I can rope myself in while working on my next little house.   P.S.  Maybe I am still obsessed.  Seems every time I go out to do a little Christmas shopping I come home with a little something for the Orchid --  I never before noticed all those adorable mini Christmas accessories  -- THEY ARE EVERYWHERE AND SO HARD TO RESIST!
  5. If You Had $100.00...

    The talk about the saws really intrigued me.  I found the Rockwell on Ebay new for $74.90  I think I want one, but like you asked, "what would you buy IF you had a $100.
  6. Painting

    You are great teachers.  Thanks for being so thorough, it helped me too,
  7. Furniture

    It is a beauty.   Show us more as you make more.  I like the idea of making furniture rather than buying ready made but so far have only made a simple bed.  
  8. Finally finished the Orchid (it is in my album).  I tried to post it here but somehow it did not load.  Anyway, I have a RGT Beachside Bungalow waiting to be opened.  Now I see there is a Beachside Classic that I like much better.  Others, I read, have bashed the one I have into what appears to be the classic but I doubt my skill level is advanced enough for that.  My plans for it are not to be built on the beach.  To me it looks like a cabin overlooking a fishing lake, with woods for hiking all around it.  Should I just exchange the one I have for the classic?  I think I'd have to order on-line, I do not remember seeing the Classic at Hobby Lobby so would lose the 40% off.  What do you think?  Would the classic be worth it?
  9. My First Orchid Finished

    Above, I meant to say Linda's (LPCullen) brick tutorial.  She is a fantastic teacher and the tutorial on bricking is in the Orchid Blog.
  10. My First Orchid Finished

    Thanks Linda, I think I will take your advice.  I have been following your work -- just spectacular!  Good luck Beulah, it can be quite a challenge, heh?  For me, the things other people said should be easy (like the bay window) were so hard.  I totally trashed the porch because it would not attach to the brick so had to build a new one, which as it turns out, I like better anyway.  Now that it is over, I look back and love every minute (more like hours and hours) it took.  Have fun.
  11. My First Orchid Finished

    From the album My Orchid

    My finished Orchid (except maybe some landscaping and more curtains.  Kathy's brick tutorial was my inspiration.  I enjoyed the bricking and by the time I was finished, I think I figured it out and will do a better job next time.  Hate shingling and bounced all around what color (stained a bunch light and dark green and changed my mind), thought hard about grey, but settled on a dark maple stain.   I made the bed from a tutorial I found on YouTube and the other furniture I've picked up here and there.  But the 1/12 scale does not seem to really go in this house.  The bath, for instance, has to be a half bath because the 1/12 tub I have is too large. Now I am debating on whether or not I want to get another Orchid to see how much I can improve what I've done or to open the RGT Beachside Bungalow I already have.  Decisions, decisions.
  12. IMG_20161126_165234.jpg

    From the album My Orchid

  13. IMG_20161126_165015.jpg

    From the album My Orchid

  14. After 27 years--the dollhouse is finished!

    What a masterpiece, just beautiful
  15. Houseboat: FINISHED!!

    Love it all, Kathie.  You've got the makings of an illustrated children's book --  a best seller I am sure.  I am serious, you should check with a few publishers.