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  1. What's everyone working on?

    @AnnaI have also hand painted & spray painted light fittings... Spray paint by far gives the best finish. To prep I removed the bulbs and taped over the fitting and anything else I didn't want to paint and then hung them by their wire to a tree branch in the yard and sprayed away. You will need to be fairly close to the fixture but not too close. Also several thin coats work better than just spraying one thick coat... you will get bubbling and potentially runs in the paint.
  2. A Reorganized Mini Workshop

    Your first link works for me Kathie.. and your workspace looks great! If mind was as big and organised and had a TV to keep me company (luxury!), I bet I'd spend more time in it. How lovely to have Lloyds art on the walls, and his sculptures. I love that his students made you a memorial gift. How sweet of them. They must of loved him a lot!
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Walmer Apple Blossom Kit with Lilliput upgrades and extension. New in box. Auction finishes in 54 mins.
  4. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    That looks so great! Glue is cheaper than crack medium too... fantastic idea!
  5. Four sails

    Fantastic detailed work... Your perseverance has paid off.  
  6. Manor house exterior stone.jpg

    This stonework looks great!... Very realistic. 
  7. Hi From Cocoa

    Welcome Ian. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on your mini projects. Don't forget to start an album when you have enough posts.  
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I know I will.. already scheming ... but I just hope it arrives on a day when my husband isn't home...... if not I might need to go on the defensive and tell him that he spends way more on car stuff than I ever do on minis... so no commentary required!   
  9. Brick and Mortar miniature shops?

    Maybe we should do a sticky topic that people can add to. Maybe listing by city name so people can search their city name (large metro area, not suburbs, to many variations to search) and all the listings for that area (if any) would come up. Just a thought.
  10. 800 coats of paint later...

    I like this colour choice too.. but then I love Navy anything. :)
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Bought it!.... Gawd the shipping to Australia is going to kill me, but I couldn't resist.... 
  12. Hard day for my family

    So sorry for you loss Lawanda. 2 loved ones in two days.. how awful for you and the rest of your family. Keeping you in my thoughts. 
  13. How great! Congratulations! Nice picture of your house too.    
  14. @H-Ann I think they are some kind of perspex.. but don't quote me. ;)  
  15. Hi from Oregon USA

    Haha... I like the way you think Mel! Welcome to the forums.