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  1. Chicago show April 21

    This just makes me want to aim for next year... The fight is on between DH and I as to whether we stay out at O'Hare near the shows for me or in Wrigleyville so he can go to see his beloved Cubbies while I mini shop and salivate... lol I think he should catch the train.. Great Mini purchases Brae.. love them all.   
  2. 100-2292.JPG

    Nice re-purpose idea!.. It'll be great as a sliding window.    
  3. Reynolds Advanced Materials

    I hope they ship international... bookmarked... thanks for the tip.  
  4. Putting on the shakes?

    Thinking about this it's probably to get your other lines to overhang the first row.. So first row shake bottom butts up to the edge of the eave and covers you first drawn line, then all other rows, top of shake lines up with the line and overhangs the shakes below by just a smidgen. .
  5. Putting on the shakes?

    I think the first line of shakes overhangs the eve by that amount.
  6. IMG_2349.JPG

    These look nice and rustic... I like them.  
  7. San Franciscan Entry Stairs

    Thanks Deborah... no the window will be "below ground" but it will be in a little tunnel kind of.. almost like a huge oversized window well that you see in basements sometimes.  There will be a little bit of outside space about the width of the bay window overhang above outside the basement window... It will probably have a little storage shed in the dead end... and maybe a wall garden on the retaining wall in front of the window... I might even be able to fit a cafe chair and table under the window... So the little apartment dwellers have a bit of outdoor space... ... I may also shape the hill under the stairs to make it a bit more visible in there.. but it's going to be one of those areas you discover after a while... I like those little secret spaces best.  
  8. What's everyone working on?

    I need one of these storage shops!.. This is a great idea... Then your little people have a homewares shop to visit once their house is complete.  
  9. Bead Cage Light

    Hmmm... I don't know... It's not overly huge, more pendant size than full blown single statement light... I'll have to go measure and let you know. Took them more than a month to show up from China though... if you buy them I hope you are patient.. lol
  10. Modern Gustavian Lamp - Painted

    Thanks Deborah! 
  11. Thanks Deborah. The perfectionist in me want's perfect but I do really love this lamp despite it's imperfections.... I'm telling myself it adds to the charm. 
  12. Modern Gustavian Inspired Lamp.JPG

    Thank you. Haha... I don't know.. maybe one day...    
  13. Bead Cage Light

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    My bead cages finally turned up from China, so I made a quick light out of one of them. I have three.. they would make good ball pendants over an island or over bedside tables.... I just punched a hole in the top for the bulb wiring added a necklace chain and done.. The cage opens so you can change the bulb.  
  14. Modern Gustavian Lamp - Painted

    From the album Mini Furniture Rehabs & Builds

    With the base painted.. might need to lighten this up a little with some white wash.. we shall see... it looks darker in the photo.. it's more gray in person. 
  15. Custom dollhouse lights

    Made a new lamp. I really like this light making business... though I have sacrificed a couple of pre-wired bulbs in the process..  This one is inspired by Modern Gustavian interiors... It will be painted the same as the turning beside it to simulate that wonderful aged and limed wood you see in this style. It's also going to get a matching partner..