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  1. We could use a few prayers if anyone could help

    Oh Jeannine, how awful. Keeping you and you family and especially your daughter in law in my thoughts. ((Hugs))
  2. This is the basic color scheme

    I was wondering where you had run off too lol… Great to see you back… and I love your colour choices. :D
  3. 1805EF5F-A1EE-4B2B-8817-5D43AD64A00A.jpeg

    Amazballs! Love your styling too :D
  4. Porch view 2

    Wow, the changes you have made to the trim look wonderful Colleen :D
  5. Back porch

    Gah! Love it!
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Is that a teeny tiny little mouse trap by the grain.   So cute!
  7. New Dress.JPG

    It sure is fun to play.  
  8. IMG_2709.JPG

    Brilliant! Solves the space issue and looks pretty.  
  9. front with no grout compared to side with grout

    Oi.. grouting can be very destructive.. I feel your pain.. but having said that... I think this looks awesome! I love everything about it.. even the white grout.. it's a nice contrast. But like others have said, try a wash over the grout if it's too bright for you. If you get it on the bricks it won't matter.. It will just age them a bit too.   Oh, and well done you on all those bricks!!! 
  10. 1B4E00E6-6F9D-4677-B09A-DA61CDE8AAD1.jpeg

    Awesome house!
  11. The witch's chamber

    Ooohh.. ghoulish! Great story! 
  12. Inside the witch's house

    Love this! The ladder looks great and those beds!  
  13. Lower Cabinets

    Ooh,. this is a good pic of the lowers... What a great idea to paper the "doors".  
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Here is a Duracraft Bayberry up for auction
  15. Hai from Australia

    Hi Alicia! Welcome! I use miniatures as a form of relaxation and as something to switch of that critical inner voice that likes to show up right when you don't need it. I also like to have the radio on or the TV in the background so it's not so quiet in the craft room.  The Beacon Hill is a lovely house. I hope it brings you lots of fun and enchantment.