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  1. Oak dining table with pine accents

    Love the use of the two different woods even here on the base. It's all in the details.   Now comes the challenge of matching chairs! 
  2. Oak dining table

    Marvellous!... Outstanding work!  I see the craftsman influence in the base.
  3. Farmhouse dining table

    Ooh.. Inlay... Fancy!  
  4. What's everyone working on?

    So my friend Janine from Minworks blog made a great suggestion to take the ribbons off the rolls to save space. Now all my ribbons are stuffed inside our shoes lol. More space! i went over to Walmart this morning and picked up a few fat quarters, another roll of ribbon (I have an obsession.) some charms and a few mini canvases for mini paintings  
  5. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Already bidding. :D
  6. Ladies

    well, you have been very busy! Thes lovelies are all going to make spectacular dolls!  
  7. Putting a smile on your face today

  8. What's everyone working on?

    I should have thought of Wasatch Blvd.  We have used it before to go to Alta from PC. That picture wow! We've only been in the winter so that's the first time I've seen it sans snow. Just Gorgeous! Bears?? we leave tomorrow and are staying a night at a hotel right next to the Michaels before the first flight out tomorrow morning (gotta beat the storm). I'm not skiing today, just doing laundry and packing and generally organising. I may have to do one more sweep of the Michaels and there is a Walmart across the highway so I might have to swing in there too. What do you guys buy from Walmart?  
  9. Questions about my new laser cut Dollhouse kit... ??

    Make sure you are using the right floor for the right level. I looked at the pictures and noted if you were to use the 3rd floor piece as the second floor, the stairs would come up ( or if you flipped it, down) at the front door. The second floor should be cut differently.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Are you kidding!! What a shame you didn't see my post earlier and mosey on down. I'm sure you wouldn't have missed me, I would've had to be the only Australian accent in there.  I was literally there from about 11am through to 3:30pm. Managed to get out of there with a few pennies change out of 3 bills . There is no way you could have slowed me down.. It would have been a requirement to walk and talk and also help me spend some cash. You would have been invaluable with your local knowledge of the store! I was so overwhelmed with all the options I was wandering aisles not knowing where to look first!  Got lost on the way home lol.... Couldn't figure out how to get on the 215 east from Union Blvd. Ended up doing a tour of the Salt Lake freeways to  eventually make my way back to the 80 east.   If you are just up the hill you must be in the Cottonwood Heights area. Hubby and I are very jealous if you are. We want to retire as close to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon as humanly possible, so we can ski Alta in our old age.   I did see a Michaels on Union Blvd on my way to HL that didn't seem to far from it. I guess if you have HL down the hill though...    
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Oh my, I'm not even a quarter through the store and I probably have a couple of hundred dollars worth of stuff in my cart!!! I'm going to have to edit before I reach the checkout
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Omg! So much stuff! Where do I start! #overwhelmed #help pplease what sections do you recommend???
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Heading to the Sandy UT Hobby Lobby today! Excited!!  
  14. condo4.jpg

    It looks amazing all together.  
  15. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    I've never heard of bugs like that Grazhina.  It's 4 degrees here. we had snow all day yesterday and a serious wind event at lunch time. The chairlift was downright scary and the wind was literally stopping us from skiing down hill. We were moving at walking pace due to wind shear. Lol we ended up with 8 inches on snow but it sure felt like more than that.