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  1. Lavender Farm.jpeg

    Thanks Nellie.. I still think the one I painted for you is one of my best. beginners luck I guess. lol.. My hubby is s lavender lover too and if he’s ever buying anything for the house like dish soap or scented trash bags he always buys the lavender scent.  
  2. Poppy Fields.jpeg

    Me too ladies.. I was really happy with how this one came out and the red poppies really pop (no pun intended)  
  3. The Courtyard.jpeg

    Thanks so much  
  4. The Courtyard.jpeg

    From the album Mini Paintings

    I’ve been painting again  a new subject matter for me.. buildings.. my perspective is a bit off but the greenery helps to distract the eye from it  
  5. Poppy Fields.jpeg

    From the album Mini Paintings

    I’ve been painting again  I’m really happy with this one. 
  6. Lavender Farm.jpeg

    From the album Mini Paintings

    I’ve been painting again
  7. Where is Casey?

    Miranda is living her best life in Denmark which you can follow on Instagram under the handle @fakingitindenmark  i think she just got a job so she might be a bit busy with real life.  Ive wondered about Jeannine too but if I recall correctly she wasn’t happy (or her family wasn’t, can’t remember exactly) with people trying to contact her last time, so I’ve hesitated to ask.
  8. Purchased bridle

    That bridle is fab! I hope you can make it work.. if not, I’m sure your version will be just as wonderful. 
  9. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    What a fun read! Very successful major sleuthing effort! 
  10. A Very Brady Renovation

    My Mums best friend is a designer so she helped me shop for my house after we renovated. It was great to have someone to bounce ideas off and help with arranging accessories... plus trade discount!  She also helped me with the exterior paint colours.. I knew what I basically wanted but she knew a lot more about paint than I did.. and so many shades of the same colour!.. it can be overwhelming.. and getting your house painted over here is so expensive (Like 40 grand) I didnt want to get it wrong!  I love Chip & Joanna, but they do have a specific style.. I can’t imagine them on the Brady house project.  @Mid-life madness I used to watch after school too.. I loved that show! I hope they play it over here. 
  11. I will be leaving you guys at the end of September!

    I’m worried for you too Kelly... if getting in and out of your lot in the winter is hard, staying up there in your car could be treacherous. I understand you want to save money and I commend your commitment.. but.. your safety is more important. Is the trailer not habitable? I actually do love hearing about this adventure you are on.. the end result sounds like it will be idyllic, just stay safe in the process. Sending you big hugs and warm thoughts. Please check in from time to time, if you find yourself at the library.. we will all be wondering about you. 
  12. I did the same recently, I bought what I thought was a 1:12 bespaq occasional chair... nope half scale.. and it said it in the title too. 
  13. Hurricane Dorian

    My Husbands best friends are nearly finished building a beach house in New Smyrna Beach and they are starting to worry. I hope it misses you Sable and that you can get those shutters installed before any more storms form. 
  14. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    What a beautiful house! It’s style really would make a great dollhouse too.. I agree with Kelly, a miniature version would be wonderful  
  15. kitchenette.jpeg

    Oh that’s cute!