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  1. leather upholstery

    Kris Compas of 1 Inch Minis has a tutorial on making faux leather from silk.
  2. Given a dollhouse - now what?!

    Hi Amy!  Welcome to the group.
  3. ever been inspired to make a DH based on a song?

    Alice Zinn has designed the "Piano Man" bar
  4. Adding my prayers for your SIL
  5. I have 3 going right now. I started with the Garfield and got the base and staircase done. Life intervened and had to put it up for awhile. (lack of room to work) So I started on the Greenleaf Travel Trailer. Got as far as sanding and life intervened once again (lost my workroom altogether) so it is put up for awhile. I just got the Brimbles Mercantile and I intend to get this finished before I go back to the others or get any more. (famous last words?)
  6. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    Try misting the wood with Lysol. I had a mold problem on some bare wood (a wooden basket) and I misted it, let it sit then wiped with a damp cloth and the mold had not come back. The basket sits on a screened in porch in Florida. Then follow up with some Kilz.
  7. My husband is coming close to the end now

    Jennine, I lost my husband of 51 years last month to cancer. He was home with me until his last week. I so understand where your heart is now. Cherish the days you shared. And know you will join him again one day.  Cass 
  8. Hello from FL!

    Hi Mandi, welcome to the group. I live in Satsuma, FL, that's about 70 or so miles south of Jacksonville.
  9. Hi all

    I thought I would introduce myself. I am 71 at the end of this month. I live in Satsuma, Fl. I have been interested in miniatures and dollhouses ever since I can remember. Tiny things just have a fascination for me. I am building my first dollhouse, The Garfield. I decided I only have room for one house so I might as well get the one I want. I tend to just jump into things instead of starting with something easy. Every project I do is usually a learning experience for me and I kind of like it that way. I am only as far as assembling the foundation and staircase but there is plenty of building going on in my head. I hope to learn a lot on these forums.
  10. Newbie Looking For Advice

    Well I will be able to get it out of the house if need be. I already decided it will live in the living room when it is done. If it has to leave the house there is a sliding door to take it out to the screen porch and it is no problem to remove a screen to get it out. 
  11. Newbie Looking For Advice

    I am also building my first dollhouse, also a Garfield. No one has mentioned something I found very important about this particular house. It is huge! Be sure to measure the doorways of the room you will build it in and make sure the finished house will fit through it. You might also want to consider the outside doors to your house or apartment in case you want to move. Some people have devised ways to build it in sections to facilitate moving it. I have only gotten as far as the foundation and stairs so far.