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  1. Shingles and interior walls questions

    great, thanks!
  2. Who occupies your houses?

    In January, I was talking to my mom about how I'd always wanted to build a boarding house. You could then have different tenants with different themed rooms. I wanted four tenants to begin with, plus the war(WW2) widow and her little boy who own the house. I knew I wanted a traveling salesman, an artist and a (messy) college student. My mom suggested a cat lady for the fourth. One night, when I couldn't sleep. (coffee before bed, BAD). It all fell into place. Miss Beesly is the artist. Mr. Halpert is the traveling salesman who is secretly in love with Miss Beesly. The college student is Andy (but he goes to FSU) and the cat lady is, of course, Angela. BTW, her cats are Oscar, Kevin and Dwight. The widow lady is Holly and her little boy is Michael.
  3. Shingles and interior walls questions

    Mike, So when you do this, you use the paint you're going to feature and not primer? I think I'm going to try this on the exterior of my house, since I won't be doing siding.
  4. IMG-20170323-191714017-HDR.jpg

    Well, I guess great minds think alike! I'll look forward to seeing how you use the paper.
  5. IMG-20170330-151940765.jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

    recut the stair opening. Don't like the floor. You can see where I patched the original stair opening. Might be a good place for a rug!
  6. IMG-20170330-151019766-HDR.jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

  7. IMG-20170330-115752913-HDR.jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

    Closet at back of stairs
  8. IMG-20170323-191714017-HDR.jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

    Where the staircase will now sit.
  9. IMG-20170309-112204831-HDR.jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

    Building the staircase backwards. Yee Haw!
  10. rsz-img-4482.jpg

    Love the colors in this. I saw this paper today at Hobby Lobby and wasn't sure if it would work scale-wise. It looks great!  
  11. Funny how things can change.

    Oh, that's great! Thanks!
  12. Funny how things can change.

    Awesome! We used to get this show on PBS, but no longer.
  13. The Persian - 6.25 hours

    This is incredible. About the only thing I hate more than running is doing french knots. This is stunning. My hat's off to you.
  14. IMG-20170220-183109987-HDR.jpg

    Yes, they were uneven, but it was still a lot of fun  to do.
  15. Pierce Bashing

    sounds interesting! I too, didn't like the hidden wall at the top of the stairs. I've relocated the stairs against the left wall and recut the second floor.