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  1. IMG-20170220-183109987-HDR.jpg

    Yes, they were uneven, but it was still a lot of fun  to do.
  2. Pierce Bashing

    sounds interesting! I too, didn't like the hidden wall at the top of the stairs. I've relocated the stairs against the left wall and recut the second floor.
  3. IMG-20170307-110402398[1].jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

    Change #2: Have tried various configurations with the staircase. This seems to work best for what I want. Built it backwards and leave off the stairwell walls on 2nd floor.
  4. IMG-20170307-104156101[1].jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

    Change #1: block the doorway from the former dining room to kitchen. The "kitchen" will be someone's bedroom.
  5. IMG-20170306-163209147[1].jpg

    From the album Let the bashing begin

  6. DH says I collect yarn, but that's not strictly true, since I knit it up and give it away! Dolls, teapots, and old photographs of children with their toys.
  7. On the walls

    What a neat way to remember your mom. go for it!
  8. On the walls

    I'm with Kathie, you don't need paper for a backing. I "wallpapered" my real kitchen (base housing) with fabric and liquid starch and it turned out great.(I soaked the fabric in the liquid starch and stuck it on the walls) Three years later when we moved, I pulled it off the walls easily. I even washed the fabric and have since used it for quilt backs.
  9. Street Names

    My sister used to live on Memory Lane. I've always liked it.
  10. Pierce Bashing

    Kathie, I bookmarked your blog. OH MY! You're amazing! I don't know whether to be inspired or terrified! What you did with the staircase is what I was thinking about. I like your idea about making the addition separate as well. I just laid out the floor of the pierce on my worktable and won't have enough room for the primrose to be permanently attached, so detachable might be the solution. Oh, and Alois is adorable.
  11. Pierce Bashing

    Hi all, I just got my Pierce, and want to make a boarding house. I think I may need to bash a Primrose on the side to get enough rooms. So.... here's what I would LIKE to do. If anyone has bashed a Pierce before and can just tell me if these things are structurally stupid ideas. 1. Bash the Primrose on to the right side (looking at it from the open back) and create an opening between them. The primrose will be the kitchen/dining area, not sure about the upper floor yet. Probably a boarder's room.  2. Add a wall where the dining room is now for another bedroom. The kitchen also becomes a bedroom. 3. Relocate the staircase against the front wall. Which would get rid of that weird little wall at the top of the stairs? 4. At the top of the stairs will be a small area with a bookcase, wall telephone and desk. Put in removable wall between stairs and right bedroom. In far left bedroom, turn bay into balcony. 5. Attic-Do something with that awkward V angle in the far left attic (Will this cause the roof to sag? Can I reinforce it?) Is the attic portion under the big roof tall enough to realistically make into rooms. And is the tower area big enough to put a child's bed and ladder to the roof in it? Thanks!
  12. I made picture frames!

    they look great!
  13. IMG-20170204-130413674-HDR.jpg

    Thanks! I'm really happy with the colors
  14. Orchid Finished!

    My first build, an Orchid that was a Christmas gift from my sister is finished! More or less, do they ever get completely finished? Still have some decorating and furnishing to do. I learned a lot from my first build. 1. My Bff's were painter's tape, emery boards and the weights from my knitting machine 2. Template for the roof! Also, this house comes with shingles. The directions said to place them no closer than 1/2". So I placed them 1/2" apart and ran out. The majority of the back is hand cut from the waste on the edges of the shingle sheets. The bay window was a complete fudge. 3. Don't skimp on sanding. There are places I wish I'd spent more time on this step. 4. Don't throw anything away. Little bits and pieces come in handy for repairs or trim. I had a blast and for the most part am pleased with the results. Thank you to Holly, Mike, Inge and others who answered my questions and provided inspiration. My next project will be a boarding house bash with Pierce and Primrose. I'm already losing sleep over it!
  15. IMG-20170220-183109987-HDR.jpg

    From the album Nolephan's Orchid

    Am very happy with the living room floor. All those popsicle sticks my dd saved over the years came in handy! Still lots of decorating/furnishing to do.