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  1. Your dream house

    Oh my! The pool house is incredible! Holly, i agree with you about Lothlorien. Such creative, and different ideas!That's what makes this so much fun. We can live out our fantasies on a much smaller, and more affordable scale.
  2. Your dream house

    I'm sure this has been done before, but if you could translate any full size house into miniature what would you choose? Doesn't have to be a real house, could be from a movie/tv/novel etc. I would choose the house in the last scene of North by Northwest. Love the cantilevered-ness of it! Or Falling Water (same reasons!)
  3. Hi Holly,

    I'm getting ready to stain my shingles and this sounds like a fantastic idea. I have two questions, though. First of all, do you need to rinse or wipe the shingles once you remove them? Also, what kind of stain do you use? The only small cans of stain I can find are oil based, is it ok to use that? I've been experimenting all morning with mixing latex paint with water and can't seem to get the right consistency. Is there a magic formula?



    Laurie (Nolephan)


    What she said.  To stain loose shingles in batches, invest in two of the disposable heavy aluminum foil roasting pans and a large-ish nail with which to poke holes all over the bottom of ONE of the pans.  Spread out some old newspapers.  Scatter your shingles over the bottom of the pan with the holes in its bottom, and set that pan into the one you left intact and pour in your mixed stain (you always want to stir & mix your stain really well before using it).  Gently swish the shingles around in the stain, give them a stir with a paint-stirring stick or piece of scrap wood,, Carefully lift the panful of shingles straight up out of the intact pan, letting all the stain drain out of the pan with the holes.  When no more stain drips out, dump the shingles onto the newspapers, using the stick to spread them out to dry so they don't stick together.  Pour the stain back into its can and if you need to, you're ready to go again until all your shingles are stained.

  4. Lost trying to build orchid

    Hi, Orchid was my first kit too. I survived, you can too! This blog helped a lot. You have to have a facebook acct. to be able to view the builds, but it was very helpful. Also, I downloaded an enhanced instruction sheet from this site. Look for orchid instructions by miniman   Bonne chance!
  5. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Don't anybody shoot me, but I'm trying hard not to turn on the AC! It's 78 here in NC. Watching the Olympics to try and stay cool!
  6. Inglenook room box

    love it! I want an inglenook (in my real house)
  7. Orchids Bay Window

    Tamara, You can look at the pics in my album if that will help.
  8. Which Dremel?

    good thought, this is the kind of thing I need to know. My sister has a corded and she said it doesn't really get in the way, or cause problems.
  9. New Miniature themed series

    OH, I've had this book on my "to read" list for several years! Guess I'd better bump it to the top of the list!  
  10. Which Dremel?

    Ok, will look into that. I was thinking about the cordless, but DH says it might be underpowered.
  11. Which Dremel?

    Thanks for all the information, that certainly gives me something to work with! Will probably go with the Dremel 3000. They have one listed on the Wally world website for $49 with 18 tools. Then I can add additional tools as I find out what works for me.
  12. Which Dremel?

    Hi all, I've got Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket! I was thinking about getting a Dremel. I looked at Home Depot today and just got myself confused. Such a wide range of prices and so many little tool things. So which model can you recommend, and which of the little attachments do you use the most?
  13. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    Hmm.. 9 feet tall. A village of giants? Thanks for the hint about multiplying by four. That helps a lot.
  14. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. I was talking about the little villages, not the regular house kits.
  15. Regarding the Greenleaf villages

    For some reason, I cannot wrap my mind around any scale that isn't 12"=1'; my brain just won't go there. I have some little winter scene figurines that belonged to my grandmother. The skating lady is 2 1/4" tall. Would the Greenleaf  kits be the right scale? Thanks!