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  1. Cindy,

    Love, love, love that brick chimney you did!  They are the most realistic mini bricks I've seen.  I'm nearly done with exterior of my Beacon (plum w/cream trim, gray stained shingles).  Only have roof dormers, chimney and foundation, French and front doors, and bracket trim left.  I say "only" but know these final steps will still take a lot of time. 

    I would like to do something similar on my chimney and foundation (lt. gray blocks on it instead of brick).  Will you answer few of my questions on how to do egg carton bricks like yours?  1st, did you use ordinary colored chalk like Crayola brand or artist chalk?  And do you just brush scrapings on dry or does it take water or other medium to stick it to carton's surface before applying the Modge Podge?  What did you use for grout?--color is perfect!  And can you give me measurements for cutting bricks?  Yours came out perfectly on the Beacon.  Did you use something between the bricks to space them while gluing them on?

    Any help and tips you are willing to share would be appreciated.   Your Beacon is beautiful inside and out.   Knowing how much work goes into building the Beacon from firsthand experience, I can appreciate all the hours and effort that you have put into it.


    1. CindyLee

      Lenora, Thanks for your wonderful comments on my Beacon Hill! I worked really hard on it for a long time to get it done. I actually just moved 2 weeks ago, and had to put the house in storage for a while (which is in my parents basement safe and sound). One of my lights isn't working now :-(, so I have to find out how to fix that. Anyway, for my chimney bricks, I just used paper egg cartons, and used artist hard pastels and shaved off some of the color. I used brown and some white and possibly a touch of red, then I used a paintbrush to brush onto the egg carton. I did not use any water. Then I put a few coats of modge podge on there, then cut them out. I don't remember the size I made them. I painted the chimney itself with the undercolor with regular craft paint, then glued the bricks in place using a piece of craft wood as a spacer. There is no grout, since the egg carton is thin enough, it gives the illusion that there is grout. I also used egg carton for my walkway stones. My foundation stone is just a plastic molded sheet that I painted with craft paint and coated in modge podge.

  2. Greenleaf Shingle Strip Sheets

      Donna, Made a Newbie mistake.  Just tried PM again. Lenora
  3. Greenleaf Shingle Strip Sheets

    Thanks, just got it and replied.
  4. I am nearing completion of my Beacon Hill and have run out of shingles since I decided to shingle the bays.  My Beacon is a vintage kit from 1991 with the thicker shingles.  I purchased some spare Greenleaf shingles from a Beacon kit off of Ebay recently, but they were from a more modern kit and were much thinner than mine.  I only have the back tower roof left to do and estimate it will take about 100 shingles (including for cuts).  Would anyone have spare any shingle strip sheets from an early 1990's GL kit that they would part with?