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  1. New Photo Album

    I'm sure I'll bring him out on special occasions!
  2. 6451.jpg

    The stairs are exceptionally flimsy at the attachment points -- and yes, that is dust all over them and the railings.  Very hard to clean!  But they are lovely, aren't they!
  3. Another view

    I really like this -- so cozy and filled with details.  I especially love the jacket over the back of the chair!
  4. The Renovations Begin

    Sorry, Mike, I didn't see this question at the time! Yes, there is at least some wiring remaining inside the walls, and a line of RCA jacks at a bottom corner on the back.  I have no experience with wiring anything! luckily my husband has, although not with dollhouses. Jeanne
  5. 6540.jpg

    The layout is kind of weird as an inn, because most of the bedrooms connect with each other as well as with the landings, which doesn't quite make sense.  But I know that with minis sometimes you have to just accept some oddities!  I was tempted to keep it as an inn, but have decided that its backstory will be an inn converted into a house some time in the early 20th century ...
  6. New Photo Album

    Sorry it's taken me so long to figure this out, but I've finally managed to start a gallery with "original state" photos of my Golden Lion Inn -- here is the big fireplace in the main room, complete with fire and roasting pig! Jeanne  
  7. Bits and bobs

    From the album Golden Lion Inn (Original State)

    Some of the things that fell off or were already just floating around inside the house.
  8. 6560.jpg

    From the album Golden Lion Inn (Original State)

    The corbels are plaster -- I know because unfortunately we broke one getting the fixed roof section off.  It must have been a great find for the builder to have plain and decorated corbels like this -- I'm guessing this is why he called it The Golden Lion!
  9. 6558.jpg

  10. 6556.jpg

  11. 6553.jpg

  12. Main view, back (attic open)

  13. 6542.jpg

  14. 6540.jpg

  15. 6537.jpg