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  1. Carpet Shop Front, After Aging

    Thank you very much!
  2. Inner Door of the Carpet Shop

    Maybe I shouldn't admit it, but I have some real-life examples in my own house ;)
  3. fairfield-kitchen-2.jpg

    Really nice, and I like the colors and coordination between floor and walls.  If I had to think about "where's the fridge?" I would say it's on the fourth wall, directly opposite the sink -- so no, I don't get the sense that it's "missing" at all! 
  4. Completed, Electrified McKinley

    That is really charming, Ginna!  Somebody will be very happy with it!
  5. Starting to Age the Carpet Shop Front

    From the album Street of Shops

  6. Inner Door of the Carpet Shop

    From the album Street of Shops

    This is an add-on to the rear wall of the two-window shop.  I painted and aged the doorknob and plate; the "Private" sign was made using an image of a Victorian enamel sign from Ebay, resized to a little bigger than 1:12 (because it looked better) and printed onto watercolor paper, then coated with artists' medium -- the idea was from a tutorial for miniature tiles.
  7. Dry-Fitting the Carpet Shop's Inner Door

    From the album Street of Shops

  8. Carpet Shop Front Interior, After Some Aging

    From the album Street of Shops

    Dry-brushed using light grey and browns.  I forgot that I had had to re-orient the door, and put the grime on the wrong side of the doorway!  The door itself hasn't had any aging at this point.
  9. From the album Street of Shops

    Folkart Milkpaint in a 1:1 mix of "Sumter Blue" and "Milky White".  The blue is full-strength on the sample -- to my surprise, all of that white didn't lighten it much!
  10. New Rear Wall for the Carpet Shop

    From the album Street of Shops

    My attempt at a faux plaster finish with Paperclay was such a failure (due to warping) that I ended up making new rear and side walls.  The brackets on the ends of the rear wall were surprisingly easy to remove, just by working a thin knife blade along the join -- then I glued them into place on the new rear wall.
  11. Hepplewhite Corner Table

    From the album Street of Shops

    This is a very pretty little table, worked without any changes to the House of Miniatures kit.  It's finished with Tried & True linseed oil and beeswax over a walnut oil-based stain.  The top is real marble!
  12. Carpet Shop Front, After Aging

    From the album Street of Shops

    This is after numerous passes with light grey, brown, and a bit of black paint, dry-brushed, and some "damage" with an emery board.  I still have much to learn about aging, but I think it's not too bad for a novice, so a big thanks to everyone who gave me advice!
  13. A Former Owner of the Carpet Shop

    From the album Street of Shops

    Creating a bit of "back story"!
  14. Display Rod for the Carpet Shop

    From the album Street of Shops

    Constructed out of fine copper and brass tubing, the 1/16" just fitting inside the 3/32" with the former cut just short enough that the shafts of the knobs fit inside, to give the glue something to hold on to as well as to give the outer tubing more strength.  The door knob back plates have been converted into plates for the small screw eyes, which have been opened up slightly to look more like brackets. The petit-point carpets to be displayed will have to be sewn invisibly on to the rod, as they won't drape realistically over it!  Since the rod can be easily from the bracket, if/when I want to change the display, I can just lift the rod out from above.