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  1. Seeking a book

    PS, in case someone is looking up horse tack and finds this, there was a series of four articles in "Nutshell News" by Sylvia Rountree called "The Scale Saddlery," each with instructions about making particular items -- January 1985: “Equestrian saddlery and accoutrements” (pp.112-??) February 1985: “The snaffle bridle” (pp.88-89, 107-109) March 1985: “English saddles” (pp.74-75, 78-81) April 1985: “A bit about bridles” (pp.82-88) and a "horsey" issue in January 1982 with numerous articles and profiles, including the how-to "Grooming for a photo finish” (pp.77-79) by Sandy Tomezik about customizing Breyer horse models.
  2. Identification of maker's mark?

    I was recently given an assortment of stuff from an elderly miniaturist in my club who is retiring.  There are two wooden pieces among the assortment, a glass-doored cabinet and a magazine rack, with this maker's mark stamped on the bottom.  Does anyone know what it is? Both pieces are nicely put together and finished; the cabinet is missing a back leg, but I think I can make a replacement ... Thanks!
  3. Testing a potential floor register ...

    You were the indirect inspiration, actually, Brae!  I was thinking about your wall outlets and just went from there.
  4. Arts & Crafts Wall-Hanging

    Thanks!  It was fun to stitch -- I really like Sue Bakker's designs.
  5. First Carpet on Display in the Shop!

    Thank you!
  6. San Franciscan 550 -- Here I Go

    The princesses enjoyed being roommates at our house while they were here -- I'm sure they'll appreciate having their own rooms at your place even more!
  7. San Franciscan 550 -- Here I Go

    A Freudian slip?!
  8. Christmas doll

    That's a great face!
  9. First Carpet on Display in the Shop!

    From the album Street of Shops

    This carpet is worked in continental stitch with 2 strands of DMC floss on 28-count Monaco cloth; the design is "Carnation" by Sue Bakker and is based on an original carpet by John Henry Dearle for William Morris & Co.  The carpet is here whip-stitched to the display rod -- there is another image in this album of my attachment method.
  10. Hanging a Carpet for Display in the Shop

    From the album Street of Shops

    This is what I improvised for hanging a carpet in the carpet shop -- I want the display carpets to be removable, so I whip-stitched around the rod and into the back of the carpet with smallish stitches in order to keep the carpet from sagging.  I'm delighted to find that it works pretty well!  The rods are fairly easy to remove from the brackets, so I can just lift them out and set them back in when I want to.
  11. Testing a potential light switch plate ...

    From the album Street of Shops

    This is just an image I found on Ebay of a 1920s light switch, printed on good paper then glued to a slightly smaller scrap of watercolor paper for a bit of thickness; I pressed the edges of the printed paper down around the smaller piece underneath to hide the cut edges.  It doesn't have any switches, obviously, but the light-on-brass effect is pretty good for being a complete illusion!  (It's crooked, but just museum-puttied on for now, so I will straighten it!)
  12. Testing a potential floor register ...

    From the album Street of Shops

    Also made out of an image printed on paper, like the light switch in a previous photo.  Haven't decided yet if it reads well, but it's a background detail, after all ....
  13. Arts & Crafts Wall-Hanging

    From the album Street of Shops

    This is petit-pointed with 2 strands of DMC floss on 32-count Belfast linen evenweave; the design is by Sue Bakker.  I made the rod with a piece of fine dowel finished with linseed oil and beeswax; the finials are filigree beads stuck in with ordinary sewing pins with unusually-shaped heads, then painted gold.  The hanging loops are silk ribbon tacked to the back of the needlework. This was a fun piece to work!  You really have to keep on your toes with all of those curlicues.  The wall-hanging is meant for the tea-shop-to-be, though the scale is a bit big for 1:12, so I will have to wait until I put it all together to see if it works.
  14. 64533167202724eb12e2e9d7de2b53b0.jpg

    Very sweet!  I love the folk art!  I'm guessing Norwegian, from the style and your name?! May I suggest that you edit the titles of the photos and/or put in some description?  I'm sure others like me would love to know if you made these!
  15. Potbelly embers - completed

    That looks amazing!  I can almost feel the heat coming from it --