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  1. Potbelly embers - completed

    That looks amazing!  I can almost feel the heat coming from it --
  2. Help!

    Maybe post a photo of the name, even if it's worn?  Someone might recognize the shape.
  3. New member

  4. stone verandah

    Very pretty!
  5. Exterior Mock-up

    Beautiful colors!
  6. Carpet Shop Bell

    Thank you!
  7. Carpet Shop Door Hardware

  8. Carpet Shop Bell

    From the album Street of Shops

    Painted with black, grey, brown, and dark green to "age" it.
  9. Carpet Shop Door Hardware

    From the album Street of Shops

    A standard brass doorknob and plate set, and two-sided, though alas "non-working," letter slot.  I used the same doorknob set on the interior door.  All are aged with black, grey, and brown paint.  I still haven't decided if I attached the front side of the letter slot right-side up or upside-down, but at least I'm pleased with the aging!  Baby steps!
  10. Gluing the Carpet Shop Box

    From the album Street of Shops

    I've kept putting this off, with the beginner's trepidation of the utter finality once it's done -- but it's time. The base that came with the kit is here held in the right-angle of my big gluing jig by the two large clamps, the four walls of the box are wrapped around the (now also glued in place) floor at the bottom and the removable "ceiling" at the top and held snugly with extra-large rubber bands and the whole box is also pushed into the right-angle of the jig, there is a piece of wax paper between the base and the underside of the shop box in case of glue overflow, and the five handy craft clamps aren't actually clamping anything (because they are too short to go around the box) but are pushed up snugly against the slightly-warped front piece in hopes that the glue will grab hold firmly enough to counteract the bowing.
  11. Gluing Molding to the Carpet Shop Rear Wall

    From the album Street of Shops

    I was probably a bit premature in starting to attach the moldings before the walls were glued together, so this is the only one I've done so far.  I love these little clamps!  There wasn't much for them to hold onto though, in this case, so the masking tape is keeping the molding from slipping, while the clamps are keeping it snug to the now-slightly-uneven wall surface, which is faux-plastered with spackling compound..
  12. Need help Identifying this house

    Wow!  Great find!
  13. Carpet Shop Front, After Aging

    Thank you very much!
  14. Inner Door of the Carpet Shop

    Maybe I shouldn't admit it, but I have some real-life examples in my own house ;)
  15. fairfield-kitchen-2.jpg

    Really nice, and I like the colors and coordination between floor and walls.  If I had to think about "where's the fridge?" I would say it's on the fourth wall, directly opposite the sink -- so no, I don't get the sense that it's "missing" at all!