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  1. Closing off a doorway

    In another life, I'd say a fireplace is a great idea, but there are fireplaces in three of the six rooms on this side of the house, and I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but that's enough!  Wall space is at a premium in this house.  I discovered recently that the previous owner had in fact taken one out, so there were originally four on this side!  
  2. Closing off a doorway

    Wow, Mike, you just tossed out an architectural drawing in less than an hour!  My husband has been looking at this and saying, "Yeah, we could do something like that ..." Is it okay to cover up that bump which I'm assuming is the wiring?  There is a hole in the baseboard there that had/has a socket, I guess -- we've never done anything with electrics before. Jeanne
  3. Closing off a doorway

    Yeah, I'm wondering about a big wardrobe, so that could work ...
  4. Closing off a doorway

    They are really lovely, and each one is a different yet equally lovely color.  Except that she glued them on top of the original contact paper, and now a number of them are curling up at the edges. Sigh. Jeanne
  5. Cozy reading roombox

    It's a very pleasing combination of order and disarray.  Love it, in fact. Jeanne
  6. Varnish

    My Michael's still carries Ceramcoat.  I'm pretty sure Jo-Ann's does too, and probably Hobby Lobby -- at least, they both come up in a quick Google search!  You can get it from Amazon sellers as well. Jeanne
  7. What is this dentil/exterior trim called?

    I think you would generally call them corbels.  My first thought was that stone/plaster = corbel, while wood = bracket, but that's just me.  This discussion has a logical explanation that while the words are essentially interchangeable in literal meaning, "a corbel is almost always specific to construction/architecture. A bracket is a word with meanings that includes terms outside of architecture. So, they are interchangeable, although 'corbel' would be immediately understood to mean something in construction, while 'bracket' would need context. Both are correct." Nice house, Jenn! Jeanne  
  8. Closing off a doorway

    The previous owner of my house had sealed off a doorway between two of the rooms -- quite rightly as there is an absolute plethora of doors! with a lot less wall space as a result.  She had filled in the opening with a piece of foam board cut to size, then hot-glued a piece of paper over the foam board, then "papered" the whole room with fabric for wallpaper.  The other side of the doorway was just left with the foam board showing, since she had also made a full-sized bookcase that covered it completely. When I was cleaning the house, most of the fabric wallpaper pretty much fell off in my hands, the glue having given up long ago.  I've since removed it all. But I do want to have the doorway closed off, so my question is how should I do it?  I'm going to keep the bookcase (of course!) so it doesn't matter what that side looks like -- in the room with the currently-green wall -- but the other side needs to look finished, at least, if not mostly invisible. I was thinking a piece of scrap wood -- I have lots of bass, and some thinnish plywood -- cut to fit the doorway, and then a piece of thick paper (like artist's paper?) that would cover from the corner of the room to the wiring bump.  I'm torn between making it more-or-less permanent, or so that it is removable at some point in the future (say, if the next owner wants the doorway back). And there is the bump of the door frame to disguise as well, I see now.  Should I use a thicker paperboard to even out the surface, and then a piece of paper?  Or is there a better way? I was planning to just paint this room, not wallpaper.... Jeanne  
  9. New Photo Album

    I'm sure I'll bring him out on special occasions!
  10. 6451.jpg

    The stairs are exceptionally flimsy at the attachment points -- and yes, that is dust all over them and the railings.  Very hard to clean!  But they are lovely, aren't they!
  11. Another view

    I really like this -- so cozy and filled with details.  I especially love the jacket over the back of the chair!
  12. The Renovations Begin

    Sorry, Mike, I didn't see this question at the time! Yes, there is at least some wiring remaining inside the walls, and a line of RCA jacks at a bottom corner on the back.  I have no experience with wiring anything! luckily my husband has, although not with dollhouses. Jeanne
  13. 6540.jpg

    The layout is kind of weird as an inn, because most of the bedrooms connect with each other as well as with the landings, which doesn't quite make sense.  But I know that with minis sometimes you have to just accept some oddities!  I was tempted to keep it as an inn, but have decided that its backstory will be an inn converted into a house some time in the early 20th century ...
  14. New Photo Album

    Sorry it's taken me so long to figure this out, but I've finally managed to start a gallery with "original state" photos of my Golden Lion Inn -- here is the big fireplace in the main room, complete with fire and roasting pig! Jeanne  
  15. Bits and bobs

    From the album Golden Lion Inn (Original State)

    Some of the things that fell off or were already just floating around inside the house.