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  1. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    sadly this is a factual statement reflective of most of todays integrity
  2. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    its absolutely hysterical, I actually have a book that a wonderful client gave me that has a lot of the pictures from when cake wrecks first came out.  What always amazes me is that so many people think that cake decorating is just a pick up a piping bag kind of thing....Im sure lots of food shows are to help blame for this.  Its not as easy as they make it look and takes years for most of us to get a cakes that appear flawless.  I say appear because a huge part of knowing what you're doing comes in hiding the inherent boo boo that you know is there lol.
  3. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    absolutely Jackie, I've had my photos stolen and put on sites where theater baker wasn't that far from me.  I had another baker tell me because they blocked me on instagram so I couldn't see my cakes on her page...I learned the hard way about watermarking....even still it happens and some people are just shameless.
  4. Hi everyone - was wondering if in all the experts here someone may know where to find 1:12 scale hardware such as the ones pictured (in gold) I'm having a heck of a time finding them in gold...any suggestions would be welcome (not my picture)
  5. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    sadly there is nothing that Instagram Pinterest or any other social media site can do unless the person who owns the work/photo claims it.  My niece was the former director of business marketing at Instagram and she said 80% of their contact emails are people reporting infringement.  very sad.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/173868304720?ul_noapp=true A Bellingham in box with free shipping, price is a little high for my taste but I know @jbresr is looking for this kit!
  7. IMG_1353.JPG

    I love her Carrie!  Her dress, hair, her face, all look great - you're love for these shows! 
  8. Donna, I have a Bellingham that the shell is mostly built on and Id be willing to part with it if it interests you.  I am not the original owner - they made a few changes but nothing crazy.  

    If it interests you, I don't know where you are in NorCal, but Im in SoCal....maybe we can work something out.  Let me know

  9. Bellingham kit

    Donna, Im sending you a PM
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    love that brownstone!
  11. glad they are replacing it for you and you'll get to proceed with your Beacon Hill!
  12. Three varities of succulents

    those are great! paper or polyclay?  love the variegated colors!
  13. I bought a trailer!

    Congratulations Kelly! I am so happy for you!!!!
  14. IMG_8310.jpg

    Thank you Sam! I made some of the outfits in the closet and Carrie made some too -  and she made that beautiful golden gown - that little puppy is made by Jill Weisz as it was created for the project we worked on -  It’s from a Dana Burton project/contest! Nellie won 1st place in category in that contest!  We had a lot of fun with it and it was a great project to work on with everyone! 
  15. You all are a terrible influence ;-)

    Enabler? Who me? I figured if I got recruited some of you should too! I always thought dolls were creepy but not now that I was recruited to the dark side lol.  You’re going to have a blast @Debsrand56