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  1. Miniatures.com

    I think they are too!  
  2. New Member Intro

    Hi Nicole, the Beacon Hill is definitely a beauty.  It's a house I love but have not yet had the gumption of purchasing to add to my stash.  I'd recommend you start with a dry fit of the house as is - this way you can visually see what walls you might want to remove and see how it might or might not affect the house itself. There's lots of talented and helpful people here on the forum.  Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    this is a stunner, and I really like how were viewing it from the back instead of the usual front door.......really well through out and executed.
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Kelly, you sound happy and that makes me happy - thanks for asking about the fires, we can smell them but fortunately they have not been close enough to us to require us to be concerned...they are close, dont get me wrong, but not moving in our direction.  Its reported that the winds will be over today.....it's not windy right now where we are so I pray that this is it for the season. Kelly, let me know when you're ready for the ACP and what your mailing address will be, I know were not in a hurry but Im sure to get to it by December lol.
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    well thank goodness you'll have a place that isn't your car.....now - would you consider starting a go fund me so those that would like to can donate to get you an indoor heater for the winter? I hope you're not offended at the idea.  
  6. Maleficent 3/4 Cake

    thanks @My Miniature Madness @Debsrand56 & @NellBell
  7. Red Christmas Tamales

    thank you @NellBell and @Keifer
  8. From the album Calorie Free Food!

    polymer clay and sealed with matte finish and "sanding" sugar
  9. Red Christmas Tamales

    From the album Calorie Free Food!

    polymer clay wrapped in real corn husk and tied with a string, just like the RL ones I make every year.
  10. Maleficent 3/4 Cake

    From the album Calorie Free Food!

    polymer clay, it's actually sliceable and you'll have 3 layers and 2 fillings =)
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I believe it was for the handle - many of these houses were promoted as "play and carry" - that's my guess for the holes
  12. IMG_0033.jpg

    thanks everyone, the house did very well and it was fun to rehab/reno it and not have to house it hahahahaha.  Hoping I can get another one done for another charity in December, but that's iffy. lol
  13. Needlepoint rug

    wow what a beautiful pattern!
  14. Winchester

    Hi Stephanie, the front or side closing houses Ive made have been an easy fix to this - I use cabinet magnets or push locks - the kind that are for kitchen cabinets - here's a link to some different finishes https://www.homedepot.com/b/Hardware-Cabinet-Hardware-Cabinet-Latches/Magnetic/N-5yc1vZc274Z1z1750k  I install these after Ive finished doing the interiors right when I get to crown molding - they are super easy to install.  You can also use a cabinet roller latch - here's a link https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-Double-Roller-Catch-with-Spear-Zinc-Plated-1-Pack-9235976/303007532 - Ive also used these for heavy doors and they are a little more secure and dont ever just pop open lol. Hope that helps and Im looking forward to seeing what you do to finish your house - it's beautiful.  
  15. Cape House RGT 1287 and 1288

    I will be selling some of my kits still in kit form ;)