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  1. I followed @havanaholly‘s advice and found a cork-backed steel ruler, and it helps a lot. I’m curious what cutting/sawing/chopping tools everyone considers the best? I have a basic miter box but I think I need to invest in something that can do more than just 45 degree angles.
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I get in trouble every time I click into this thread...must stop!
  3. Taking the mystery out of punchneedle rugs

    Haha, I saw one of your rugs previously and I thought you HAD done the whole thing with French knots. (And admired your patience.) This does look like fun!
  4. What's everyone working on?

    I finally completed the shell of this micro dollhouse by Robin Betterley. As near as I can tell it is about is about twice the size of the 1:144 we’ve seen on eBay lately. I lost one of the windows and had to make it from scratch; it’s not perfect but I’m happy how it worked out. Still to do: greenery and furniture that will make it look more realistic.
  5. Duh! Googled and found her web site. Thanks!

  6. Where did you get the Sue Cook door cases? I looked on eBay and Etsy. Does she have her own web site? Thanks for any info. Your house looks great.

  7. Quarter scale miniatures

    Thank you, Emily, I would never have figured that out. More possibilities now!
  8. I should have looked closer when I purchased this adorable trunk kit. At 1.5 inches high, it is nowhere near 1:12 scale, more like1:24 or 1:48. Is it crazy that I’m now considering buying a quarter scale dollhouse to go with this kit? I need to stop!
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This young chef was featured on the Today show Christmas morning. He prepares tiny food using tiny utensils and tiny functional appliances. Here is his web site:
  10. Furniture builds

    Nothing like taking a close-up photo to find any small issues. Usually after you've posted it. But I think these look great!
  11. I follow Polymer Clay Tutor on you tube and one of her videos suggests this method of cataloging your sample clay blends or finishes. This ink blog provides free label templates and you use coin collection display pages to store the samples. Here's the blog for the ink samples, who is the inventor of the whole concept. I don't have a current link to the clay video but the clay tutor glues her clay samples to the label templates and stores them, as described in this video. And...I found the clay video also:  
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I didn’t see this Etsy shop on a search of the forum so I hope this is useful. This vendor on Etsy, miniarthouse, has some beautiful embroidered pillows and many other items. I tried to post a link but it didn’t work for Etsy. Here is a pillow that caught my eye. A bit pricey but I think the artist deserves every penny for this quality. I have no connection to the artist.
  13. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    I take needlepoint, sewing, or crochet/knitting, since nothing ever comes out right the first time. These are very portable crafts, and if you don’t already know how to do one of them, a trip is always a good time to try something new.
  14. 1/144 Northeastern scale kits collection

    @Sable, what show is this? I really appreciated the heads-up on the Lakeland FL show and would love to catch your show and see Robin Betterley. Currently working on her garden shop and just bought 2 of the $5 kits from this thread.
  15. @WyckedWood I love your Mistledough servers!

    May I ask, is there any trick to getting the dolls to stand up? I have a roombox almost ready for my veterinarian, bought a standard doll family because the mom is a perfect twin for my favorite vet tech, but not sure how to keep them standing. I've seen doll stands but it seems like they would be really noticeable. Literally everything will be glued in place.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    1. WyckedWood

      Sometimes I use tacky wax on the bottom of their feet. Sometimes I get lucky and they stand on their own and sometimes they can just lightly lean against something like a chair and appear to be standing on their own. Good luck :)