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  1. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    I got this little needle-felted owl for my haunted house, all the way from Montenegro! It’s actually more a house of curiosities than haunted.
  2. 1:12 quilt with foil for batting?

    I wonder if I could try wire in the hem of a curtain to help with draping? (Along with steaming the folds in) Have you made curtains?
  3. Dressing my 1:12 scale BJD

    @havanaholly how do you make your dolls? Ceramic? Polymer clay? I am just getting started making dolls but I’m probably better at making the clothes than the actual dolls. Always looking for tips or ideas.
  4. Easy cutter Not so easy:(

    I have used the paint stirrers for shelves but I would hate to do a whole floor with them. They also seem a bit too wide.
  5. Printables

    I like to paste screenshots into Word if I only want specific ones. You can resize each individual image that way and Word has a ruler on the side and top to help you. If you don't have Word or an advanced version of Adobe or photo application, I don't know. However, Jennifer's Printables as mentioned above does have the products in groups. Here's one:
  6. Double working windows-need help

    I’ve not used working windows with plexiglass in them. It looks like there is plastic film to protect the “glass” from scratches, is that correct?

    I just received mine and was so happy with it I ordered another! Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I was looking at your San Franciscan and saw the China cabinets that you said were made from a kit. They don't look like HOM kits, do you mind sharing what the kit is? I love using kits but would love some more options. Thanks!

    1. Samusa

      Hi Lita, they are HOM kits, just a bit of a rare one. They are usually pretty expensive too.. I’m pretty sure mini Mundas make this kit now. You can find it on there website directly.. but you will have to contend with the cost of shipping from Europe. It’s a beautiful kit though, totally worth it in my opinion. :D 

    2. Lita

      You are right, I found it! Lots of fun things to look at. Thank you.

  9. Someone on another thread made a stainless steel fridge using contact paper from Home Depot and that’s what I used. (It doesn’t seem to be stocked at Lowe’s.) I’m also using it to make a trash can. I’ll add more pictures as I complete items.
  10. It’s a gift. I saw the girl doll while shopping and that gave me the idea. I always give the vet grief about his poop chart and disgusting things in jars. He likes to illustrate unrecognizable diagrams in the chalkboard. BTW just plain black acrylic makes a totally believable chalkboard.