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  1. Interior shot of Juice Bar

    You're welcome! This might sound silly but I just printed one of these pictures to put up in my craft space as a goal to be this good. Beautiful work.
  2. Interior shot of Juice Bar

    Absolutely incredible. Your work is so inspiring!
  3. Total newbie

    Welcome, Kate!
  4. 594baadb0cf52-condo3.jpg

    OMG I love this so much. How cute!
  5. Hi!

  6. The Apothecary Cabinet

    very cool!!
  7. Hello!

    Welcome! Fabulous work! I really need to get into using mat board more - wow. Would not have guessed that chair was mat board!!
  8. Minis from poker chips?

    I saw one used to make a small table for a game room once in a B&B-styled dollhouse. Turned out very cute. If I remember right they made a base (wish I could remember with what material), and the name of the B&B was hand painted into the center of the table. It was a cute detail.
  9. bookcase.png

    I agree. Without enlarging the picture, I thought you had made that many individual books! Even when enlarged, it still looked like it could have been individual books. what a great idea.
  10. TGS-073

    Love how much light this lets in! What a fantastic idea.
  11. mother lode!

  12. Greetings

  13. Charles the Penguin

    Enjoying all of these!
  14. Hi all

  15. IMG_1317.JPG

    Really enjoying that built in too! Fabulous!