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  1. Some rooms of my house

    Now I only lack the family, where can I get it? In 1:12 scale is simple even come articulated, but in 1:24 only find models like statues, models, without color including..
  2. Some rooms of my house

    The last sector of the attic is the laundry area, where we also have a boiler, the sewing machine, some boxes where are kept ornaments, the washing machine, a clothes line and the ironing table.  
  3. Some rooms of my house

    The next area in the attic is a game - room - relax, with a tennis table, darts, a piano and a desk with a laptop (well, relax and work).  
  4. Some rooms of my house

    The staircase leads to an area in the attic that we conditioned as a bar. In this area we have drinks, a minibar.
  5. Some rooms of my house

    The bedrooms that are accessed by the hall are different, both have tv (the blue has a vintage tv, the rose a flat TV taken from a model store), wardrobe, bed (the bed of the pink room is taken from the Set of furniture of the houses Calico), etc. But they are located differently, in addition one is pink, another blue. The illumination is also different, and the pink room has a telephone.  
  6. Some rooms of my house

    Hello again. On this occasion I show details of the hallway to the attic of my Fairfield house. We had to make a hole in the third floor and built an access ladder. Then I have a photo of how the house looks from the side, showing the three floors
  7. Some rooms of my house

    And the kitchen... well, by now... we used a playmobil kitchen set
  8. Some rooms of my house

    ok, this is the bathroom... still need some custom items... and curtains jijiji. We couldnt buy a lamp in scale 1/24  
  9. Some rooms of my house

    The carpet we took from a Christmas card with Andean textiles is a souvenir very common in my city, on the wall there is another decorated with those textiles
  10. Some rooms of my house

    Fairfield house room In this room of the house we delayed a lot because of how difficult it was to find furniture suitable for the 1:24 scale, and many of them were very expensive. The simplest thing was to decorate the walls and the floor, with decorative paper and models that are in my city. For the furniture we got for ebay a game of England room, and some lamps. Appliances also bought online, a vintage sound equipment and a Hitachi TV from Asia, some pictures made by my mother and others we bought. The real problem came with the finishing touches, we bought some sets of lights, but the central chandelier in the room is not kept well lit, and in my country it is very difficult to find replacement of the small 3 volt batteries, the cr927. We bought a carpet a month ago on ebay for the room, but it has not yet arrived.   Dinning room Here we had the problem of the price of the bakers and the cabinets, but in the same way we bought online a set of tables, chairs, and a clock, and later a showcase. On the wall we decorate with a mirror. We had to combine a 1/24 scale cabinet with a 1/12 scale chest of drawers to set the cabinet... Also we bought in my city a Christmas card with Andean fabrics and ornaments, with it we made material to make a carpet and a wall ornament, which gives it a touch of country, as some (XD) would say. The lamp in this room is a electric 1:12 scale; but there is still another 1:24 scale lamp, which we buy online but it still does not arrive. I guess we were inexperienced and bought without looking if they offered track number. For the library we used some printable books we found in the internet. And we used more Christmas souvenir card to make holiday´s decoration
  11. hello from Perú

    Hi, i am Bernardo, i would like to use this topic to introduce myself, i am from Lima, Perú and together with my mother Susana we are interested in the hobby of doll houses
  12. Hi!

    Hello greetings from Peru My name is Bernardo and together with my mother we started to build some doll houses ... the first one we built was a DIY kit of those Chinese I think, that comes with everything and the furniture to put together ... "Alicia House "I think it was called. But later we wanted to overcome that skill and build a better house, and we heard about Greenleaf houses online ... my mother was interested in the 1:24 scale fairfield model and last year we bought it. It is necessary to say that in my country this hobby is difficult because here there are not many places where they sell materials of construction or furniture, reason why we had to buy them online. Fortunately the project is moving forward and I would like to show you how it has been, as well as ask for advice on a 1/12 scale home that my mother could acquire, as it was too difficult to accommodate the 1/24 house. Thank you