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  1. Bashing two houses together

    My house is an Orchid Primrose bash. The only big thing I ended up doing was cutting a new sidewall for the primrose so that the pitch of the roof matched the Orchid better.
  2. nursery4.jpg

    The one in the middle looks so much like my Maya when she was a baby :)
  3. Hope You All Have A Great Thanksgiving!

    My goal is to be as fat as a tick by the end of the day!
  4. Hope You All Have A Great Thanksgiving!

    Happy thanksgiving to all! Thank you so much for welcoming me into the community this year and giving me a home for my creativity. I so enjoy being a part of this group and seeing everyone’s beautiful work. You all are the best!
  5. Creating limestone

    I actually made some limestone/flagstone type tiles out of heavy paper. I took some art paper and shredded it into medium and large chunks. Then I glued that down in layers to a base layer of paper. After the glue dried, I gave it a coat on mod podge to seal it.    The ended up looking like this
  6. IMG-6319.JPG

    I  can only hope my bedroom comes out this good!
  7. Finished the roof slats

    I looks a little janky now but it's definitely the look I'm going for. Once I get the beams in, it will all even out. The fact that the seams don't match up is making my eye twitch :D
  8. Finished the roof slats

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    Finished up the first phase of the roof planks last night. Now I need to get some large-ish square wood pieces to create the beams and hide the seams of the popsicles. After that I’ll paint it all white
  9. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    Oh no! That means I’ll have to buy a new dollhouse to go with them all. What a tragedy!! :D
  10. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    You know, it never occured to me to ask that. Doh!!
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    Im sorry to hear about the family drama especially so close to the holidays. Deaths are so difficult to deal with in so many ways. In this case I think maybe your husband should try to give her a pass if this is out of the ordinary for her
  12. Vanity

    So pretty!
  13. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    I was really torn between the Jonquil and the Gracelynn. I may have to get the Jonquil later and do a room box with it. 
  14. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    OK I went with the Gracelynn but got it in the copper patina color. I can't wait to get it! Thanks for your help!
  15. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    I do love the Gracelynn. Thats what caught my eye in the first place but then I found all the other beds and couldn’t decide!