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  1. The queens bed

  2. 40% off minis

    I want to get the pretty blue half scale toilet set but I haaaaaaasaate the gold toilet seat cover. 
  3. Close up

    So pretty!
  4. Laser Tech Miniatures Try this
  5. shopping spree .jpg

    I normally dislike dolls but that one is lovely!
  6. Bedroom set has been decorated

    Oh man! If this were is 1:6th scale it would be the perfect bedroom for my favorite 1980s Barbie “Peaches n’ Cream.”  Really beautiful job.
  7. Dollhouse Cellars?

    Add me to the list of people who love this idea! I think it would be a perfect addition to an Orchid.
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    @blueirishmoon Oh dear! That fall sounds horrible. Im so glad you’re ok. Josh slipped and fell in the shower not long ago. I cant remember where we were but I heard it happen and when he came out he said “Watch out for the tub. It’s a death trap!” Maybe a bit dramatic but he certainly could have been hurt! Definitely get one of those non slip mats.  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Aw thank you! Deloitte has been a huge help so on the Denmark side it’s been smooth sailing. They are handling all of the paperwork, house search, moving costs, etc. When we get here, they’ll help us get our various bank and health accounts set up in addition to helping me get registered for Danish classes. It’s been a huge weight off our shoulders knowing they’re helping us. We also have friends here who have gone with us to various stores this week so we can scope out the costs of daily life. The more knowledge we have, the less scary it is. Stuff stateside is far more stressful. We’re selling our house in addition to splitting up all of our possessions. We’re getting rid of 1/3, storing 1/3 and taking 1/3 with us. It definitely makes you realize how much you DON’T need on a daily basis. Thankfully, we have made some very good investment choices that are helping us shoulder the financial burden of basically starting over. When we leave the US we will have 0 debt (no mortgage, all CCs paid off, no car payments) and we will have cast off virtually everything we dont need. That part of it is definitely making it all worth it. We will be starting off completely fresh in the middle of our lives. Very few people are given this opportunity and we are very aware of how fortunate we are. As scary as it all is, it’s truly a gift for all of us.
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Reporting in from Copenhagen! We’ve gotten our visas taken care of and also found a house! It’s in Søborg which is a northwest suburb of Copenhagen. It’s absolutely beautiful and has more than enough room for all my miniature work. There’s even a work room that’s perfect for woodworking! They’re also fine with all the pets which was very important. It’s 15 minutes to the train station that would take you to Copenhagen and is also smack in between both of the schools Maya will go to. We get to stay there for a minimum of two years. Fingers crossed we can stay for longer so maya can have some stability. Deloitte is reaching out to the school for us to help with getting her placed. we go back on Monday and that starts the mad dash to get everything finalized before Josh leaves at the end of April. We’re relaxing as much as we can now because its going to be crazy when we get back!