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  1. Real houses from kits

    Well this explains why there are so many Sears homes here in Chicago  i was desperate to convince DH to buy a fixer upper that looked like No. 8. Sadly we didnt get it BUT the people who did reportedly spent several hundred thousand to restore it. I still wish I could go in it when I pass by.
  2. Real houses from kits

    There are BOATLOADS of Sears catalog homes here in Chicago. They were quite the thing back in the day!
  3. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    Just amazingly gorgeous! 
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    not sure the maker on this but this is for sale near me
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's kind of amazing! Does it come with The Plane?  
  6. Casa Door details

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    It might be a little tough to see, but I decorated the hinges by hammering a design into the brass sheeting with a nail. It's supposed to be a flower but some of them look more like blobs lol. Once I got the hinges on, the door handle I bought seemed too small. To make a knob that looked a bit more like a knob you'd find on a door like this, I cut another piece of brass, did some quick hammering for decoration, added a keyhole, and then glued the end of an old bracelet onto it for the doorknob.    
  7. Casa Door installed

    From the album SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    FINALLY getting back to working on the Casa! It's been a busy few months for me. In big news, I "officially" retired from costuming. And by retired I mean I told my one friend who I sewed for that I was putting my machines away lol. After that I had some just huge projects at work and was totally drained the month of August. Now I've got time and things have calmed down a little at work so I've got the brain power for the Casa once again.  First stop was getting the living room done enough that I could attach the second floor. I finished up the octagonal window and I finally got the hinges of my door made and the door installed! I ended up going with brass for the fixtures. I made the shingles from a brass strip and connected them with a brass tube. I really love the way they came out.    
  8. Cosplay fun!

    Here are some snaps of my most recently cosplay: a pair of pants and faux boots for my friend to cosplay Peter "Starlord" Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Sadly, I really think this is going to be my last costume. They are just so time consuming and I'd rather do things like see my family, work on the Casa and, you know, see the light of day lol.  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    I was able to fine some narrow wale cord but it was in the wrong colors and I needed wide wale. If it were 30 years ago, we'd be swimming in choices! We tried ordering some upholstery cord but it wound up being the totally wrong color so I have to send that back. Im a stickler for screen accuracy (which is why we always work together) so while the wale was right I just couldnt do the color difference. Just like in minis, sometimes you have to get creative to get what you want!
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    That's a gorgeous house for that price! Im so used to DC and Chicago prices. It kind of makes me teary eyed to see what you can get in other places. Josh and I are laying the plans to buy a small weekend lake house. It's so hard to not want to put an offer in on one now!    No mini work this week  Im working furiously on my friend's Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord pants to get them done in time for Dragoncon. I had to make my own corduroy by pin tucking fabric. I can never seem to get away from pleating when it comes to his projects lol. Its a labor of love though. He's like a little brother to me so I always enjoy making things for him even when they are ridiculous pants that require 5 fabrics!  
  11. Time Out

    Sounds like your visitor needs to quit loafing and get outta town! Im so sorry to hear it's spreading. Hang in there. We're all thinking of you Mike!
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wasnt sure where to put this but I got the newsletter this morning and there are lots of cute minis for fall that have just arrived! I hope I can get the Casa done in time for Christmas decorating!
  13. Burn out

    Oh believe me I say no a lot lol. I am always honest about cost and time. I generally charge $10 an hour for labor on top of materials. That pretty much scares everyone away. I thought about getting into costuming but changed my mind because I knew it would end up being too stressful. Now that Ive switched to mostly miniatures, people have stopped asking me to sew things.  I think, like anything, too much of a good thing is bad. Its hard not to dive into the rabbit hole and then end up feeling like Alice did when she just wanted to go home. At least it is for me. I used to spend hours and hours sewing because my husband traveled extensively. i think I sewed enough for a life time and now I dont enjoy it as much. Plus it's an expensive hobby. I mean minis can be expensive but there's more ways to DIY things. If you skimp in sewing, your project suffers and doesnt look good. 
  14. The SOGGY story of my ebay RGT Newport

    Can you contest the shipping portion of the payment with your credit card?
  15. My husband is coming close to the end now

    Jeannine  I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Alzheimer's is so difficult. My grandmother really liked sucking on the mouth swabs too. It was almost like a water popcicle for her. Im glad the music helped, too. Hoping you can get some rest. Lots of hugs!