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  1. They got into the pouncy stash as well

    Oh wait, I think I know this stuff. I think I've seen people do punch needle with it.
  2. They got into the pouncy stash as well

    Too cute! Mischevious kitties getting into things :) That said... What on Earth is Bunkra?!
  3. Roof.jpg

    I think this may be what I need to do for the Casa. I've been waffling on what kind of roof to go with and how to do it but I really do think this will be the easiest way. What made it tedious? Just all the steps?
  4. 2017-07-19-18.27.36.jpg

    Oooooh!!!!!! I love this!
  5. Claude Monet Home!

    I thought that as well Deb! Especially the kitchen. I just dream about that range. It must have been a beast when it was fully heated. And all those copper pots!!  I wanted to take a nap in all the squishy beds. Those couches were my favorite though. 
  6. Claude Monet Home!

    Hey everyone! We are in our final days of vacation and have made it back to France. Today we went to the gorgeous Monet gardens and home. I took as many photos of the interior of the home as was socially acceptable because I immediately thought of all of you! I know many of you like the Victorian area and this really fits the bill. You all would have loved it. this kitchen is to die for! Here are some better shots of the huge stove I loved this little couch And this chaise And can you believe it? They even had roomboxes in the gift shop! I would have bought one of the small ones but poor Josh is still recovering from me buying the Moroccan tea set  If you would like to see more you can go to my Flickr album. It's just the house but there were so many lovely pieces to look at! When i get the garden photos posted, I'll add that link. Tomorrow is our last day here. We're going to a friend's wedding outside of Paris which should be fun! Sunday we travel home. So looking forward to getting home and getting back to work on the Casa!  
  7. Vortex

    Lovely! I really the design and your color choices
  8. Hello from Morocco!

    I really, REALLY love tile work and the designs are just to die for. Im hoping Josh got some better photos than I did. I think I could print them out on glossy photo paper and then emboss the edges to make a tile effect. I think it would look great in the bathroom or as a fountain back outside. The surface is quite smooth in real life so you could probably get away with just printing it on the photo paper to be honest. Im also strongly considering making an applique quilt top to dress the bed with. Though, to be fair, intricate quilts are more of an Egyptian thing. The tentmakers of Cairo are quite famous for their applique work.
  9. Hello from Morocco!

    Tile work extravaganza!! I was lame and didnt take too many photos during our time in Fés but I more than made up for that today when we went to the exquisite Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. This is the third largest religious site after Mecca and the mosque in Riyad. It took 10,000 artisans 6 years working 24 hours a day to make. It is filled with incredible carved plaster work and amazing painted cedar work. My favorite, though, is the handmade zillje tilework. I took loads of photos and put them in a Flickr album in case anyone wants inspiration!  
  10. Hello from Morocco!

    We've now made it to Fés after spending 4 days trekking through the Atlas Mountains and an overnight stay in the Sahara! Fés already seems to be quite a bit more modern than Marrakech which my daughter enjoys. I think Marrakech and the mountains were a bit rustic for her tastes. *sigh* such a princess lol. The last day we were in Marrakech we went to Jardin Marjorelle which was a vacation home for Yves St. Laurent. Given my profile name, I think we can all figure out why i wanted to go there This was a beautiful walkway in the garden The garden is a jewel of desert botanicals. Here is a stunning walk up to the brightly colored villa that was shared by Yves and Pierre. We said goodbye to Marrakech and went on a four day driving tour through the Atlas Mountains. We spent our first night in the stunning Dedés Gorge area. The smal garden area in out hotel was sooo tranquil. I really love the idea of adding something like this to the side or front of the casa (whose footprint seems to be growing daily in my mind ) On the way to Dedés Gorge, we made a pit stop at the famous Kasbah Aït Benhaddou. It's been featured in many movies and was a key stop on the trade routes of old.  we stopped and had lunch at a restaurant across the way and sat on the rooftop terrace. It had this really cool patio covering that i thought looked very unique but potentially easy to make From there we headed into the desert for an overnight stay in the Sahara. Here's me looking like Lawrence of Arabia. I have to say, when wrapped properly, these head coverings are invaluable against the sun and wind. And it is WINDY out there! After our night in the desert, we spent one night in the tour company riad which had a lot of lovely decorative iron work. My grandfather's business was decorative cast iron so perhaps that's why im so partial. I do like how the iron pieces are simply attached by wrapping another piece of iron around it. I think it would make assembling a miniature version easier than having to have all the supplies for soldering. Plus I kind of like this look better than a welded look.   Here is a decorative set of tBle and chairs I really liked. They are constructed basically the same way as the grates so i think I could replicate it and it would be great for the casa patio That's all for now! I will keep an eye out for things I think you guys might like. Perhaps a few shop photos for those of you who like to do scene work!    
  11. bed for master bedroom

    How cozy looking!
  12. Staircase with walls

    Oh my goodness! The may be just what I need in my Casa! Well done!
  13. Kitchen area

    It's like Tiny House Nation only REALLY tiny! I love this project
  14. Hello from Morocco!

    Ugh Im slowly getting used to the no caffeine thing. It's definitely helped but I do miss my morning cup(s). That's no fun about the no mini time  maybe you can squeeze a little in here and there? As for Morocco, we're saying goodbye to the riad in the morning as we're off on a four day tour of the Sahara complete with a Berber campout! After that we'll be a few days in Fez and a few days in Casablanca. Then we fly back to Paris for our friend's wedding and finally home. Whew! I FINALLY got photos up of the riad for you to see. It took me a few days because the internet here is slow and spotty but I created a Flickr album with all my reference photos. These arent meant to look pretty. They were just to capture the elements of the riad. There are so many little things I just love! Lots of ideas swirling now. If you would like to see some more photogenic images, feel free to check out my husband's Flickr account. He's a wonderful photographer so i always leave the good stuff to him.    
  15. Merrimack House Front June.jpg

    Oh my! You have made incredible progress on this since I popped in last. It looks great!