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  1. A little more shabby than chic...

    I thought I was the only one who had to do thing over again. My Pierce bathroom floor, I’m on my fourth try. The last one ( the one I liked the most) was white and when I put the varnished on, it turned yellow in some spots. You get things done so fast.  The front looks great, I can’t see any problems with it...
  2. Kitchen Wallpaper and Flooring

    I’m liking that wallpaper too........
  3. Elizabeth

    Beautiful !!!
  4. Elizabeth

    Your whole scene is just BEAUTIFUL!!   Your work is always amazing!!
  5. Charity house sold $$$

    Someone’s going to be very happy.......  Nice of you,and for a good cause!
  6. Inside of second floor room

    That’s coming out sooo cute...... loving it all.
  7. The one finished window

    What a great job your doing, I love seeing what you do.
  8. Panelling?

    They all came out very nice.
  9. 5b936be6dc7d9-cheesecake1.jpg

    Looks yummy......  I like that counter top, did you have to cut any ,and if you did what did you use?  I had a piece of red velvet cake with a cheese cake layer in the middle this past weekend,that looked just like yours. Yours probably tasted just as good as the one I had......  
  10. Hi from England

  11. 5D580B3C-0839-4829-AF1E-A54187B62F84.jpeg

    Thank you.   Something’s going on in my gallery————
  12. From the album Maine Manor >>>> The Pierce

    I did a gray wash on the floor, it was easy and it came out nice.
  13. doll collectors forum

    Wow.....  They all are sooo adorable.......ALL are dressed beautiful !!
  14. Hand Rail

    I’m going to try it that way......  I’ve cut a 45- 40 35 30 degrees I need it to go the other way ( if that’s possible) it’s for the Pierce’s that has 4 different size railings. I have one cut right (I hope,it’s not glued yet) that i cut at a 45. I’m thinking I need to do it another day !