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  1. Kitchen hardware & counter top

    Nice pick on your counter top....very nice.
  2. 3DC61107-8493-4C1B-A7A4-803549315597.jpeg

    Most of it was half price or less at my Hobby Lobby....
  3. From the album Miscellaneous

    Hobby Lobby finds...
  4. Finished RGT Vermont Farmhouse Jr

    Someone’s getting a beautiful new home..... Nice spring colors.....if you ever get a spring.
  5. Rosedale Bedroom

    What a beautiful room...just love that bedroom set.
  6. On the way to Boston ...

    Welcome home Kathie...hope you feel better. And no they didn’t make it easier to load pictures. I’ve been trying to load some pictures for the past hour and I gave up.
  7. 5cc7433533c46-IntheLivingRoom.jpg

    She looks lovely in her sitting room.
  8. show4.jpg

    One....for the dark.
  9. 017.JPG

    What beautiful work...
  10. Lighting4L.jpg

    Maybe try balancing the crocodile some.. you might see that lovely sign better.
  11. electrical (14)L.jpg

    Beautiful...... you are doing such amazing work...
  12. Newberg parlor closeup

    They curtains came out very nice...It all looks very inviting...
  13. Newberg kitchen closeup

    Love the look.....