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  1. Hope You All Have A Great Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to All...   Thank you all for the help you all give... Thank you for all my family helping me cook today ....because I have a contest to finish...... If I finish ???    Don't eat to much !!!
  2. FullSizeRender-29.jpg

    BEAUTIFUL........nice work....
  3. Opinions on Shutters on the Cape may

    YES shutters......Amazing,,,Beautiful,,,,
  4. Santa Rosa Fire

    Welcome back Monica. When looking for your new home make sure you have a great big mini room. Just think,you've designed beautiful mini homes so you can design your mini room just like you want it..... Maybe you can find a home outside the city with some land and you can get a few peacocks....( just me thinking).    Glad things are starting to move forward for you all. When you get settled I have a few peacock feathers I can send you....(it's not much but it might get you mini- ing).
  5. Face painting practice

    When you look at her she's looking at you.  (If that makes sense )
  6. My 2 mini punch rugs

    I see what you mean.......I'm a little slow at times.  Thank you
  7. My 2 mini punch rugs

    Carrie: I'll check out those books.....thanks I thought it was just me having trouble separating the floss........ I'll have to try the few different ways...see what work best for me. Thanks for the info!  With punch needle you can't have a knot,it won't go thur the needle.....
  8. Floor

    I have 2 of the cheese boxes,( didn't know they cost that much). I think the ones I have are bigger I'll have to check.....what a great idea you have for it...... I have a hat box too,now that you got me thinking round !!!  
  9. My 2 mini punch rugs

    Thank you !!      I bought it at Hobby Lobby it's called "Punch Needle" it's 100% cotton made by mcgtextiles.com. Is there a good place to get miniature patterns (transfers) to make the rugs?      
  10. My 2 mini punch rugs

    Still have to more to do on them......for my first try, with no pattern and doing them in a vehicle, they don't look to bad. Took me longer to seperate the floss than to do the rugs..... Is there a trick to seperating the floss???
  11. IMG-6189.JPG

    It's looking very nice.....
  12. IMG_5821.JPG

  13. Needle felting

    I was starting to fall down the hole,but I didn't bring any bunny food so........I came out till I have some more time!!!   I LOVE the mice.
  14. Needle felting

    They will be so cute on a Christmas Tree..... You always do great work !!!!   (On my 2nd punch rug..pictures soon)
  15. Are you quirky, too?

    You Gals are too funny.......