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  1. 4878CF2A-B232-44A2-9CBC-5813F77FD860.jpeg

    It's dreamy.......
  2. Waitresses

    The one with the glasses looks like you! Sooo cute.
  3. table

  4. 5bf6fe0929c69-Plexi1stfloorpcs.jpg

    Looking forward to watching your build. Like the color too.....
  5. OliveOylMannequin.jpg

    Love that wallpaper....
  6. Dutch Baby House

    Lucky you. That’s lovely. 
  7. Medina is done

  8. Medina is done

    She’s BEAUTIFUL.........
  9. FAD1E401-6F75-4BBD-B0F4-199EB0D55CD6.jpeg

    I’m still trying to figure out how to  up load pictures ???     I’ve had this house for about 15 years now. I hope someone can ID it for me? 
  10. Another wall done

    Your work is getting better and better......Amazing!!
  11. Lucy

    Lucy is adorable.
  12. Another doll

    She looks Beautiful......