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  1. Dressing screen

    I think Mid-Life madness used that paper in one of her builds...  That’s beautiful paper.
  2. Columns

  3. Grey kitchen island

    Love,how all your cuts are the same...
  4. 5c934a2e6cce7-Plexibed1.jpg

    They did a good job....
  5. Staining the book stand

    I did know that .... thanks for the info.  I like that book very colorful.
  6. 20190319_145208.jpg

    Looks pretty good....
  7. Sagebrush Sally

    She’s amazing.....she really fits the part !!
  8. 5c8cf622d06a1-IMG-1546(450x338).jpg

    So neat....
  9. IMG_2449.JPG

    Very well said, thank you. I know that happy place with mini’s !! You must be a great teacher with the children (kids)!
  10. IMG_2449.JPG

    I’m starting to think you work in your sleep...  I’m in awe of all that you do, you must be well organized.
  11. FBD89468-2709-4579-A99E-8873D681018F.jpeg

    Thank you very much!
  12. 'So long it's been good to know ya'

    I’m glad all’s going better for you..... You have a lot more mini-ing to do, your not finished just yet. Hope to see some of your work soon....
  13. 87966F83-32F6-4D6B-9FD6-D9CB87CAF381.jpeg

    Thank you....I was going to grout the steps ,but the slate is so thin I thought it would cover some of it.
  14. From the album Maine Manor >>>> The Pierce

    I used slate on the steps. It was like doing a puzzle had to fit each piece in and make sure it was thin enough.