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  1. cottage-interior.JPG

    I've always loved miniatures and built my first house in1995. Never realizing,until I came on this forum that there was other sizes in miniature . I'm amazed every day by every ones work....... And great work by you !!! Thinking I may need to go smaller....
  2. Smurf Village

    This would make a cute "" Smurf Village""   To bad it wouldn't last......
  3. Roof.jpg

    It all came out very nice.....
  4. Stairs ???

    I might be sending them back  and building my own...... Now I think I want a turn in them?....... Decisions...Decisions....Decisions....I have to learn to just listen to the house !!!!  
  5. Real Good Toys?

    We did a road trip from Florida to Maine in June to pick up the Grandkids for the Summer. We went to upper New York and then Thur Vermont,New Hampshire to Maine..... I've done this same trip before,so this year I decided to stop in Burlington Vermont at RGT'S because I've never been there,,,,, ""Well I was a year to later"" they closed last July,moved to Montpelier and there not opened to the public. The web site says they are still opened in Burlington.  So maybe they are closing????          
  6. Stairs ???

    I ordered 2 sets of stairs from miniature .com last week. Ordered the 3-3/16w  ones and they are the same size as the pair that came with my DC VH-600.  I don't know why I didn't know that... Duh. I was thinking they would look a little more (delicate) or finer then the ones I have. They look the same. Has any one used the smaller set from there? They are 2-1/2 w, and the risers look to high. They don't give the riser measure on either ones. I made a set years ago and one thing I remember is..... """ I SAID I WOULD NEVER MAKE A SET AGAIN """.   Well guess what I might be doing. The good thing is I might not get to it until after December !
  7. Wood filler

    "YES"   Kathie :  That the look I'm looking for. Yours came out good,I like it.  I bought the plastic filler at Lowes this morning.I'm in there about once a week, so I'll take it back. It wasn't a wasted trip...." I got some gray paint marked down to .50 just the color I was looking for.             Thank you for the help!        
  8. Wood filler

    Someone did there house with the wood filler and it made it look like stucco. I'd like to try to do that on my store that I'm building. I could only find plastic filler and it was the DAP brand. I'll have to go to Lowes and check there. I had the site I was going to post, but when I try end to do the URL thing I lost the whole site.......... I was going to try joint compound, but on large thing if you bump it it can fall off in spots. I'm going to Be painting the outside....  I'll see if I can get that site back and post it....
  9. Wood filler

    Is plastic filler the same as wood filler? If it's not what's the difference ?
  10. Barbara

    They all look lovely......
  11. My fireplace :to paint or not

    Ms. Maine: I think I have some of that stain,I'm going to try it . Thanks for letting me know that... I like the look of the marbling so,I would like to see if I can get it to show though.... l have a place in Livermore, my Daughter live's in East Livermore. We go up there a lot. Miss it this time of year!!  I'm in Florida.  Your a good story teller.... Sable: I think l'm understanding that ??  Will see when I go to do it.... Thank you.    
  12. My fireplace :to paint or not

    " Happy,Happy".   I need to post pictures more often so ,it sticks in my head!!!
  13. My fireplace :to paint or not

    The marbling is in it...... Maybe if I put a varnish on??   I sent the picture from my phone to my lPad , I didn't save it. I think that's why I couldn't get the picture...I don't know what URL mean? I know I'm a dumb dumb when it comes to any computer stuff...      Fingers crossed it works!
  14. I've have this fireplace, I'm wondering if I paint it will the marbling show through the paint? If it doesn't is there something else I could use? It's made out of a plaster but with a smooth finish.... I like the look of the marbling,so I'd like to see if I can keep it....   Well I can't get my photo to send with this.......      """Y"""can't it be easier to post pictures?
  15. Lighting and electric components

    Can I come shop at your house?  NEAT !!!