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  1. tools.jpg

    I love tools especially {mini tools}. I love your whole village there........
  2. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    I'm so sorry you are going though this, Prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong for them and yourself. I'm sick from seeing that photo.     Prayers and a Hug.
  3. Bouquet in pitcher

  4. Well fiddle faddle

    Oh..h..h..    5-6+2+3=10-11      
  5. Suitcases

    They look great !!!
  6. Beginner iris tutorial

    Going to Michaels today,didn't make it yesterday. Only found a star and a heart yesterday........and no leaf ones hope Michals has some.
  7. Well fiddle faddle

    Lawanda:         How BIG is your real house ? And we're did you put  25 houses ?   OH MY........    
  8. McKinley

    Cute owls ! Looking for spiders ?
  9. Beginner iris tutorial

    OFF........ To...... Michaels = 40% off Hobby Lobby = 40% off  Joann's = 40% off Thanks.....
  10. Half Scale Country Farmhouse

    I just looked at your " Livingston " { Amazing}.  I thought I didn't like modern houses but.....   Anyone who likes modern, needs to look.
  11. Half Scale Country Farmhouse

    Looks just like a New England Farm House {in a  new development}.... Love the roof and the stone work ! What did you use for the roof ?
  12. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

                        Sooo....Adorable !!!
  13. Ribbons

    I tried to get this to go to my photo ALBUM but I don't see how I can get it to go there.    There's 2 choices  Topic or Gallery Image.  I used Topic for this.  When I've used Gallery Image sometime it comes up blank.......
  14. Ribbons

    I used the paper punch & wood dowels to make the spools of ribbon......   { for the packages that need to be sent out}
  15. A tutorial for "florets"

    I thought it might be....... Thank you !  Both tutorials are well done !!!