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  1. What do you think?

    I liked the Kitchen floor until I did the Bathroom floor. It now looks like a bathroom floor not a kitchen floor?? It looks to busy for such a small room?. What do ya think??  I built the Kitchen cabinets around 1996 with a white stain or a pickle stain, I don’t remember and I have more to finish. I don’t know if I can match them. I’ve already wallpapered the 2 side walls in the light blue. Maybe a new floor color and a cabinet color?? Any suggestions are welcome........  I like building things but, when it comes to decorating I’m terrible at it......
  2. oven1.jpg

    It’s looking very nice.  
  3. 1curvymtm1.jpg

    Just the right size.....lovely 
  4. 5adcea54526f8-condo7.jpg

    Lucky Ladies.......Beautiful 
  5. Copper Repoussé, hand carved arch and beer taps

  6. Hi from Brantford, Ontario

    My Pierce was built with a glue gun and some caulking. I cut the glues that were bulging out. Should I go and glue wall to wall,wall to roof and all those places?? I didn’t do that.  I only have 2 rooms wallpapered because I’ve been working on the floors.  I’m doing the floors on templates so I can do that now before I go any further??
  7. 100-2160.JPG

    Some lucky ladies..... Beautiful Bed...
  8. Any one else tired of learning the hard way???

    So, I use a spare bedroom for my Miniatures and I work on my Pierce at the end of the bed. I was painting my windows on it with Turquoise paint that I had on the porch(I use the cap for touch ups) I turned the house around and up to get under the window and forgot I had the paint on the porch, when I realized I had left it there,the bottle was almost empty and the paint was all over the bed. I put the house on the floor so I could clean up the bed,not realizing the paint went in the lattice so when I moved the house it was all over the rug too..... I now keep a small hand towel on the floor and over the spot so,I don’t see it !!                           But don’tya just love it.                     !!! YES !!!       Carrie,I feel for you.. l had paint everywhere,so no pictures!
  9. How to finish a rug?

    Holly: Punch needle works up so fast. I do it when I go on long drives (like to Maine). So it probably works up even faster sitting still !  Karin: Thank you ! Fov: I went to your site and spent an hour there.  I have an old wooden bread box and I want a stove like yours...... Otterine: Spent another hour on your site,so I’m not finishing the rugs tonight. I think I would like to try the French Knot rugs.Your rugs are amazing and your other things WOW..........  I have the Heatbond and the fray check so I’m going to try that.               Thank you A’ll
  10. DI-078

    It looks great !!! Love the rug on the stairs !!!
  11. How to finish a rug?

    I’ve done a few punch rugs but I’m not sure how to finish the backs of them? Do you finish all rugs on the backs the same or different when you use different needle work? What do some of you do? On the punch needle rugs do you cut the loops or leave them looped?
  12. Is there fake rock candy?

    I’ve made the borax crystals with my granddaughter. I use the foiled pipe cleaners (picture). You can use  string and other thing too. I have lose crystals that I’m going to use in my Christmas House for ice.....(on the list). Not sure how long they last but these I’ve had for 3-4 years. Go on Pinterest to find out how.  I would put the link but I don’t know how to do that....
  13. San Franciscan Dining Room.JPG

    Did you make the chandelier?   It’s beautiful.....  Like the rest of the room....
  14. Vanity Close up.JPG

    It looks great. .........you have wonderful taste..
  15. San Franciscan Dining Room.JPG

             !! Beautiful !!