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  1. Faux bubbles

    Don't want to break anybody's  bubbles.......... But I've heard those things in those packages to keep out moisture aren't safe. Maybe someone knows if there safe or not?
  2. Living room table

    What a great table.....
  3. Th001.jpg

    I Love It.......or mini drawings of mini homes...
  4. image.jpeg

    From the album Mineejv

    Going to draw out my floors.......and pick some wallpaper.....
  5. TGS-072

    I like that look.......funny I was going threw some old boxes that have been packed for ever.....found a RL one of them  with a opening in the top.....that was my husband's grandfather's. My granddaughter wants it for a bank.
  6. Varnish

    I've used mod podge on egg carton bricks.....and it came out good. 
  7. Wood floors

     Rbytsdy:. What a beautiful room......  Is hard to see the floor, but what I see looks good.  Have a way to go until I'm going to do my floors....  I'll try to post pictures when I do.       Thank you. 
  8. I am sad to tell you ...

    Sometimes thing happen for a reason....when you look back on this day...it will be very-very Special for you.... .                                     
  9. Wood floors

    Has anyone ever made flooring out of shingles ??
  10. BeaconHill-pceiling-wip.jpg

    It looks very nice......
  11. SC086.jpg

    I've  said it before,.  Just Amazing........
  12. SC087.jpg

    You have an amazing mind for detail. 
  13. SC088.jpg

    Just Amazing......
  14. SC089.jpg

  15. image.jpeg

    From the album Mineejv